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Chapter 266: Wearing This Set Every Day

Chen Jierou said, “Why didnt I think of that Its settled then! Xuexin, are you listening I heard that Doctor Gu is only 25 years old today.

Hes the best age!”

Zhao Xiyue: “I think among us, only Xuexin has a chance of winning over such a handsome guy.”

Shi Xuexin gripped her cell phone so tightly that her fingers went numb, but she was oblivious to it.

Gu Jingyuan, a genius doctor and a professor of Beijing Universitys junior classes.

Every word struck Shi Xuexins heart hard.

Chen Jierou sent her a series of “Ahhhhhhhh” screams which finally woke Shi Xuexin up.

She quickly searched for Gu Jingyuans number on her phone.

No, she had deleted all of them.

She had searched through WeChat, QQ, and her email addresses.

The traces of Gu Jingyuans existence had long been destroyed by her.

She really wanted to leave that small town and stay in an international metropolis like Beijing.

She had been too afraid of leaving the rich and powerful, afraid of what would happen if this big brother brought her back and ruined her life, but now, all traces of his existence were gone.

No, maybe there was still some left.

The clothes and jewelry hed once given her had long since been thrown to some unknown corner.

Wen Yongwei called again.

“Senior Shi, how is it Can you help”

“My brother is really too busy.

I really cant do anything about it.

Im sorry.” Shi Xuexin felt dizzy and weak after saying those words.


Ever since he received clothes from Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan had never worn any other outfit.

When he wasnt wearing them, he would send them for dry cleaning.

The next day, he would put them on again.

Regardless of whether he was attending a meeting or attending a business banquet, whether it was a formal occasion or an informal occasion, he was dressed in this style.

Fortunately, he had a good figure and was able to pull it off.

Otherwise, this suit, which was not very formal in itself, would have been discussed by others if it were anyone else wearing it on a formal occasion.

A week or two later, the entire Fu Corporation had noticed this.

Master Fu had worn the same clothes for two consecutive weeks.

What did this mean

The upper echelons whispered and discussed.

“Could the company have encountered some difficulties”

“How is that possible What kind of trouble would make Young Master Fu unable to change his clothes”

“Master Fu is probably… reminding us to be thrifty”

“I think its possible! Speaking of which, everyones lives are too comfortable now.

Sometimes, we still have to think about the hardships and struggles of our predecessors.”

“Thats right! That makes a lot of sense! Its necessary to be thrifty.”

Soon, the higher-ups followed Fu Xiuyuans example and all wore the same suit.

The other employees followed suit and only wore one set of clothes.

Some did not want to spend the dry cleaning fees, so they bought two sets of identical clothes to alternate between.


Shi Jin had an event that she had to attend early in the morning.

When she woke up, she realized that Fu Xiuyuan had woken up even earlier than her.

The man was wearing home clothes.

When he saw her get up, he walked over to her side and lowered his head to kiss her on the lips.

“Why dont you sleep a little longer” Shi Jin asked.

“You dont have to go to the office so early.”

“I want breakfast with you.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Alright then.”

Coincidentally, with her by his side, Fu Xiuyuan could eat more.

She went downstairs.

Butler Chen was rushing upstairs with clothes in his hands.

“Butler Chen, what are you doing so early” Shi Jin asked casually.

“Its Master Fus clothes.” Fu Xiuyuan had woken up early today, and Butler Chen had gone to get his clothes earlier, but it was still too early, so there was still some time.

Shi Jin could tell that it was the set of clothes she had given Fu Xiuyuan.

She was puzzled.

“Whats the occasion today”

Did Fu Xiuyuan have to be so anxious about wearing this

Butler Chen stood respectfully and said, “Master Fu has been wearing this set of clothes every day recently.”

Shi Jin immediately reacted.

He had been wearing this every day

She recalled that she had once left fruit juice for him in the fridge for him to drink slowly.

He had drunk it until it expired, causing himself gastric problems.

In the end, she had given him a set of clothes and he had worn them for two to three weeks

Shi Jin already had a plan in mind.

He nodded and said, “Then quickly send it over.”

That day, after Shi Jin had finished attending the event, she went straight to a shopping mall when she returned.

It looked like it was time to buy more clothes for Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuans style was actually not very out of the ordinary.

Even his rucksacks looked good.

She casually browsed around and quickly chose a few sets of mens clothing that were pleasing to the eye.

After handing over his measurements, she directly paid and got someone to send the order to Lanting Residence.

Just as she was about to leave, her gaze was attracted by another set of male clothing in the display window.

The exquisite high-end fabric and excellent tailoring made it stand out.

She walked over confidently.

As she got closer, she could feel how exquisite the outfit was.

“I want…”

“Shi Jin, are you buying clothes” Chu Jias voice interrupted her.

Before Shi Jin could say “190 yards”, she heard her voice.

Shi Jin turned around and saw Chu Jia and Shi Xuexin standing together.

After dropping out of Second High School, Chu Jia was now closer to Shi Xuexin.

Today, she was accompanying Shi Xuexin to buy clothes for Chu Ling.

Neither of them had expected to meet Shi Jin here.

Chu Jia still bore a grudge against Shi Jin because of the exam.

She said, “Buying clothes for my cousin”

Her gaze scanned Shi Jin from head to toe.

She was certain that Shi Jin was doing nothing now and was trying to get Chu Ling back.

“Why” Shi Jin lifted her lashes lazily.

“Is he the only man in this world”

Chu Jia smiled and said, “If you dont buy it for my cousin, who else can you buy it for Of course, my cousin isnt the only man in this world, but only he can be considered gentle to you, right Unfortunately, his gentleness is only a result of his upbringing and manners, not his love for you.”

She took a step forward and said, “What a pity.

Even if you bought it, he wouldnt wear it.

After all, Xuexin has already bought a lot for him.

Everything he wears and uses is a product of Xuexins taste.”

“I wonder if his fans would mind this” Shi Jin looked at Chu Jia with a faint smile.

“You!” Chu Jia panicked a little.

Chu Lings transformation had not been successful yet.

Naturally, he could not reveal that he had a girlfriend.

If Shi Jin deliberately caused trouble, the risk would be huge.

Shi Xuexin saw her panic and said, “Dont worry, Shi Jin wont spout nonsense.”

She didnt think Shi Jin would hurt Chu Ling like this.

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