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Chapter 250: Are You That Stupid

This voice was so low that only Shi Jin could hear it.

Shi Jin never left her books on the desk.

She also kept her papers in her bag.

When she heard this, she reached into her desk and took out something.

It was indeed a small document bag with the seal of Beijing University.

She reached inside and took out a piece of paper.

On it was written the interview theme of the exam.

Ji Huan whispered, “You need to come with us.”

“Alright.” Shi Jin stood up and followed Principal Lu out with her bag.

Ji Huan was so worried that her delicate eyebrows tangled together.

She firmly believed that Shi Jin would not do such a thing, but who else could it be

Shi Jin followed behind her, but her mind was clearer than that of the others.

Others might find it difficult to guess the relationship between them, but she could see through it at a glance.

Wasnt this just a matter between Chu Jia and Shi Xuexin

Ji Huan turned around and said to Shi Jin, “Dont be afraid.

We have already dealt with this matter in a low-profile manner.

No matter who did it, if word gets out, Second Highs reputation will be hurt.

Principal Jiang also said that it wont be good to make it public.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded, but she knew that Ji Huan must be doing this for her own good.

However, Principal Lu and Principal Jiang were definitely doing this for the reputation of their respective schools.

Principal Lu didnt say anything, but Principal Jiang couldnt help but wonder: How big of a crime was this

Of course, these thoughts were understandable.

As Shi Jin thought about this, she arrived at his office.

She looked up and saw Chu Jia.

“Oh,” Shi Jin thought to herself.

“Chu Jia probably doesnt want to make it public either.”

After all, if this matter blew up, she wouldnt be able to escape.

However, she was unwilling to give up, so she was still doing it secretly, hoping to resolve this matter in a low-key way.

It was Principal Jiangs first time meeting Shi Jin.

He didnt chase celebrities or watch variety shows, so he hadnt even seen her before.

Looking at her this way, she looked quite similar to Gu Jingyuan, but she was fairer than Gu Jingyuan.

She looked like a smart child.

No matter what happened, Principal Jiang was already biased towards Shi Jin.

He said amiably, “Shi Jin, right Im Principal Jiang from Beijing University.

I called you before.”

“Yeah, thats me.”

“Have you found that thing” Principal Jiang took the documents from Ji Huan.

“This, Shi Jin, can you tell me how you got it”

“Its not mine.

Ive never seen it before,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Chu Jia could not hold it in any longer.

“How could you not have seen that package before I saw you looking at this before the exam.

I was quite curious, but I didnt know what you were looking at.

Today, you guys went out for dinner, and I was cleaning up the place.

Thats how I saw this thing in your desk.

Shi Jin, I dont know how you got it, but is it fair to others to do that If you take the place, it will be unfair to the other people who are seriously studying and taking the exam fairly!”

Shi Jin looked up.

The corners of her eyes were slightly curved and there was a hint of coldness in them.

Chu Jia shivered when she saw Shi Jins expression, but she had a guilty conscience to begin with, so she did not feel that this was a fear that Shi Jin was causing.

Chu Jia said loudly, “Is it fair Principal Jiang, Principal Lu, Teacher Ji, what do you think”

Shi Jin looked at Principal Jiang.

“This is not mine.

I havent seen it before.

Check the surveillance camera to see who touched my desk.”

Ji Huan said in a low voice, “Ive already checked, but the surveillance cameras in the classroom were broken today, so theres no evidence.”

Chu Jia said, “What a coincidence.”

“If this thing was mine, I would have destroyed it long ago.

I wouldnt have been so stupid as to leave it here.” Shi Jin looked at Chu Jia.

“If it was you, would you be so stupid”

Chu Jia suddenly felt suffocated.

Shi Xuexin had repeatedly instructed her to destroy it once she saw it, but she didnt know what was wrong with keeping it.

Then, when the results came out, she had been crushed.

Shi Jin did not even consider her a competitor.

Chu Jia had been unconvinced and finally felt that this thing had some use.

She quickly adjusted her attitude.

“Its not mine, why are you asking me”

Principal Jiang pondered for a moment.

He felt that this was a flimsy case and there was no need for him to punish Shi Jin over it.

He said, “I think this might be a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding” Chu Jia said, “Could there be such a coincidental misunderstanding Is this how Beijing University handles things If we cant all do the exams fair and square, whats the point of your university running them Shi Jin has had amisunderstanding, should we just bear with it”

Principal Jiang noticed something about Chu Jias aggressiveness and asked, “Student, what do you want me to do”

“Since Shi Jin already has an unfair advantage, you shouldnt accept her results.

But if you give me similar results, Ill pretend that Ive never seen any of this before.”

Chu Jia finally revealed her motive.

She could not accept losing.

The Chu family could not accept it either.

Hence, she had come up with this rotten idea.

She guessed that Second High School definitely did not want the scandal to blow up.

It was the same for Beijing University.

If the cheating scandal was exposed, then Beijing Universitys hundred-year reputation would be ruined.

Others would also wonder if this was really all that had been leaked.

Were there no other leaked questions Were the exam rules fair

Chu Jia felt like she was strangling Principal Jiang.

What she wanted was so simple.

She believed that Principal Jiang could do it for her.

How could Principal Jiang not know the severity of the matter

He definitely had to investigate the matter of the questions leaking, and he had to investigate it thoroughly! He just didnt want to make it too public.

Chu Jia waited patiently.

Principal Lu and Ji Huan were also troubled.

No matter what, Second High could not escape this matter.

The matter also involved their favorite, Shi Jin.

It was really worrying, but they couldnt make a decision for Principal Jiang.

This matter held a lot of implications.

Only then did Shi Jin raise her eyes and say calmly, “Teacher Ji, where are the surveillance cameras in the class”

“Here, theyre just broken.

Theres no footage of today,” Ji Huan said.

Shi Jin put down her bag and rolled up her sleeves.

“Ill try to recover the data.”

“Huh” Ji Huan was surprised and looked at the two principals.

“I have no objections.”

“I have no objections.”

Chu Jia had her own opinions, but no one gave her a chance to protest.

No one cared about her opinions.

Shi Jin was already sitting in front of Ji Huans computer.

No one spoke.

Only Chu Jia clenched her fists.

No way, no way! Could Shi Jin really…

She only saw white lines of code flashing across the black screen on Shi Jins computer screen.

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