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Chapter 260: 1314 Red Packets

She was also afraid of what would happen if Old Master Li started being embarrassing.

How awkward would that be

“Chairman Zhang, lets go.”

Yuxiu Hua understood her meaning and hurriedly turned to the side.

Although Shi Qing did not think much about it, the meeting with Chairman Zhang today had not been easy.

He did not want to complicate things, so he did not stop his wife and daughter.

Chairman Zhang followed them in the opposite direction, but he still caught a glimpse of Old Master Li from the corner of his eye.

He was stunned for a moment before saying, “Everyone, please leave first.

Ive just spotted an old friend.”

Shi Qing and the rest were helpless and could only walk over to one side and wait.

Chairman Zhang had not expected Old Master Li to appear in the capital.

When had this big shot arrived

Although the Li family was in dire straits, it was still an unreachable existence for someone like Chairman Zhang.

He stepped forward and respectfully greeted, “Old Master Li.”

He then greeted the others.

“Young Master Li, Madam Li, Young Master Gu.”

He did not know Shi Jin, but seeing her with this group of people, he still smiled politely.

Then, he saw Fu Xiuyuan and his eyes widened.

Was this… was this really Master Fu Master Fu was with the Li family

Actually, the Li Clan did not have much of an impression of him, so they just greeted him politely.

In front of outsiders, Fu Xiuyuan was as cold as ice.

Chairman Zhang could tell that Master Fu didnt like to be disturbed.

He didnt even dare to exchange a few words with Master Fu, so he quickly left.

He met up with Shi Xuexin and the others.

Yuxiu Hua couldnt help asking curiously, “Chairman Zhang, those few… do you know them”

Director Zhang had wanted to say that he knew Fu Xiuyuan, but when he recalled Fu Xiuyuans expression, he felt that it was better not to speak carelessly.

He casually replied, “Wasnt that Best Actor Li”

Yuxiu Hua couldnt help laughing in her heart.

Some outdated Best Actor Who cared

Shi Xuexin heaved a sigh of relief.

Only old antiques like Chairman Zhang would know a Best Actor like Li Juekai.

Who among the younger generation knew Li Juekais name

When the four of them reached the car park, they suddenly heard the sound of chickens and ducks.

Shi Xuexin immediately looked in Old Master Lis direction and saw that the trunk of his car had opened.

The sound of ducks quacking could be heard.

She was glad that she had not greeted Old Master Li earlier.

Just hearing that sound reminded her of the fear of being chased by these chickens and ducks in town.

Luckily, the chickens, ducks, and fish that Old Master Li had once sent over had all been returned by her.

Meanwhile, Old Master Li was introducing the chickens to Shi Jin.

“If you guys stay in the courtyard, youll be able to eat fresh eggs.

This duck will be made into sour radish and old duck soup.

Its the most appetizing and nourishing dish around.

Oh right, theres also this fish.

Its also very fresh.

I got someone to fish it out from the pool this morning.

It was flown over on the earliest flight.

Theres also these bean sprouts and bamboo shoots…”

He was grinning serenely.

The car had completely become a small menagerie.

Shi Jin only wanted to ask, how much was the fish worth and how much was the earliest flight

Well, it must have cost a lot.

Grandpas intentions were priceless, and she accepted them happily.

Old Master Li looked at her expression and took out his things, afraid that she would despise him.

When he saw Shi Jin reaching out to take the fish, the burden in his heart disappeared.

So his granddaughter liked it.

“If you like it, Ill bring more for you next time.” Old Master Li was in a good mood.

“Is Grandpa leaving soon”

“Thats right.

The chickens, ducks, and fish back home cant look after themselves!” Old Master Li said.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Ill visit you next time then.”

“Alright, alright.

Then Ill keep the freshest and most delicious food for you and Xiuyuan.”

To one side, Gu Jingyuan was feeling sour.

“Grandpa, shall I come pick some up too”

Old Master Li smiled widely.

“Of course.

When have I ever left you out”

Shi Jin wanted to grab the chicken, but Fu Xiuyuan pushed her hand away.

“Dont move, let me do it.”

He took off his jacket and saw that Shi Jin still had fish scales on her hand.

He passed the fish to Gu Jingyuan.

“Big Brother, please help me take it.”

He was slightly older than Gu Jingyuan, so it was natural for him to address him as brother.

Gu Jingyuan helped him hold it.

Seeing Fu Xiuyuan reach out to catch the chicken, Gu Jingyuan raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

Fu Xiuyuan, who had always been a clean freak, was really going to take the chicken

How unusual.

Fu Xiuyuan saw that Gu Jingyuan was holding the clothes casually and reminded him, “Big Brother, my clothes are new.”

Gu Jingyuan couldnt help thinking, “And Who doesnt have new clothes”

He hadnt thought of Fu Xiuyuan as such a wishy-washy person.

Shi Jin took a step back and said in a low voice, “I bought them.”

Gu Jingyuan immediately understood the importance of the outfit.

Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing watched the interaction between the three of them and could not help feeling amused and gratified.

In the past, this family had always been fragmented.

Everyone had regrets in their hearts, but now, they were all brought together by Shi Jin.

Chicken, duck, fish, and various vegetables were successfully transferred to Fu Xiuyuans Bentley.

Shi Jin bade farewell to her family.

As she sat in the front passenger seat, she heard all sorts of sounds coming from the trunk.

She turned to look at Fu Xiuyuan, who was driving quietly, and felt a sense of surrealism.

It was an unreal happiness.

There was a traffic light ahead.

Fu Xiuyuan stepped on the brakes and turned his head.

He saw the dazed and bright light in Shi Jins eyes.

It was so cute that it made his heart flutter.

By the time he came back to his senses, he had already leaned over and kissed her.

It was only when a loud horn sounded from behind that Fu Xiuyuan was jolted awake.

He let go of Shi Jin and started the car again.


At Lanting Residence:

Butler Chen looked at the items in the Bentley and was stunned!

Fu Xiuyuan, on the other hand, was calm and composed.

“The hen will give us eggs, well eat the rest slowly.”


“Remember to take good care of the chicken.” Fu Xiuyuan had never cared about such trivial matters in the villa, but tonight, he was reminding him carefully about a few chickens, ducks, and fish.

How could Butler Chen be careless

Shi Jin sat on the sofa and took out the red packet that her grandfather and parents had given her.

It was really a stack of money.

It was not a lot, but their intentions were very good.

It totalled 1314 yuan.

It was rare for them to catch up with the times, so she took this as a good sign.

“1314 yuan” Shi Jin reacted instantly, but Fu Xiuyuan did not.

He opened Google and searched before understanding what it meant.

A smile gradually appeared on his lips.

So it was like this.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and took the money in his palm.

He counted it carefully a few times, planning to store his share in the safe.

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