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Chapter 253: Giving Up Her Entry Qualification

“Its not a big deal.

My position wont be affected, but I wont be in charge of admissions and admission exams in the future.

Dont worry, I dont want to deal with that anymore anyway.

Dont feel burdened.”

Teacher Liu spoke lightly, but how could this be considered a small punishment

The teachers had always fought for power over admissions and admission examinations.

So Teacher Lius punishment was not small.

Shi Xuexin understood this as well.

She said a series of grateful words and apologies in a very humble manner before finally letting the matter rest.

After putting down the phone, Shi Xuexin was so angry that she threw all of the worthless things on the table to the ground.

She never would have thought that Chu Jia would do such a stupid thing.

Not only had she not destroyed the evidence, but she had even used it to frame Shi Jin! If she had known, she would have noted down the questions and not physically taken them.

However, time had indeed been tight back then, and she had to avoid the surveillance cameras, so she did not have much time or opportunity to take notes or photos.

Thankfully, Shi Xuexins mentor had stepped forward to take the blame for her.

Chu Jia did not dare to continue with the scoldings, and that was the end of the matter.

She sat on the bed dejectedly and scolded Chu Jia in her heart.

That idiot!


The next day, Chu Jias seat was empty.

She hadnt even come to pack her things and had transferred school overnight.

Her absence only caused a small discussion.

Everyone was busy preparing for their exams and did not really care about what was going on with others.

The matter of her leaving soon lost its impact.

Yao Jiahong picked up Shi Jin and they rushed over to Graces event location.

Recalling the hotpot picture that Fu Xiuyuan had sent last night, Yao Jiahong wanted to say something, but in the end, he didnt.

Naturally, Wen Yongwei had to be present at Yasis event as well.

She was in a bad mood despite the smile on her face.

It was no wonder since she had not passed her admission test while Shi Jin had passed both.

It was said that both the Qing University and Beijing University were fighting fiercely over Shi Jin.

The principals of both universities were alarmed.

Moreover, both parties had offered their best professions for Shi Jin to choose from.

As for which Shi Jin would choose, it was still undecided.

It was said that the principals of the two universities were about to come to blows.

Who knew what other resources they might provide Shi Jin with

Wen Yongwei felt as if she had eaten lemons.

How could she be happy at this moment

“Shi Jin is here.”

“Shes really so beautiful!”

Wen Yongwei was lost in her thoughts when she heard someone shouting excitedly.

She looked up and saw Shi Jin walking towards her.

To accommodate the event, Shi Jin had changed into a pair of light blue jeans, accentuating her long and slender legs.

Her white shirt had been provided by the days organizer, and it was in the same style as Wing Weis.

Shi Jin had a good figure.

She looked like a star when she wore it.

However, it was not just a generic big brand.

It was custom-made for Shi Jin and fit her perfectly.

“Morning!” Wen Yongwei greeted Shi Jin.

She had never been stingy with her basic etiquette as a daughter of a wealthy family.

Shi Jin nodded in reply.

The reporters and fans had already surrounded the event venue.

Deafening shouts could be heard from all over, and there were lights and banners with Shi Jins and Wen Yongweis names written everywhere.

The host started the event.

It was nothing more than a topic related to the brands skincare products.

Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin only needed to cooperate with each other.

Then, there was the Q&A session.

Wen Yongwei gripped the microphone tightly.

She used to like this segment the most and would always talk about it, but today, she was especially against this segment.

Indeed, she became increasingly fearful.

One of the reporters asked, “I heard that Little Stone and Little Rose took part in the Qing University and Beijing Universitys admission exams recently Are your results out yet How are they”

Wen Yongweis fingers tightened, but her smile remained unchanged.

The host had already been warned by Kang Cheng about this, so he immediately interrupted with a smile, “Im sorry, but please keep the topic to our skincare and makeup.

You can ask other questions after the event ends.”

What the reporters wanted to know the most was the results of the exams.

However, they could only restrain themselves and ask questions related to the brand.

Only then did Wen Yongwei relax a little.

However, there were still reporters who would occasionally change the topic and ask about her studies.

By the time the event ended, Wen Yongwei was already drenched in sweat.

She returned backstage and fell onto the sofa like a deflated ball, looking extremely unhappy.

Kang Chengs heart ached when he saw this.

Meanwhile, after the event ended, Shi Jin walked towards the nanny van under Yao Jiahongs escort.

“Shi Jin, I heard that you did well in the admission test”

“Rumor has it that both Qing University and Beijing University are lobbying for you to go to their schools.

Do you have any ideas to share with your fans”

“The outside world is abuzz with rumors.

Can you tell everyone whats going on”

Shi Jin stopped in her tracks.

Yao Jiahong was keeping the reporters away from her, and there was a circle of fans surrounding them.

Under the sunlight, her fair face appeared even more clean and clear.

To summarize it in the words that the higher-ups of Grace had whispered in private: finding Shi Jin to endorse Grace was not Shi Jins luck, but Graces, and even the entire Shen Groups luck!

She raised her eyebrows and said in a pleasant voice, “I did take part in two universities admission exams.

My results were not bad.

Thank you for your concern.

I will continue to take the college entrance examinations and will not choose any majors from these two institutions.”

The reporters were in an uproar.

The fans standing in the front row who heard her words were also in an uproar.

“Is this true Why Why wont she choose her specialization If shes not going to, why did she take the exam” The reporters minds were filled with question marks.

This time, they werent there for the topic of the news.

They were just curious.

Shi Jin pondered for a moment before saying, “Im taking the exam to test my abilities.

I dont want to choose a major because I dont think theres any thats suitable for me.

Its that simple.”

“So whats your favorite Which subject is your best Music”

More questions came from the reporters.

However, these questions had already touched upon Shi Jins future plans.

Yao Jiahong immediately extended his hand to distance them from the reporters.

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