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Chapter 262: A Horrendous Sight

The reviewer was busy with family matters and naturally didnt have the time to talk about research with Father Wen.

However, although the reviewer wasnt in a hurry, Father Wen was very anxious.

His research couldnt wait any longer.

He had to solve the problem at the source.


The lectures at First High School and Second High School would be starting soon.

Elites from all walks of life would attend.

Not to mention students, even teachers were looking forward to it.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke, who no longer needed to attend classes, also looked forward to it.

When they got the name list, they realized that the four people who had come were all outstanding.

Ye Ke couldnt help but feel envious.

She nudged Shi Jin and said, “Shi Jin, look, this man is so outstanding!”

A classmate asked, “Is that Wen Yongweis older brother, Wen Yaoming Hes super handsome.

Im his fan!”

“No, hes even more handsome than Wen Yaoming!” Ye Ke handed over the name list.

“Besides, this is someone from Second High School.

First High School hired him, but hes not on the name list.”

The photo of the elites invited from Second High School had already been printed on the list.

The girl took the name list and couldnt help but exclaim, “Its true! Hes so much better looking than Wen Yaoming! And hes a doctor! Oh my god, hes so amazing! Ive always rejected my moms requests for me to enroll in medical school, but with such a good-looking doctor and professor there, Ill immediately agree! Treating and saving people can become my lifes number one priority.”

She tugged on Ye Ke.

“Lets go, lets go right now!”

It seemed like she could not wait to see that doctor.

Ye Ke asked Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, are we going over”

“Lets go.” Shi Jin picked up her bag and zipped up her school uniform.

The joint speech between the two schools last year had been held in First High School.

Therefore, this time, the venue was Second High School.

The feelings of cooperation and competition between the two schools were well rounded.

Both parties had invited four industry elites to the lecture today.

Naturally, the reputation and popularity of these eight successful people would be compared.

Wen Yaomings appearance today gave First High School a boost of confidence.

Although the other three elites invited by First High School werent weak, perhaps only Wen Yaoming could fully trample on Second Highs candidates.

Investors, producers, movie stars, the top student of Second High School and the eldest son of a music family—all of these were the favorites of the current students.

The other three were all talented in scientific research.

Their eloquence and performance were far inferior to Wen Yaomings.

Therefore, the teacher who had accompanied Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming was beaming with joy.

He could not wait to announce the news to the world.

On the other hand, the other three elites who were focused on scientific research didnt have much of a presence.

Their limelight was also stolen by Wen Yaoming.

“Big brother, you have a lot of fans at Second High.”

As soon as Wen Yongwei got out of the car, she saw that there were a few fans from No.2 Middle School holding onto magazines with Wen Yaomings face printed on them.

They were secretly delighted as they greeted him.

Wen Yaoming waved at them graciously, which naturally attracted cheers.

In fact, the school did not approve of students chasing after celebrities, but Wen Yaomings identity was different from that of other celebrities.

The Wen family was a music family, and they had been involved in music creation and research for generations.

Their status was extraordinary.

To a certain extent, he represented art, unlike other shallow idols.

The fans were excited to see Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming entered the venue accompanied by their teacher.

The other three scientific research elites soon became their foil.

They were about to reach the entrance when a tall man appeared beside them.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming were too focused on their own world to notice it.

When they appeared at the entrance of the venue, the lights in the venue fell on them.

The teachers and students who had already gathered in the venue turned to look at them simultaneously.

Then, many people gasped and exclaimed in disbelief, “Oh my god, hes so handsome! Hes so handsome!”

“So the level of handsomeness on the screen is not even one-tenth of the real experience!”

“I want to be in the same profession as him.

Is it too late”

“Mom, Im really in love!”

“Im going to faint from the hotness!”

Ye Ke could not help, but grab Shi Jins sleeve and exclaim, “Look, Shi Jin! Look, the real thing crushes the photo! I thought that the photo was artistic, but now I know that I was wrong.

This photographer did not even capture the essence of the real person!”

When Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming saw that so many people were mesmerized, they couldnt help but gracefully wave their hands in greeting.

The students were in an uproar.

If it wasnt for the environment, they would have screamed.

The teacher reminded Wen Yaoming in a low voice, “If any student wants an autograph, you can give it to them.

However, you have to control the time so as not to delay the lecture.”

Wen Yaoming naturally understood this logic.

“I wont delay the official business.”

He and Wen Yongwei walked past the students and went to the front row.

Some students really raised their notebooks to ask for autographs, but they werent looking in Wen Yaomings direction.

Several people raised their notebooks and passed them in another direction.

Wen Yaoming could not help but frown.

He and Wen Yongwei turned around and saw a young man holding a pen in his slender fingers and signing autographs for everyone.

This man had an extremely good appearance.

There was a hint of nobility in his coldness.

When he drew his eyebrows together, he looked even more like a fairy in the mortal world, untouchable.

The light fell on him like it was specially adjusted for him, making everyone around him pale in comparison.

Wen Yaomings brilliance was also suppressed.

Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei subconsciously looked at each other and saw two words in each others eyes: “Whos that”

From the looks of it, he was a fresh meat celebrity who had just debuted.

He might have come from some talent show program, so he was indeed very exquisite and good-looking.

They had not expected Second High to be so wanton as to invite such a person to the lecture.

Could it be that First High School had hired Wen Yaoming, so No.2 Middle School had caught some fresh meat at the last minute to boost the numbers

He was really good looking, but what was he there to talk about How was he going to participate when he came from a talent show that didnt require talent and only relied on looks

“Lets go to the front,” Wen Yongwei said to Wen Yaoming.

She no longer took this young man seriously.

Behind them, the students were still exclaiming.

Of course, there were still one or two people who came to look for Wen Yaoming for autographs.

However, Wen Yaoming didnt really want to sign anything anymore.

He felt that these students had bad taste.

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