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Chapter 261: Siheyuan

This was the most valuable gift he had ever received.

It was also the money he liked the most.

Butler Chen hurried over and said, “Master Fu, Miss Shi, this was in the chicken coop.”

It was something wrapped in a thick cloth.

It was heavy and it was hard to tell what it was.

Housekeeper Chen weighed it in his hand and didnt dare to casually chuck it away.

He could only bring it over.

Shi Jin took the cloth bag and opened it.

There was a pile of red booklets inside and she blinked.

A real estate license

Old Master Li had given her more than a thousand yuan, had he also given her a few properties

She flipped it open.

Owner: Shi Jin.

Address: 266 Changan Road.

266 Changan Road Wasnt that in the so-called First Ring area of Beijing

A simple house there would cost eight figures.

It was the most expensive place in Country S that netizens knew of.

They said that every inch of land was worth more than gold.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at it and said in a low voice, “Its not a house.”

“What is it then” Shi Jin was puzzled.

Could it be a shop That would be unbelievably expensive.

“Its a siheyuan,” Fu Xiuyuan answered.

Shi Jin suddenly felt that the house book in her hand was heavy.

A siheyuan! It could not be measured even in eight digits! Its value was immeasurable!

Shi Jin flipped through the stack casually and realized that there were eight books!

Not only was there a siheyuan, there were also shops.

It encompassed all kinds of good locations across Beijing.

So Old Master Li was afraid that she wouldnt accept such an expensive gift, so he had hidden the papers in the chicken cage and waited for Shi Jin to find it herself.

What a priceless gift had Old Master Li given her

Shi Jin suddenly recalled that a few years ago, Old Master Li had also asked someone to send chickens and ducks to the Shi family.

He had given one set to Shi Jin and one set to Shi Xuexin.

At that time, Shi Jin had been filled with anger.

She hadnt even looked at it before rejecting the gift.

At that time, she lacked love and wanted the care of her family, not these external things.

She would rather pick up a call from Old Master Li than just receive something.

As for Shi Xuexin, she had given him a look of disdain before pinching her nose and saying, “Tell Grandpa that Shi Jin said no.

Send them back.”

At that time, Shi Jin didnt care about these things at all.

Even now, she had never thought that these things would be hidden in the chicken coop.

Just how many billions had Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin missed

She wondered if Shi Xuexin would regret it when she found out about this.

Shi Jin did not know how to feel.

Butler Chen also understood that these were deeds, and there was one for a siheyuan.

Recalling how he had almost dropped the cloth bag into the fish pond, his heart trembled.

The next day, Shi Jin went to the office and drove her own car.

Because the wedding gift Gu Jingyuan had given her yesterday contained several car keys.

As for the cars, Gu Jingyuan had sent it over that night.

They were all custom-made cars that Gu Jingyuan had mentioned previously.

There were no obvious signs, but every part of the car was made with professional technology.

It had excellent safety and control capabilities.

It was also very convenient for Shi Jin to drive around.

It was not too conspicuous to keep a low profile, but it was also very safe.

It was enough to protect her.

Fu Xiuyuan watched as Shi Jin drove out and a sense of defeat rose in his heart.

He had also thought of this matter.

He had found a company to custom-make a car for Shi Jin.

However, Gu Jingyuan had beaten him to it.

He could only watch as Shi Jin drove Gu Jingyuans car out.

He had failed.


When Shi Jin went to the office, she only participated in a small event.

After all, she had not graduated yet and the main event was the college entrance examination.

She also needed Yao Jiahong to protect her.

The entire company was very tolerant towards her.

With the college entrance examination approaching, First and Second High were also ushering in an important event.

Before the college entrance examination, there would be a joint activity between the two schools.

They would specially invite all kinds of elites to the school for a lecture.

All kinds of elites who had graduated from First High School or Second High School, or the elites from the top schools in Country S, might attend.

They would come to share their experiences in the industry, answer questions for students, and guide their applications.

Shi Xuexin had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

This was undoubtedly a chance for her to return to Second High School and become famous again.

However, because of what had happened to Chu Jia previously, she could only bear the pain and give up this opportunity.

As her teacher had helped her to settle Chu Jias matter, it hadnt implicated her on the surface.

However, if she were to be too high-profile, she would definitely attract the ire of those in the know.

Shi Jin had unknowingly KO-ed Shi Xuexin without even making a move.

Wen Yongwei, on the other hand, was secretly preparing to let her elder brother, Wen Yaoming, attend the joint conference between the two schools.

Speaking of which, Wen Yaoming had graduated from a proper film academy.

Although he had only just debuted, he already had a popular piece of work like “Sing My Life” under his belt.

Usually, he followed his father and had unique achievements and insights into music and business investment.

Currently, he was not only participating in film and television dramas, but he was also investing in film and television dramas.

Wen Yaomings future was limitless.

“So, Big Brother, can you come with me” Wen Yongwei wheedled.

Wen Yaoming had studied at First High School before.

If she brought him along to the lecture this time, she would get more face.

Wen Yaoming smiled.

“Since youve been trying your best to invite me, I wont refuse.”

Wen Yongwei immediately took out her phone and called her teacher to tell him about Wen Yaomings visit.

The teachers of First High School could not ask for more.

Wen Yaoming, who was an actor and an investor, could undoubtedly be classified as an elite.

Letting him talk would also give the students more opportunities.

“Can I have my brother appear as the finale” Wen Yongwei bargained.

Naturally, the teacher would not refuse.

“Ill try my best to fight for it.”

Father Wen was walking up the stairs when he heard their conversation.

“Ill go with you this time,” he said.

“Father, are you coming too” Wen Yongwei was full of anticipation.

“Im just going to take a look.

I wont participate in your activities.

Ill leave that to the young people to do.”

Father Wen had his own plans.

Father Wen had come from a musical family and had always been focused on his research into music.

He walked an orthodox path.

Recently, he had been preparing to research an important music project and needed approval from the higher-ups.

For a research project like his, the funding needed was a huge amount.

He couldnt get it himself.

He had to wait for the approval process to be finalized.

However, something had happened to the family of the approval admin, and he couldnt get approval for Father Wens research funds.

It had not been easy for Father Wen to find out that it was because the admins mother had been diagnosed with a serious illness.

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