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Chapter 251: What Else Can You Do

Impossible! How could Shi Jin know this! She was just an idol singer in the entertainment industry.

She might not even have written the song herself!

Chu Jia had just finished her thought when Shi Jin hit the return key and said, “Done.”

The more Principal Jiang looked at her, the more he sighed.

She was indeed Gu Jingyuans sister.

Her intelligence was really amazing!

It was a pity that she refused to come to Beijing University no matter what.

Even if she was allowed to choose her major, she would not come.

Principal Jiang had previously mourned for the Physics Department, then the Mathematics Department, then the Acoustics Department, and now the Computer Science Department.

Ji Huan said, “Play it quickly and see if you can find any clues.”

She did not know about the intimate relationship between Chu Jia and Shi Xuexin, so she naturally did not understand their motives as well as Shi Jin did.

The video played and it was soon noon.

All the classmates had gone to the canteen except Chu Jia.

When Chu Jia saw this, her breathing became heavy… How could Shi Jin really fix the video She had clearly broken the surveillance camera while cleaning the room.

However, reality was reality.

On the screen, Chu Jia took something out of her bag.

She looked around and saw that there was no one around.

Then, she quickly walked over to Shi Jins seat and stuffed her things into it.

Then, she sat back in her seat as if nothing had happened.

After that, she did not eat, but had really cleaned up the place.

If one were to look at this section alone, they would think that she was really hard working.

However, if one were to link it to the previous section, one would have reason to suspect that she was cleaning to relieve her nervousness.

Four pairs of eyes looked at Chu Jia.

“I didnt do it.

How could I have the questions Shi Jin must be behind it.

She must have edited it to make it look like I did this! It might be because she left the test papers in her own desk.”

Shi Jin stood up and picked up her bag again.

Her voice was slightly raised as she said, “Hmm, what a coincidence.

When would everyone in the classroom leave”

Ji Huan understood and explained to the two principals, “The students who passed the final exam today invited the other students to eat at the third floor of the canteen.

Everyone left.

Usually, even during lunchtime, many students make use of the time to revise.

Many even eat in the classroom.”

Chu Jia bit her lip hard.

“Just based on this, do you think that I released it”

Shi Jin said lazily, “Of course its not just because of this.

Do you remember that your uniform was torn in the morning Look at this video.

Your uniform is torn.

Your uniform is not normally torn, right Or should I bring up the scene of your school uniform being torn in the morning for everyone to see”

Chu Jias face turned pale.

Seeing this, how could Principal Jiang and the rest not understand what had happened

Principal Jiang said to Principal Lu, “Principal Lu, this student needs to cooperate with our schools investigation at all times to strictly investigate this question leaking!”

“Its up to you to decide what to do.

Teacher Ji, this student participated in the exam and cheated.

She even framed another student… The punishment will be the same,” Principal Lu sighed and said.

Chu Jia was on the verge of collapsing.

Her legs were so weak that she was about to collapse.

Her mind was blank.

There was only one thing that was extremely clear.

Ji Huan really regretted what Chu Jia had done, but her heart ached even more for Shi Jin.

She hadnt done anything, yet she had still been implicated.

She said to Shi Jin, “Sorry for wasting your time.

Go back and read your book.”

Shi Jin took her bag and turned to leave.

Chu Jia was left behind.

Because it was just a small matter, Shi Jin did not mention it to anyone.

She was often called to the principals office.

The other students were used to it, so no one had any suspicions regarding it.

So, when she walked out of class in the afternoon, she was surprised to see Fu Xiuyuans car there.

Fortunately, the other students had to attend evening self-study sessions at night.

They did not have as much free time as Shi Jin.

So there were not many people at the entrance of the school.

Shi Jin walked towards Fu Xiuyuans car and opened the car door.

She saw Fu Xiuyuans deep eyes and his well-defined facial features.

When she got into the car, Fu Xiuyuan took her hand and asked in a deep and concerned voice, “Someone leaked Beijing Universitys questions”

“So youre here for this.” Shi Jin looked at him and wondered how long he had been here.

She had always said that he did not need to care about her affairs and did not need to use his power to interfere with these normal matters, but how could Fu Xiuyuan sit by and do nothing

This matter was very important, so he naturally had to come and personally guarantee the safety of his girl.

“It has nothing to do with me.

Dont worry.” Shi Jin was smiling in front of him.

When she smiled, the corners of her eyes would curve up, making her look even more alluring than usual.

She was also used to clinging onto his arm unknowingly.

Fu Xiuyuan felt her lean over, and his mood lifted bit by bit.

He lowered his head and when Shi Jin looked up at him, he kissed her roughly, savoring the sweetness that he had missed for so long.

The small space was quickly filled with their infatuated thoughts.

Fu Xiuyuan had been restraining himself for a long time.

He was passionate and treated her like a fragile treasure, as if he was afraid of breaking her.

When the car arrived at the Lanting Residence, Shi Jins lips were slightly red and swollen, but they were still crystal clear, as if they had been stained with a layer of superior lip gloss.

She and Fu Xiuyuan alighted one after another.

Shi Jins phone rang.

She took a look and saw that it was Yao Jiahong.

She took the call and said, “Brother Yao.”

“Shi Jin, you have a brand event for Grace tomorrow.

Rest early tonight.

Ill pick you up tomorrow morning.”


“By the way, dont eat spicy food or cold stuff.”

Fu Xiuyuan frowned beside her.

“Shi Jin is thin enough.

Perhaps, what she should be doing is changing her manager instead of avoiding food.”

Yao Jiahong facepalmed.

How could he have forgotten that her man would be around

Changing managers was not an option! Yao Jiahong had decided on Shi Jin!

“Master Fu, Im just worried that Shi Jins throat wont be able to take the stress.

Other than those things, she can eat anything she likes.”

Only then was Fu Xiuyuan slightly satisfied.

“For now, theres no need for her to change her manager.

I understand about her throat.”

“Master Fu, Im very happy to serve Shi Jin,” Yao Jiahong reiterated.

He was really afraid that Fu Xiuyuan would change his mind on a whim.

However, sensing Fu Xiuyuans coldness, Yao Jiahong added, “What I mean is, Im happy to help her manage her work.”

“Of course.

Otherwise, what else would you do” Fu Xiuyuan raised an eyebrow in displeasure.

Yao Jiahongs heart skipped a beat.

He had almost forgotten that the great Buddha was backing Shi Jin.

It was easy to take care of Shi Jin, but it was difficult to serve this great Buddha well!

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