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Chapter 252: Settling My Jealousy

Yao Jiahong felt challenged.

Shi Jin was amused by the two of them.

She only put away her phone after they were done talking.

Fu Xiuyuan asked her, “What do you want to eat”

“Lets have hotpot with coke,” said Shi Jin.

“Your voice…”

Shi Jin pointed at her herbal medicine.

“I know.”

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan was still a little hesitant, the corners of her eyes curled up, and her already extremely charming eyes became even more flirtatious.

Her tone was slightly plaintive, but to Fu Xiuyuan, it sounded flirty.

“Didnt we agree to listen to everything I say Cant you just eat some of this”

As she spoke, her voice trailed off and the effect was apparent.

Fu Xiuyuan felt so comfortable that his entire body trembled.

He held her waist.

“Fu Xiuyuan~ Hubby~” Shi Jins gaze was like silk.

In fact, Fu Xiuyuan had already been won over when she first spoke.

He just wanted to see more of Shi Jins delicate state.

Shi Jin had suddenly unleashed her ultimate move.

All the blood in Fu Xiuyuans body surged and every strand of his hair seemed to stand on end.

His voice was softer than Shi Jins as he said, “Anything is fine.

Lets have hotpot.”

Only then was Shi Jin satisfied.

It was fine that Yao Jiahong cared about her food, but Fu Xiuyuan did too She couldnt act coquettishly towards Yao Jiahong, but could she use this method to deal with Fu Xiuyuan

After the meal was settled, she personally went to the backyard to pick a few fresh vegetables.

Other than growing flowers and herbs, Shi Jin also got her men to plant these vegetables in the extra places.

Hotpot was just right.

If Yao Jiahong knew about this, he would definitely be enraged.

Fu Xiuyuan suddenly thought of something.

He took a photo of the hotpot and posted it on his Moments.

For a period of time, he had actually been very jealous that Yao Jiahong could work with Shi Jin every day.

They were inseparable, and he was extremely jealous.

Thankfully, Shi Jin would always brush his hair every night when he came back, so this discomfort was slightly suppressed, but deep down, Fu Xiuyuan still hated himself for not being her manager.

Otherwise, he could be the one by Shi Jins side and Yao Jiahong would have nothing to do with her.

Hence, this hotpot photo was specially for Yao Jiahong to see.

Even though it was Fu Xiuyuan who had pushed Yao Jiahong to Shi Jins side…

Yao Jiahong was eating instant noodles at night when he suddenly scrolled and saw Fu Xiuyuans Moments.

This guy, who had not posted on Moments for ten thousand years, had actually posted something This was a once in a lifetime event! How rare.

Yao Jiahong clicked on the photo with interest.

It was actually hotpot.

Yao Jiahong immediately realized that it was impossible for Fu Xiuyuan to control Shi Jin.

He could not control him and could only let him eat like this with her.

Not only was it impossible to manage him, Fu Xiuyuan was even showing off

Yao Jiahong noticed something very quickly.

No other friends had liked or commented on the post.

In other words, this WeChat Moment had been specially sent to him

Yao Jiahong felt grief and indignation rising in his heart.

Dont managers have human rights

He was so angry that he could not even eat his instant noodles.

After some thought, he picked up his fork and continued eating.

What else could he do What choice did he have other than pampering his artist and her husband

“What are you laughing at” Shi Jin was sitting opposite Fu Xiuyuan.

Seeing that she was staring at his phone, he revealed a smug smile.

“I showed Yao Jiahong our hotpot.” Fu Xiuyuan looked at Shi Jin and said softly, “Eat up.”

Shi Jin: “…Why did you show it to him”

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes and didnt say anything.

He was just trying to get rid of his jealousy, but he couldnt say that to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin pondered for a moment and recalled the undercurrents of his conversation with Yao Jiahong that night.

She could smell the jealousy.

So Fu Xiuyuan was jealous of Yao Jiahong

A drunk Fu Xiuyuans mental age couldnt be more than 16 years old, but a jealous Fu Xiuyuans mental age couldnt be more than 3 years old, right

Shi Jin raised her head and glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

Even when he was smiling, he was still cold and stern.

His face was cold and distant, but Shi Jin had seen more of his other expressions.

He knew how to smile, how to be proud, and how to show rich emotion.

In the past, this was something Shi Jin had never seen before.

Just like how she would reveal her true self in front of him, Fu Xiuyuan had also started to reveal his true self in front of her.

How nice.


At night, Shi Jin received Ji Huans message.

“Beijing University has already investigated it.

Only these questions from the interview were leaked, and only Chu Jia used them.

Now that Chu Jia has been taken back by her parents, she probably wont be able to take the college entrance examination this time.

Beijing University has also dealt with the relevant personnel.”

Shi Jin did not pity Chu Jia at all.

She had asked for it.

She asked, “Then how did the question get leaked Who stole it”

“Chu Jia said that she accidentally entered the office and got it.

However, a teacher at Beijing University admitted that he was not strict with the questions and gave Chu Jia a chance to steal them.

Chu Jia must have taken the opportunity to get the questions when they were visiting the university.”

Shi Jin did not believe this explanation.

What kind of questions could be obtained by a student who was completely unfamiliar with the university They had even made the teachers of Beijing University admit that they had not been strict with her

However, since the other party had already resolved this matter, Shi Jin did not probe further.

It was obvious that Beijing University did not want the matter to blow up.

Ji Huan continued to send messages: “Anyway, this has nothing to do with you.

Dont let your mood be affected.

Its more important to prepare for the exam.

Principal Lu and I are still waiting for your good results.”


At the Shi residence:

Shi Xuexin, who was in her room, was so frightened that her heart and soul seemed to be cracking.

She was waiting for the results of the incident at Beijing University.

She had already called Chu Jia countless times to tell her to keep quiet.

Fortunately, Chu Jia trusted her and hadnt told her anything.

Soon, her mentor sent another message.

“Xuexin, Ive settled this matter for you.

Dont do such things again just for the sake of friendship.”

“Teacher Liu, I was wrong.

I thought too highly of my friend.

It was a moment of carelessness on my part.

I will definitely not do such a thing in the future.

Im really sorry for implicating you and making you bear the consequences on my behalf.

I really thank you.

I also thank you for warning me in time.

If not, I might have made more mistakes in the future.” Shi Xuexin sent a sincere apology and long, regretful text to Teacher Liu.

Teacher Liu was touched by the strength of her feelings and helped her with this matter.

“Alright, dont do this again in the future,” Teacher Liu said.

“So, what will happen to you” Shi Xuexin finally remembered and asked with concern.

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