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Chapter 249: Cheating

How was she going to explain her results to her family How was she going to face her classmates who wanted their free meal


The next morning, Shi Jin could not avoid coming to school.

The moment she reached the school gate, Ji Huan came over to warn her.

“Principal Lu is looking for you.

Tell me the truth.

Did you not go to Beijing University because you were angry If youre sure you dont want to go, Ill cover for you.”

“Im sure Im not going.

Im not suitable for these two universities,” Shi Jin said.

Ji Huan nodded.

“Alright, Ill explain it to the others.

Shi Jin, I didnt misjudge you.”

Ji Huan gripped her shoulders and Shi Jin smiled.

“Thank you, Teacher Ji.”

When Shi Jin arrived at class, Wang Boyan and Ye Ke were winking at her and smiling.

She put down her bag and the two of them reached out their hands and said, “Quick, quick, shake hands.

We are going to become university alumni.”

“At which one” Shi Jin asked.

Both of them suffered a conventional blow.

Ye Ke was the first to speak.

“Were all at Beijing University.

What about you Which one did you choose”

Both of them guessed that she must have passed both exams.

They had already heard Shi Jins name in the office.

“I didnt choose either.

I want to take the college entrance examination.”

“Really You still want to take the college entrance examination” Ye Ke propped her chin up on her hand.

“Do you really want to add a college entrance examination admission score to Second Highs records”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Theres a uni and a major that I like.”

Qing University and Beijing University were despised.

Ye Ke had been with Shi Jin for a long time and knew that she had her own opinions and would not make decisions easily.

Therefore, even when she heard this answer, she was only slightly surprised.

Then, she envied Shi Jins clarity of mind.

Shi Jin always knew what she wanted and worked hard for it.

Of course, they were envious of her powerful abilities.

She was invincible.

“Then theres nothing we can do.

We can only become university alumni.” Ye Ke shook Wang Boyans hand.

“Its so noisy, arent you annoying!” Chu Jia stood up and glared at them.

She stood up abruptly.

The desk caught on her school uniform and tore it.

Someone pointed at Chu Jia, indicating that her uniform was ripped.

When it rains, it pours.

Chu Jias face was so bleak that it felt like it was going to rain in the next second.

The girl next to her muttered softly, “Thats right, arent you guys being too noisy Dont you need to memorize books for the morning self-study”

The three of them really did not need to memorize anything, especially Wang Boyan and Ye Ke.

They had already been accepted and did not even need to take the college entrance examination.

Why would they need to memorize anything

However, the two of them stopped talking.

Other than Chu Jia, the other students still had to prepare for their exams.

It was better not to be too ostentatious.

The two of them silently took out their books to read.

Soon, the classroom became quiet.

There was only the sound of flipping pages and rustling paper.

Two periods later, Ji Huan came over with the roster.

With a smile on her face, she flipped the name list over.

“This time, a total of six students from our class participated in the admission test.

Five of them passed, and Shi Jin did extra well.

She even passed two schools exams at the same time.

Not bad at all.”

She read out the names.

Everyone looked at them enviously.

To be honest, when they saw that they no longer needed to wait for the exam, everyones eyes glowed with a green light.

Actually, no one was afraid of the exam, but the waiting process was arduous, and they had no choice but to endure until then.

“Dont be discouraged, students.

All of you are very outstanding.

In time, you will be able to show off your skills at the college entrance examination.

Now is the time for you to build your strength.

Only with sufficient strength will your spirit become more fearsome! All the best, everyone!” Ji Huan made a fist-pumping gesture.

Everyone regained their composure.

Ji Huan took out the test papers and distributed them.

Chu Jia looked ticked off.

Ji Huan had already chatted with her in the previous lesson and encouraged her to continue working hard.

However, she really could not accept this difference.

Especially after class, when everyone went to congratulate the other five students, Chu Jia looked even more lonely.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke were very simple-minded.

When they heard that everyone wanted them to treat them to food, they did not reject and agreed to buy lunch.

Because of the tight study schedule and evenings of self-study, they could only rest for one weekend in every four.

Hence, it was not easy for the third-year students to sneak into the canteen.

When noon arrived, everyone ran to the cafeteria, giggling.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke had already gone to the third floor of the canteen to order stir-fries and even bought cola and snacks.

The whole class was very supportive.

The other two students who had passed were also very excited.

They asked if everyone wanted to eat ice cream and went to buy a ton of it.

When Shi Jin reached the third floor, Ye Ke waved her over and offered her a seat.

“Take a seat.

There are many people on the third floor today!”

It turned out that there were people from other classes who had passed the exam and were also celebrating here.

However, most of them were from Class A, and the students from Class B and C were special cases, so even fewer of them passed.

As Shi Jin had passed the exams of two universities, everyone wanted to come over to share the joy.

They smiled and said, “Shi Jin, can I have a toast with you”

Some boys asked shyly, “Can I take a picture with you I dont mean anything by it.

I just want to support you and see if I can get into a good university too.”

These students were simple-minded.

Those who really didnt like Shi Jin didnt say anything.

Shi Jin did not reject them.

They clinked glasses and took a photo together.

Her expression was calm and patient.

Everyone became more and more excited.

When the teacher who was getting the food downstairs heard the noise from above, he knew that they were celebrating and did not say anything.

Shi Jin took a glance and realized that Chu Jia was not around.

That made sense.

Chu Jia was the one who found it strange.

How could she accept her failure in person

Although everyone argued for a while, they quickly finished their meal and returned to the classroom half an hour later than usual.

When Shi Jin entered the building, Chu Jia was rushing out and brushed past her.

Not only did she not apologize, she even marched away quickly.

Shi Jin frowned slightly and raised her eyebrows slightly before returning to her seat.

A moment later, Ji Huan came over with a grave expression, accompanied by Principal Lu.

Ji Huan said to everyone, “Everyone, read your books seriously.

This is none of your business.


She said to Shi Jin in a low voice, “Shi Jin, Chu Jia said that you have the interview topic for Beijing University and that its in your desk.

She made a fuss in front of Principal Jiang.

We have no choice but to come and take a look.”

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