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Chapter 269: “Thrifty” Alert Removed

Chu Jia could not believe what she was seeing.

Manager Wang did not have a good impression of her either.

He said, “The two of you, this shop is temporarily closed for the time being and the staff will be re-employed for training.

The goods you need can be purchased normally.

Do you still need them”

In order to compete with Shi Jin for a piece of clothing, Chu Jia had shut down the shop.

Although the slap had only landed on the salespersons face, it made Shi Xuexin feel extremely uncomfortable.

One had to look at the owner before hitting a dog.

Now that the sales assistant was fired, it was a slap to her face too! She had no choice but to brace herself and say, “Lets settle the bill.”

She had no choice but to buy all the clothes she had seen.

Their family business had become problematic, and it hadnt changed much after their last meal with Chairman Zhang.

So now that she had to spend so much money, Shi Xuexins expression turned ugly.

After she left with her clothes, she heard the sound of the shops door closing and the anti-theft metal door being pulled shut behind her.

It made Shi Xuexins face flush with humiliation.

Chu Jia couldnt help but complain.

“Is it really necessary to do this for Shi Jin Does this commercial building not want to do business anymore”

It wasnt that no one knew about her, but Manager Wang knew that this matter was extremely important.

If they offended Shi Jin, how could they stay here in the future


When Shi Jin returned to Lanting Residence, Manager Wangs call came immediately.

He did not say how to handle these matters and only asked, “Miss Shi, the set of clothes that you had your eyes on, we specially got a few new sets from the main store and want to send them to you.

How about it”

“Forget it.

Theres no need for that.” Shi Jin had already bought a new set.

She didnt need the previous stuff for now.

“If you have any other requests, you can call me anytime.”

“Mm,” Shi Jin replied lazily.

Actually, she had other concerns today.

However, she had thought of the property registration book that her grandfather had given her at the last minute, which was why she had given them a taste of their own medicine.

It had been more effective than she expected.

This was also the first time she had used the Li familys connections to slap an outsider.

Although she could totally have that kind of ability herself, it felt really good to be able to be sheltered by her family.

She was no longer fighting alone.

She knew that there were many people who loved her and would use all sorts of methods to protect her.

When she was tired, she could use their power to solve the problem.

No wonder so many people were willing to be lazy kids in the shade of their fathers.

The feeling of being a cherished child was too comfortable.

That night, when Fu Xiuyuan returned, Shi Jin walked downstairs.

Her long legs were slender and straight.

She tiptoed and stepped on the stairs as though she was stepping on Fu Xiuyuans heart.

The man who entered Shi Jins line of sight was still wearing the same set of clothes that she had given him last time.

He was like a real clothes mannequin.

Even though it was an ordinary set of clothes, it still made his shoulders and waist seem broad.

Shi Jin walked over and Fu Xiuyuan reached out to hold her hand, caressing it.

“I have something for you.” Shi Jins voice was extremely pleasant to the ears, even better than singing.

Fu Xiuyuan followed her.

Her footsteps were light as Fu Xiuyuan followed her into the cloakroom.

In the cloakroom, there was a new wardrobe.

It was beige in color and formed a strong contrast with the original cold and indifferent wardrobe.

However, it did not seem out of place.

On the contrary, it all seemed to have a strange harmony.

“Open it.” There was a smile in Shi Jins voice, a pleasant voice that made ones heart soften.

Instead of opening the closet door, Fu Xiuyuan pressed her against the door and kissed her.

His kiss carried the scent of cold pine, easily numbing Shi Jins nerves.

When he released her, her face was flushed.

Fu Xiuyuan held her waist with one hand and opened the wardrobe with the other.

The wardrobe was filled with new clothes for him.

She was giving these to him.

Even though Fu Xiuyuan had already guessed this outcome, his deep eyes seemed to have been swept by the sea of stars in an instant.

The clothes that Shi Jin bought were categorized into different categories and were ready for all four seasons.

She was afraid that when she got busy and forgot about this, Fu Xiuyuan would wear a thick jacket directly in the summer and wear that set of clothes directly into the winter.

Fu Xiuyuan released her and said hoarsely, “I have something to do first.”


He walked to the original wardrobe, opened it, and took out all the custom-made clothes inside.

Judging from his posture, he was probably going to throw away all his old clothes.

Shi Jins mouth was slightly agape.

Fu Xiuyuans clothes were basically entirely custom-made Haute Couture.

He was going to throw away all of them So he wasnt planning to wear those anymore

She stood on the spot and looked helplessly at the man in front of her.

In the end, Shi Jin stopped Fu Xiuyuan from throwing his clothes away.

However, the price she paid was that her lips were red and swollen.

The people of Fus Enterprise soon realized that Fu Xiuyuan no longer wore the same clothes to the company.

He changed into different clothes for the next few days.

When the higher-ups saw this, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

To be honest, it was quite uncomfortable for them to wear the same clothes to work every day.

After Fu Xiuyuan changed into a different set of clothes, the “thrift” alarm was lifted, and the higher-ups also changed back into their varying outfits like before.

Following his example, the other employees were finally released from their restraints.

Shi Jin had never expected that her unintentional actions would have such a huge impact on the Fu Corporation.


At the hospital:

In Gu Jingyuans office:

He had finished his work in the morning and was discussing medical matters with Shi Jin.

Shi Jin came over today to do a further examination of his ears.

Of course, the examination results showed that there was nothing wrong.

His recovery was very good and he was no different to a normal person now.

“Ill take my time reading these books.” Gu Jingyuan put away all the ancient Chinese medicine books that Shi Jin had brought him.

He stood up and smiled.

“Lets go eat.”

Shi Jin stood up and walked out of the office with Gu Jingyuan.

“Doctor Gu, theres an emergency situation here.

Please take a look.” A nurse hurried over.

Without any hesitation, Gu Jingyuan turned around and ran over.

Shi Jin ran over as well.


Wen Yongwei and Wen Jili walked into the hospital with gifts in their hands.

Today, Wen Jili was here to visit the mother of the person who had approved his project.

Before, he and Wen Yongwei had asked Gu Jingyuan to treat the mother of the examiner, but Gu Jingyuan had ignored him completely.

Over the past two days, they had heard that the mother of the approved person had already been admitted to the hospital.

It was none other than Gu Jingyuans patient.

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