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Chapter 255: Excuses

Not only did many people sing this song, but they also gradually learned to use the words to guide themselves when they encountered problems.

“Always believe that silence is golden, be careful of what you say and dont offend others.

When you face hard times, you are too serious.

Laugh and help others to be carefree.”

Suddenly, there were people singing this song everywhere.

Shi Jins voice filled every space with music.

Naturally, Wen Yongwei heard the song as well.

She clenched her fists.

She could not deny that Shi Jins lyrics and songs were shockingly good.

She could not catch up no matter how hard she tried.

This was what made her despair.

And Shi Jin would use these opportunities to promote her new song.

Every time her new song was played, it would become more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people! Every download would help the count reach new heights.

Why hadnt Wen Yongwei thought of using this time to release a new song

Kang Cheng could not help but feel regretful.

“If we had known earlier, we would have played a carefree song after your exam results were released to show our sincerity to the fans and the crowd.

Now, Shi Jin has beaten us to it.”

Wen Yongwei also regretted missing out, but she didnt have that many songs to her name.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been so passive.

Kang Cheng said, “Yongwei, we wont release any of your songs for now.

Well release them when the time is right.”

Wen Yongwei had this intention as well, so she agreed readily.


Because Shi Jin had passed Beijing Universitys admission test, her bet with Zhang Shaogang had been brought up and was even trending.

However, it was pushed to the back by other hot searches related to Shi Jin.

The attention on the bet was slightly lower.

However, this was only a relative set-back.

In reality, her popularity was already explosive.

Many people were even speculating.

“Did Shi Jin choose to give up on Beijing University because she was afraid of being suppressed by Teacher Zhang”

“Its very likely.

After all, teachers and students are not on the same level.”

“Speaking of which, this Teacher Zhang is really too much.

He actually used the matter of lipstick to define womanhood! Is it disrespectful for a girl to apply lipstick Why cant third-year students apply lipstick”

“In any case, some men really have double standards.

Whatever they do is right, and whatever a girl does is wrong!”

“Shi Jin has done us girls a favor! Im in charge of my health.

You can ask me to abide by the rules, but you cant use the matter of whether or not I apply lipstick to define my character!”

“What Im most concerned about now is when Zhang Shaogang will apologize to Shi Jin”

“Me too.”


“Were waiting!”

“Im looking forward to it!”

# Zhang Shaogang apologizes # Silence is Golden # Shes topped the trending search list.

Zhang Shaogangs situation was terrible.

Even though all the teachers of Imperial Capital University had confirmed that Shi Jin had not given up on entering Imperial Capital University, because of the matter with Zhang Shaogang, she had also rejected the Qing University after all.

However, he was the source of the problem, so it was inevitable that people would blame him for it.

He would be pointed at wherever he went.

In particular, some of the comments he used to post on Weibo were about how he looked down on women and thought that womens makeup was an attempt of seduction.

Now, he was being scolded by netizens.

And soon, he had to deal with this bet.

When he had made the bet, he had never expected to lose.

Asking him to apologize to a young girl who was still wet behind the ears in front of all the teachers and students of Second High This was worse than killing him!

Of course, he could not ask Principal Jiang for help.

Shi Jin was not coming to Beijing University, and Principal Jiang was out for blood now.

If he went on like this, wouldnt he get himself into trouble

He could only seek Shi Xuexin to mediate the situation, but how could Shi Xuexin care about doing such a thankless task

Nevertheless, she couldnt just ignore it.

After all, she was the one who had urged Zhang Shaogang to go to Second High to look for Shi Jin.

This matter couldnt be justified.

She had no choice but to brace herself and go to Second High together with Zhang Shaogang.

“I really didnt expect that Shi Jin would score so well.

Didnt you say that she always studied at Second High” Zhang Shaogang was filled with resentment.

He had nowhere to vent his anger, so he naturally spoke harshly to Shi Xuexin.

“Thats right.

She was originally at the same level as me,” Shi Xuexin explained.

Zhang Shaogang asked angrily, “Then how did this happen”

Why, why, why

Shi Xuexin also wanted to know why.

Her mind was also filled with question marks and her head was about to explode.

Chu Jias incident had already caused her to keep quiet out of fear that there would be other implications.

It was unexpected that Shi Jin would suddenly score such high marks.

She was even more annoyed than Zhang Shaogang!

She took out her ear-phones and stuffed them into her ears.

Then, she casually clicked on the trending charts to listen to the music and not be disturbed by Zhang Shaogang.

Who knew that the first song would actually be by Shi Jin

Shi Xuexin immediately stopped the song and clicked on the second song.

In the end, she only heard one sentence before realizing that it was also Shi Jins.

Shi Xuexin opened the playlist and took a look.

She was so angry that she nearly vomited blood.

The top five were all Shi Jins songs!

She hatefully uninstalled this music app.

In the midst of Shi Xuexins anger, Shi Jin had already walked out of Second High.

She was mixed in with the crowd.

Her fair face was particularly eye-catching and outstanding.

She was actually wearing the same school uniform as the other students, and her school bag was not a branded bag, but a common style.

A boy and a girl were talking next to her.

She had only lowered her eyes to listen, but her expression was indescribably happy and relaxed, causing people to secretly look at her along the way, but she didnt notice.

She just whispered something to her friend.

After they left, the people around her waved goodbye to her.

Shi Jin then lifted her eyes and watched them leave.

She turned around and happened to see Shi Xuexin standing in front of her.

The middle-aged man standing with her looked familiar.

“Shi Jin.” Shi Xuexin quickly called out to her, as if she would leave if she called out too late.

Shi Jins actions were casual and slow.

However, it gave people an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Shi Xuexin said, “Lets have a chat.”

She wanted to avoid Zhang Shaogang.

She did not want him to know of her relationship with Shi Jin and their discord.

Shi Jin stood still.


Shi Xuexins wishful thinking fell through when she saw how steady Shi Jin was.

Under Zhang Shaogangs urging gaze, she had no choice but to say, “Shi Jin, the incident with Teacher Zhang last time was just a misunderstanding.

Why dont you forget about the bet After all, isnt it too much to gather all the teachers and students of Second High School just to hear an apology Isnt everyone busy preparing for the exam”

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