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Chapter 259: I Know Nothing Other than Food

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“Is that Shi Jin” Yuxiu Hua asked.

“Yes, I think so,” said Shi Xuexin.

Yuxiu Hua said indifferently, “By entering the entertainment industry, she can finally come to this kind of place to spend money.

If it wasnt for Chu Ling being taken advantage of by her to gain popularity back then… who is that beside her Did she change boyfriends”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan walked in.

They were not holding hands, but the aura between their brows made it easy for others to see their intimate attitude and Shi Jins blissful expression.

Moreover, that man had a strong aura.

Although he was wearing a mask, one could tell that he was handsome and extraordinary.

He was even taller than Chu Ling.

Yuxiu Hua instantly felt her teeth aching.

“It seems to be some fresh meat, perhaps from a talent show”

Shi Xuexin also realized that the man looked exceptionally good.

He seemed familiar.

After Yuxiu Hua said that, she guessed he might be an entertainment newbie.

However, there was an endless stream of fresh meat celebrities these days.

The entertainment companies had to release several hundred young fresh meat celebrities into the market every year, so there were so many that it was dazzling.

However, their careers would only be a flash in the pan.

There was basically no one who was as popular as Chu Ling.

With that thought, Shi Xuexin was satisfied.

Even if Shi Jin were to parade a hundred young hunks around, they would not be able to compare to Chu Lings pinky.

She looked away and said, “Mom, Chairman Zhang is coming soon.

Lets not bother about them.”

She adjusted her smile.

When Shi Jin came over, she would still greet her properly, even though they had had some disagreements earlier.

However, Shi Jin and the man did not walk towards them.

Instead, they went straight to the building and the manager personally came to welcome them.

Shi Xuexins expression changed.

Bamboo Garden had always been reserved for the wealthy and influential.

Ordinary people might not be able to enter even if they had money.

Today, she was going to invite Chairman Zhang.

Shi Xuexin had even specially asked a Chinese artist she knew to help her book this place.

However, she could only book a spot on the first floor.

The first floor was not bad, it was spacious and each table was in its own relatively independent and private environment.

It was very suitable for business guests.

Shi Xue had never even dared to think of a place like the second floor.

However, Shi Jin was able to achieve this just by becoming a small celebrity

She felt extremely repulsed by these people who only followed celebrities!


After Shi Jin went upstairs, the manager respectfully led her to a private room.

Fu Xiuyuan pushed the door open and entered.

Shi Jin saw Old Master Li sitting at the head of the table.

When he saw her, an indescribable happiness appeared on his aged face and his eyes went slightly red.

It was obvious that he had mentioned Shi Jin to Li Juekai.

Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing sat to one side while Gu Jingyuan stood behind Old Master Li.

“Shi Jin, come over to grandpas side.” Old Master Lis voice was slightly choked.

Shi Jin walked to his side obediently.

He had a face that was very similar to Li Juekais.

Although he was already old, one could still tell that he had had an extraordinary bearing and appearance during his prime.

“Grandfather.” Shi Jin took his hand.

“Its Shi Jin.”

Old Master Lis voice choked again and he only said a few words.

“Okay, okay, okay.”

“Grandpa.” Fu Xiuyuan greeted him.

Only then did Old Master Li remember that Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were already married and were very happy.

He beamed and said, “Hurry and let Grandpa take a good look at you guys.”

Fu Xiuyuan was wearing the clothes that Shi Jin had given him.

He was tall and slender, with deep-set eyes and a straight nose.

He was the perfect man in everyones eyes.

With his relationship with the Li family, how could Old Master Li not be satisfied

He immediately handed over two large red packets.

“Youre both married, but grandpa hasnt given you any gifts yet.

Take them quickly.

Ill bring you something from the city later.

You must take them when you leave.”

“Yes, we almost forgot to give you a wedding gift.

Shi Jin, Mom has been too busy recently.

Take no notice.” Gu Qingqing also took two big red packets out and handed them over.

The red packets were heavy, and it was unknown what they contained.

Of course, Shi Jin didnt mind.

Li Juekais leg injury had consumed too much of Gu Qingqings energy.

How could she blame her mother

Gu Jingyuan also handed something over.

“This is for you.”

Shi Jin accepted the gift and handed it to Fu Xiuyuan.

It was just some tea leaves.

Before Shi Jin left, she snipped the orchids and ice mint leaves that she had planted and brought some inside.

Yao orchids helped with sleep, and the Ice mint calmed the meridians.

It was extremely beneficial to sleep.

With this exchange of gifts, the distance between them closed.

Old Master Li looked at Shi Jin and felt at ease.

This was probably the natural effect between bloodlines.

Although he had raised Shi Xuexin single-handedly in the past, he had always felt that she was overly competitive and vain.

Therefore, he could not help but teach her a little more harshly at times.

Who knew that she would turn out to be disloyal

It was rare for the family to have time together like this.

They chatted and laughed as they ate.

Even Fu Xiuyuan, who had always been aloof, had a gentle expression on his face.

After dinner, they went downstairs together.

The Shi family of three was having a meal with Chairman Zhang.

Chairman Zhangs tone was relaxed, and Shi Xuexins perfect flattery was very pleasing to him.

“Chairman Zhang, we are indebted to you for taking care of the Shi familys business this time!” Shi Xuexin drank a few more glasses with him.

Seeing that Shi Xuexin could act as the backbone of the Shi family, Yuxiu Hua was extremely gratified.

Fortunately, she had found her biological daughter.

If Shi Jin was here, she would only know how to eat and do nothing else.

Chairman Zhang was eating happily.

It was almost time for him to leave.

Shi Xuexin and Shi Qing accompanied Chairman Zhang as they left the table.

Just as they were about to walk out, she saw Old Master Li coming down from upstairs.

Shi Jin was holding Old Master Lis arm and walking down with him.

Shi Xuexin hesitated.

Should she go forward to greet him After all, she had been brought up by Old Master Li.

Although her material life was not rich, Old Master Lis teachings to her were very strict and he had done his best.

Logically speaking, she shouldnt have distanced herself from Old Master Li, and she shouldnt have lied to him.

However, if she were to go over and greet him now, she would really… despise him.

Old Master Li was actually quite magnanimous.

He was dressed in a traditional Chinese suit, and although he was old, his eyes were bright.

What made Shi Xuexin feel disgusted was that if Chairman Zhang asked, she would definitely have to mention her relationship with Old Master Li.

Chairman Zhangs relationship was something she had worked hard to maintain..

How could she let the Li family come into contact with him so easily It was useless for the Li family to come into contact with him anyway.

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