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Chapter 268: This Business Building Is Under Shi Jins Name

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She had not expected that a small family like the Li family would have a genius doctor like Gu Jingyuan! She should have known!

Thinking back to that time, she remembered that Gu Jingyuan had gone overseas to study.

She had always blamed her family, thinking that they favored boys over girls and specially sent the boys out without her.

Thinking about it, Gu Jingyuan must have had exceptional results back then and skipped grades.

There was no school in the town suitable for him, so he had gone off to study.

Although she still did not want to mend her relationship with the rest of the family, Shi Xuexin did not want to neglect Gu Jingyuan.

After Shi Jin walked out, she opened his cell phone and flipped through it.

On the property deed book that her grandfather had given her, she found the address of the commercial building.

It turned out that the entire floor was under her name.

She dialed the number of the person in charge of this building.

“I want to increase the rent.”

Instantly, everyone there was alarmed.

The Hua City Commercial Building was an old commercial building in Beijing.

Because of its good location and high footfall, the rent was always very high.

However, the entire Hua City Commercial Building was controlled by a certain family that did not lack money.

The shops were only rented and not sold, so even the top international brands had to put in a lot of effort to move into the Hua City Commercial Building.

Now that Shi Jin wanted to increase the rent, how could these people not panic

Increasing rent was a small matter, but if they were to move out, it would be a big matter!

The Hua City Commercial Building was situated at the forefront of all the major commercial buildings in Beijing.

There was no need to worry about new businessmen renting it.

However, if they couldnt rent the place, where would they run their business

A moment later, a few high-ranking executives of the Chinese commercial building caught up with Shi Jin.

A few middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes followed Shi Jin, displaying extremely respectful and humble attitudes.

“Miss Shi, Im really sorry.

The commercial building changed hands some time ago.

We were negligent and should have come to see you earlier.”

“Yes, it was our mistake.

Im very sorry.”

They all thought that Shi Jin was angry because of this.

However, they were also helpless.

Previously, although they had known that the commercial building had changed owners, they hadnt known the identity of the new owner, nor had they known how to find out.

That was why it had been delayed until now.

If they had known that it was Shi Jin, they would have stood in front of her and waited for her to speak.

“Miss Shi, its okay to raise the rent.

As long as its within a certain limit…”

Seeing that Shi Jin did not speak, the higher-ups took the initiative to speak first.

They did not want Shi Jin to get angry and not be able to communicate properly.

Shi Jin had a sudden impulse to increase the rent.

She did not want to make things difficult for them.

She gave them a lazy look and said, “Then lets just increase that ones rent.”

She pointed to the shop where she had bought the clothes.

The upper echelons heaved a sigh of relief.

It would be easy if it was just that shop.

Better than all of them rising.

One of them said, “Miss Shi, can I know why were only increasing that shops price You must know… weve signed a contract.

If anyone asks, we should at least explain.”

“Dont they hate contracts They just sell clothes.

They dont even care about the order of arrival or departure.

They do everything according to what the salesperson wants.

If I increase the rent, Ill be happy.”

When Shi Jin said that, those higher-ups were smart and immediately knew what was going on.

Some of them quickly invited Shi Jin to go to other shops to shop, some served tea, and some came to persuade her.

Shi Jin did not want to stay any longer.

She did not drink a single mouthful of tea and only chose a few sets of clothes for Fu Xiuyuan before leaving.

As for the higher-ups, they naturally had to go to that shop to check on the situation.

The moment a few high-level executives in suits and leather shoes entered, all the salespeople stood up to welcome them.

Shi Xuexin and Chu Jia were trying on their clothes, but they had forgotten about the earlier event.

“What about todays surveillance footage” the higher-ups asked.

The sales assistant immediately gathered it.

When the surveillance footage showed Shi Jin, the higher-ups understood everything.

Not only had the sales assistant referred to Shi Jin as a horse, but she had even belittled Shi Jin along with Shi Xuexin and Chu Jia.

She had actually asked Shi Jin to look at clothes in places with lower prices.

Even if it wasnt Shi Jin, could they treat ordinary customers like this

When you open the door to do business, the customer is God, and theyre not there to receive eye rolls!

“Youre fired!”

“Why, Manager Wang”

The leader of the group was Manager Wang.

He sneered.

“You still want to ask why Is this how you do business in a store Is it your work ethic to deliberately not let customers see your clothes and belittle them”

When the salesperson saw that the footage was fixed on Shi Jins part, she immediately understood that it had something to do with Shi Jin.

Shi Jin must have gone to complain about her.

She immediately defended herself.

“Our shop is a high-end clothing store.

Letting ordinary customers go improves the service for VIP customers.”

When Chu Jia saw this, she was annoyed with Shi Jin.

How could she complain about such a small matter to the higher-ups of the commercial building She could not help but say, “Manager Wang opened the business to earn money, right Im a VIP customer here.

I think its not a problem for the salesperson to help me choose my clothes.

Is it normal to offend VIP customers”

“Alright, Jia Jia, cut it out.” Shi Xuexin could sense that the few upper echelons were quite angry.

They had not come with good intentions.

“Miss Chu, if you think that you can chase other customers away for the sake of the VIPs, does that mean that I can chase you away to satisfy a super VIP”

Chu Jia was rendered speechless.

She was stunned for a moment.

“But where are the SVIP clients”

“Could it be the one who was chased away just now” The salesperson was confused as well.

She had never dealt with Shi Jin before.

How could she be a SVIP customer

However, in the eyes of the higher-ups, Shi Jin was not just a client of the company.

She was an SSSVIP!

Manager Wang looked at the salesperson coldly.

“It seems that you still dont understand what you did wrong.

No matter what kind of customer it is, they have the right to come to our shop to choose their products.

They have to be treated in order of arrival.

The right that VIP customers should enjoy is something that we, as service providers, should provide to them.

Its something that we should have done long ago to prepare for them to enjoy better service.

Its not for us to deprive other customers of their normal needs, or even ignore the order of service for other customers to satisfy VIPs.”

“Get her to leave.” Manager Wang gave a signal with his eyes, and the security guard and HR staff walked towards the salesperson.

“Youre fired.”

The salesclerks legs gave out and she fell to the floor..

The security guard came up to her just in time to catch her and take her away.

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