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Chapter 257: Old Master Li Appears

Old Master Lis voice was heard.

“Is that Shi Jin”

“It is,” Shi Jin replied in a low voice.

She could hear Old Master Lis guilty and aged voice through the static.

Her heart softened immediately.

She thought that her heart would never soften for anyone, but in reality, it would always soften in front of the people she cared about.

“Shi Jin, Its your grandfather.

Are you alright” Old Master Lis voice was slightly choked.

He was obviously worried that Shi Jin would ignore him.

When they went to fetch Shi Jin that year, Li Juekai had been in a coma because of a car accident.

Old Master Li had also been worried that his old illness would relapse and he would miss the opportunity to fetch Shi Jin.

Just thinking about it made the old man regret his actions.

Shi Jin said softly, “Not bad.

What about you”


Me too.” Sensing Shi Jins attitude, Old Master Lis tone was obviously brisk.

“Can we have lunch together tomorrow afternoon”

“Okay,” Shi Jin agreed.

After she put down her phone, Old Master Lis comforting tone still rang in her ears.

She pursed her lips slightly and leaned back in her seat, smiling.

Old Master Li was also in the car.

He put down the phone and said happily to the chauffeur, “Shi Jin has agreed to have dinner with us.”

The chauffeur, who had been with Old Master Li for many years, was also happy about this.

“Thats good.

I knew Miss would definitely agree to meet you.”

“It must have been hard on her,” Old Master Li said.

After some thought, he took out his phone and fixed his gaze on Shi Xuexins name.

After a while, Old Master Li called Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin was talking to Yuxiu Hua in the living room at this time.

For some reason, many problems had cropped up with the Shi familys business recently.

The clients who had been cooperating well started to shirk their responsibilities.

Obviously, the Shi family had been developing benignly.

Shi Qings ability and the Shi familys influence were constantly improving, and the companys profits were not bad.

However, as if they had agreed, these customers were taking the risk of giving up on their own interests and turning to other companies.

Shi Qing had been extremely anxious these past two days.

Yuxiu Hua sat in the living room and sighed.

Shi Xuexin consoled him softly, “Dad, dont worry.

Why dont we go and find out why these clients are no longer cooperating”

“How can we They dont want to talk to me about it.

I dont even know what I did wrong.”

Yuxiu Hua decisively said, “Then lets treat them to a meal first.

No matter what, we have to fight to see them and talk about it.”

“Thats the only way.” Shi Qing really had a headache.

Just as Shi Xuexin was about to speak, her cell phone rang.

She picked it up and frowned.

It was Old Master Li.

It was only after she returned to the Shi family that she started contacting Old Master Li.

Soon, she had started to think that he was a little annoying and had a very old-fashioned way of thinking.

He would always get someone to send her home-made clothes, vegetables that he had planted himself, and chickens and ducks that he had raised himself, making the Shi familys villa a mess.

Shi Xuexin had gradually stopped contacting him.

Why was he calling again

“Grandfather” Although she was not too happy to receive the call, Shi Xuexin still picked up.

“Xuexin, Grandpa is here in the capital.

When are you free Will you come out for a meal”

Shi Xue thought about how her parents were troubled by the companys matters.

It was time for her to put in some effort.

How could she give up on her parents Besides, if she were to wear a new dress to meet Old Master Li, how would she bear being seen in public if he also brought some chickens and ducks

She immediately shook her head and said, “Grandpa, Ive been preparing for my final exams in school, as well as the piano competition and the Chinese Art Exhibition.

I might not be able to see you for the time being.”

“Okay then, maybe next time.” Old Master Li hung up.

Shi Xuexin heaved a long sigh of relief.

Luckily, he had not insisted this time.

She was really afraid of meeting him.

Yuxiu Hua asked, “Thats the grandfather of the Li family”

Because she knew that Li Juekai was the Best Actor, she felt a little respect for Old Master Li instead of looking down on him like before.

Shi Xuexin nodded.

“He came to the capital and said he wanted to meet me.

I should have gone to meet him, but Dad is in a terrible fix right now.

I want to help him settle his matters first.”

Yuxiu Hua was gratified.

“My good daughter, having you is really my blessing.”

Anyway, Li Juekai was already outdated.

What was so important about him So what if his daughter didnt want to see him

Shi Qing took out his phone to reply and suddenly laughed.

“Chairman Zhang has agreed to have dinner with us! Quick, quickly book a good place!”

Shi Xuexin immediately said, “Ill handle it now.”


In the car, Old Master Li put down his phone.

A trace of loneliness appeared on his aged face.

How had the child that he had raised with his own hands ended up like this

“Isnt she coming over” The chauffeur and Old Master Li had worked together for many years and were good friends.

Seeing his expression, he could guess what was going on.

“I knew she wouldnt come.” Old Master Lis last call had just been a final test.

The driver said, “Its normal for her to be arrogant.”

Old Master Lis voice suddenly became serious.

“But she shouldnt have lied to me back then.”

At that time, Shi Xuexin had just been sent back to the Shi family and the Li family had not had time to fetch Shi Jin.

Old Master Li had called the Shi family frequently to ask about Shi Jins condition and to show his concern.

However, nine out of ten times, the Shi family had received an answer saying that Shi Jin was unwilling to answer or leave the Shi family.

Old Master Li had not been in good health at that time and had believed it to be true.

He could only find out more about Shi Jin through Shi Xuexins phone.

Shi Xuexins explanation was similar to that of the others.

She told him, “Shi Jin doesnt want to go back at all.

She doesnt want to leave this house and leave the city.

She cant accept it at the moment.

But dont worry, Grandfather.

I will take good care of Shi Jin and accompany her through this.

If she is willing to stay with the Shi family, I will treat her like my own sister.

It just so happens that she has a friend.

Itll be quite nice for us to accompany each other.

Please give her more time, Grandfather, alright”

Old Master Li trusted this child that he had raised single-handedly.

He really thought that it would be good for Shi Jin to stay.

It was only after Shi Jin and the Li family gradually drifted apart that he slowly came back to his senses.

How could Shi Jin not have been willing to pick up the call back then

It was Shi Xuexin who had not given her a chance to answer.

Why had Shi Xuexin stopped Shi Jin

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