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Chapter 264: Would She Refuse Her High-Paid Invitation

Ye accidentally bumped into Father Wen and hurriedly apologized.

“Im sorry.”

When Father Wen saw that the person who had bumped into him was with Shi Jin, his expression turned a little ugly.

Of course, he knew Shi Jin.

She was a rival who had always been fighting with his daughter.

She was the one who was best at creating hype and creating trouble.

However, he couldnt be bothered to argue with someone like her.

He reached out to brush the spot where Ye Ke had bumped into him and turned to Gu Jingyuan.

“Doctor Gu, hello.

Im Wen Jili.

Id like to have a private chat with you.”


Wen, my purpose for coming to school today is to answer the students questions.

Im sorry.” Gu Jingyuan directly rejected him.

When he had been facing Shi Jin just now, Gu Jingyuan had noticed that slight movement of disdain.

No matter who this guy was, he could not despise Shi Jin.

“Doctor Gu, I can provide you with a high amount of…” Wen Jili intended to launch a monetary attack.

Gu Jingyuan had already retracted his gaze from Wen Jili and was looking at Shi Jin warmly.

“Shi Jin, are you tired after sitting for so long”

This sentence cut Wen Jili off.

He said nothing and looked at Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin in surprise.

“Its alright.

Brother, why dont you do your work first while I wait for you outside” Shi Jin said naturally.

When the other students heard their conversation, they were also surprised.

Gu Jingyuan was Shi Jins older brother The biological kind

Ye Ke subconsciously asked this question.

Gu Jingyuan smiled.

“Yes, shes my biological sister, we share the same parents.”

“Ahhhh! Really Really! Why didnt I know!” Ye Ke shook Shi Jins arm.

Shi Jin smiled too.

“You didnt ask.”

The surrounding students also burst into screams.

They looked at Gu Jingyuan and then at Shi Jin.

For a moment, they didnt know whether to envy the brother or the sister.

Sweat broke out on Wen Jilis forehead.

He had never expected Gu Jingyuan to have such a relationship with Shi Jin.

Just now, he had almost reprimanded Shi Jin in front of Gu Jingyuan.

Of course, he would not have done such an ungentlemanly thing.

However, when he thought of this, he could not help but feel guilty.

Gu Jingyuan ignored him and reached out to take Shi Jins hand, leading her out of the crowd.

Ye Ke naturally walked out as well.

Gu Jingyuan was almost done answering the questions, so the other students dispersed.

Wen Jili had no choice, but to watch Gu Jingyuan walk away.

He had originally made up his mind to see Gu Jingyuan today and find him to help the important person in charge of his mothers surgery so that he could solve the problem at the source in advance.

He had heard that Gu Jingyuan was currently the most authoritative doctor of this kind of surgery.

However, he had not expected to return empty-handed.

Indeed, Wen Jili had not expected Gu Jingyuan to be a very difficult doctor to invite.

Would a doctor who could even be invited by Second High to be a lecturer reject his highly-paid invitation Therefore, he had not made sufficient preparations.

After finishing his work at the unit, he rushed over directly without even informing the teachers of Second High School beforehand.

He had been rejected.

Wen Jili had no choice but to adjust his train of thought.

He turned around and saw his son and daughter coming out of the lecture hall.

Both of them didnt look too good.

He wasnt in the mood to ask them about the meeting.

He just said, “I havent finished my business.

If you want to go back, dont wait up.”

“Father, what are you busy with” Wen Yongwei asked.

In comparison, she was calmer than Wen Yaoming.

After all, she wasnt the one on stage.

“Im looking for Doctor Gu to operate on the mother of someone important,” Wen Jili said.

“But hes very busy right now.

I havent found a chance yet.”

Wen Yongwei immediately said, “Then why dont I accompany you”

Seeing that his daughter was being sensible, Wen Jili felt a little better.

“Thatll be fine too.

You youngsters can easily strike up a rapport.”

Although Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin were competitors in terms of work, Wen Jili thought that his daughter was young and beautiful after all.

She was more suitable for buttering Gu Jingyuan up than him.

Meanwhile, Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin were walking back.

Ye Ke was holding onto Shi Jins arm and listening to them talk, Wang Boyan had unknowingly followed them too.

They all wanted to take advantage of this big brothers confidence.

Gu Jingyuan wanted to treat Shi Jin to a meal, but when he saw Ye Ke and Wang Boyan, he said, “Shi Jin, you havent introduced your friends to me.”

“I forgot,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“This is Ye Ke, and this is Wang Boyan, they are math and physics geniuses.

They have already passed the Imperial Capital Universitys admission test and will be in the same school as you soon.”

Gu Jingyuan knew that Shi Jin had never had many friends, and that Deng Yufeis relation to her was even more ambitious.

Seeing that she had made new friends, he could not help but feel gratified.

“Hello, welcome to Imperial Capital University.”

“Its our honor.” Ye Ke and Wang Boyan hurriedly said, “After getting to know Shi Jin, we finally understood what it means to have someone be better than you.

After getting to know Brother Gu, we finally understood what it means to have someone even better than her!”

“Lets go.

Lets have dinner together tonight.

My treat.” Gu Jingyuan wanted to have dinner with Shi Jin.

Now that she had friends, he did not mind interacting with her friends as well.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan were naturally more than willing.

They really wanted to be friends with Gu Jingyuan and take advantage of the fact that he was a top student.

Gu Jingyuan went with them to a restaurant with a good ambience outside the school and asked for a private room.

Although Ye Ke and Wang Boyan could not manage to catch up with Gu Jingyuan academically, they were indeed the top students of Second High School.

They could chat with him about anything.

Shi Jin held a cup of lemon water and leaned against the back of her chair.

She watched the three of them chatting lazily and felt relaxed.

She had lived too tensely in her previous life, so it was inevitable that she would be tense in this life too.

Looking at how Ye Ke, Wang Boyan, and Big Brother were talking non-stop, the atmosphere was so good that it made her feel less burdened.

They all just wanted time to stop.

“Im going to the washroom.” Shi Jin put down the lemonade and got up to walk out.

Just as she reached the door, Wen Yongwei asked in surprise, “Shi Jin Why are you here”

“Eating,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Did she need special approval to come to a restaurant

Wen Yongwei knew that she had misspoken, so she shook her head and said, “Thats not what I meant.”

She had obviously come with Wen Jili after hearing that Gu Jingyuan was there for dinner.

Who knew that Shi Jin would be present too

Wen Jili had not told her about the relationship between Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuan yet, so Wen Yongwei naturally did not know about it.

She knew that Gu Jingyuan was in this room, so she wanted to find an opportunity to talk to him.

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