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Chapter 254: Theres Something Fishy about the Exam

Yao Jiahong said to them, “Shi Jin is also considering this.

Theres still some time before the college entrance examination.

I hope everyone can give her some time.

Sorry everyone, please make way.”

With his experience, he quickly escorted Shi Jin to the nanny van and the car drove away slowly.

The reporters could only look at the vehicle and sigh.

The news quickly spread online.

# Shi Jin Passed the Top Universities Exams #

# Shi Jin Rejects Two Universities #

# Shi Jin is Crushing it #

The anti-fans who had previously doubted Shi Jins were severely slapped in the face.

To take two of the top universities admission exams, and pass both of them…!

The words that had mocked and ridiculed her had yet to fade before the anti-fans suffered this blow.

The passersby who had said that Shi Jin was unlikely to pass quickly shut their mouths.

For a moment, the anti-fans didnt know what to say and could only quietly leave the battlefield.

The fans were really excited this time.

“Little Stone has never let anyone down.

She has once again clinched good results!”

“I knew she could do it.

After all, she surprises people every time.”

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

I cant adequately express my surprise and envy.

Forgive me for using these words.”

“Previous poster, youve perfectly displayed the qualities in the phraseignorant, incompetent, uneducated, and uneducated with a single sentence ofF*cks.

Hahaha, but Shi Jin is really too awesome.”

“I have a cousin who also participated in the admission exam at Qing University and Beijing University.

Hes a famous senior in our school.

However, he told me that the written exam was fine, but the theme of the interview was so difficult that people couldnt understand it.

Little Stone is really too amazing!”

“But why did she give up on going to uni This is such a good opportunity! Moreover, these two unis are already the best in Country S!”

“Didnt Shi Jin say that she has her own plans No matter what decision she makes, we will always support her!”

“Right, whether she goes to such a university or not, shes our most beloved little cutie!”

The fan was ecstatic.

“Little Stone will always be the best!”

Passerby: “I heard that Wen Yongwei took part in the exam as well I wonder how she did”

Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng were pretending to be invisible.

Wen Yongweis fans were also playing dead.

The anti-fans had finally found a reason to make a comeback.

“Speaking rationally, why wouldnt Shi Jin choose to go to Qing University or Beijing University My guess is that her results have been exaggerated.

Its just a gimmick for publicity, but she doesnt really meet the selection criteria of the two universities at all.

Its not that she didnt choose these universities, but that they dont want her!”

Fans: “The results cant be fake! The results announced by the two universities are authentic! Who could change them”

The anti-fans: “Anyway, theres a problem if she doesnt choose these two schools!”

Fans: “Cant everyone have their own ambitions Besides, our Shi Jins interest lies in music.

Isnt it good for her to focus on that”

An anti-fan: “Anyway, if I say she has a problem, then she definitely has a problem!”

Fans (Laughing in anger): “So youre saying that the whole world operates according to your ideas If it doesnt work according to your wishes, then it means that theres something wrong with other people”

An anti-fan: “Then how do you explain Shi Jin not going to Qing University or Beijing University”

The fans could not be bothered with such nonsense.

The netizens were indeed influenced by the anti-fans and asked, “After all, this is not a national exam.

There might be something fishy going on.”

As Wen Yongwei had failed, her fans had also entered a state of fishing in troubled waters.

They kept questioning Shi Jins results, as if the exam this time was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

However, anyone with a little bit of rationality would know that a century-old school like the Qing University and Beijing University would not take the risk of ruining their own reputation by cooperating with Shi Jin to create hype.

That night, Shi Jin posted a new song.

She had never liked to comment much on external discussions.

Coincidentally, she had a song that suited the occasion, so she thought that she could let everyone listen to it.

Fans: “Theres a new song to listen to.

Bliss! Downloading it immediately.”

Fans: “Shi Jin didnt go to these two famous schools because she wanted to make music.

After all, the rules of the famous schools are strict.

It might restrict her creative freedom.”

Fans: “I dont care, I dont care.

Listen to the song, listen to the song!”

The passersby also started to listen to the song and were shocked.

“Shi Jin, dont go to such a famous school that focuses on academics.

Go to a music school! The new song is too good! Ive already bought and downloaded it.”

Passerby: “After listening to the new song, I became a fan!”

The anti-fans: “The new song is… terrible! The lyrics are not up to scratch, and the melody is cold and emotionless.

Its simply trash bloating the music industry.” (In reality, they were playing it on repeat.)

The anti-fans: “Utter garbage.”


At Fus Enterprise, Song Fan heard that Shi Jin had posted a new song and quickly downloaded it, planning to send it to Fu Xiuyuan as soon as possible.

To check if there were any problems with the song, Song Fan listened to it first.

When he heard it, he repeated it three times without realizing it.

When he returned to his senses, he slapped his forehead and hurried towards Fu Xiuyuans office.

He was about to reach out to knock on the door when he heard subtle music coming from within.

Fu Xiuyuans office had good soundproofing.

The reason why it was able to produce such a sound was obviously because the sound system was very loud.

Speaking of which, Fu Xiuyuan had never listened to music like that before.

It was only after Shi Jin participated in the music program that Song Fan got someone to install this set of audio equipment.

Song Fan listened carefully.

The music coming from inside was Shi Jins new song, Silence is Golden.

“The night breeze is chilly, and I look into the past alone,

Its the rage I used to be filled with,

Filled with indignation and false accusations,

My response to rumors is harsh,

Having learned my lesson, I follow the guidance of scripture,

Now Im transparent, no longer myself,

But I feel the score,

Im not as stupid as before…

What say you to keeping me safe

Always believing that silence is golden,

Right or wrong, speak prudently and dont offend others,

Facing cold wind and rain,

Confidence fills my heart, ignoring sarcasm and questioning,

I laugh and laugh at this free and easy way of being,

The young are carefree.

Song Fan: “Im late.

Sorry for disturbing you.


After Shi Jins song was released, it naturally shot to the top of the charts, and the downloads reached a new high.

Not only that, many people felt that this song could express their feelings too well.

Wasnt this how they felt every time they were misunderstood Anger, rage, self-doubt, and then the feelings gradually fading

The lyrics of this song described their mentality too well.

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