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Chapter 248: Let Her Choose Herself!

He quickly browsed through the papers.

Not to mention these perfect answers, the words alone completely conquered Principal Jiang!

“If Shi Jin wants to enter a department, let her choose!” Principal Jiang waved his hand.

This time, he did not even need to apply for a specially approved spot for her!

Zhang Shaogang stood to one side in disbelief.

“Principal Jiang…”

Principal Jiang stuffed the paper into his hands.

“Look at it yourself.”

Zhang Shaogang glanced at the test paper.

Although he was a teacher of the sports department, he was still a teacher recruited by the impressive Beijing University.

He had the necessary qualifications.

With just a glance, he could appraise the test paper.

His expression instantly changed, and his legs went limp.

Teacher Jiang walked out with light footsteps, feeling an indescribable excitement.

Now, it seemed that he had not only obtained Gu Jingyuan…

The recruitment teacher was about to contact Shi Jin when Principal Jiang said, “Ill make this call personally!”


It was a sunny afternoon.

It was a rare weekend off.

Shi Jin was sitting on a swing in the backyard, reading and eating fruit.

The various flowers and plants she had planted had already covered the yard in a thick layer of green, with red and pink blooms appearing one after another.

The courtyard was filled with a fragrant smell.

Butler Chen came over to bring her tea, and his attitude was respectful towards her.

In the past, he had only respected her because of Fu Xiuyuan, but now, Butler Chen didnt dare to underestimate Shi Jin.

Because of the flowers planted by Shi Jin, Butler Chens migraine had been improving recently.

He had casually mentioned it, and so Shi Jin had picked a few of them in the courtyard and given them to him.

The interval between his migraines was getting longer.

“Miss Shi, the tea is ready.”

“Thank you.”

Butler Chen bowed and slowly retreated.

Shi Jins phone rang and she picked it up.

It was Principal Jiang on the other end of the line.

He wanted to meet her personally and talk about her enrollment.

Shi Jin thought for a moment and said, “I dont intend to go to Beijing University.”

“Ah What Shi Jin, your results are very good.

You can choose any major you wish! Do you have any other requests”


I just checked and now feel that Beijing University is not entirely suitable for me.

So, thank you for your kind intentions, Principal Jiang.”

Shi Jin had hung up the phone a long time ago, but Principal Jiang was still holding the receiver.

The call-ended tone was buzzing and he eventually hung up in a daze.

Zhang Shaogang was also walking over.

When he saw this scene, his heart skipped a beat.

Principal Jiang glared at him coldly.

However, the situation at Qing University wasnt very good either.

The moment their results came out and they saw Shi Jins grade, they were as decisive as Principal Jiang.

The principal personally went to invite Shi Jin.

Not long after Shi Jin hung up on Principal Jiang, a call came from Qing University.

Shi Jin thought for a while and said again, “Im sorry, Im not going to Qing University.

Im sorry, but I dont think its suitable for me there.

Thank you for your kind offer.”

After hanging up, the teachers and principal of Second High School called one after another.

It was obvious that after Shi Jin rejected both Qing University and Beijing University, they were very confused and were calling to persuade her.

When Principal Lu and Ji Huan finished their calls, they realized that Shi Jin had rejected both universities at the same time!

This result was beyond the expectations of the entirety of Second High School.

The entire faculty were in an uproar.

What made them feel even more hopeless was that they had called Fu Xiuyuan first because this was the first person Shi Jin had given as an urgent contact.

They had asked him to persuade Shi Jin.

The man on the other end of the phone had a sexy and alluring voice, but his tone was calm.

“Did Shi Jin make the decision herself Then, well respect her decision.”

Not only was he not surprised by Shi Jins results, he was also not surprised by Shi Jins choice.

Principal Lu was flabbergasted.

Then, he hung up.

Yao Jiahong was next.

When Yao Jiahong heard this, he wasnt as calm as Fu Xiuyuan.

Instead, he asked twice, “She passed both unis exams And she didnt want to go to either”

“Thats right.


Yao, please can you help persuade Shi Jin Its very risky for her to do this.

This is already a top-notch school.

Does she still have plans to study abroad”

Yao Jiahong thought about it and said with restraint, “Since Sh Jin has made up her mind, lets do as she says.”

Principal Lu was flabbergasted.

Who were the people around Shi Jin

Shi Jins phone was still ringing non-stop.

She ended the call and leaned back on the swing to bask in the sun.

She would allow the outside world to be noisy.

She was very calm and stable, but Zhang Shaogang was not.

Principal Jiang and the few teachers were now convinced that Shi Jin had given up on Beijing University because of his arrogant words towards Shi Jin.

Zhang Shaogang was currently facing being beaten up.

Principal Jiang thought for a while and decided to call Gu Jingyuan to discuss matters.

Gu Jingyuan was not surprised when he heard that Shi Jin had passed the exam.

However, he was surprised when he heard that she had given up on enrolling.

However, he merely raised an eyebrow and quickly made a decision.

“I can talk to Shi Jin about it, but whether she will follow my advice or not depends on her.”

Principal Jiang was speechless.

Wen Yongwei was not doing too well either.

She had participated in two universities admission examinations, but the results of both the written examinations were just one point off, resulting in her not being accepted by either establishment.

Although the outcome was expected, she was still very unhappy.

Kang Cheng tried to comfort her.

“These questions are much more difficult than in the college entrance examinations.

Its normal for people to fail.”

It was fine that Wen Yongwei hadnt passed, but she was worried that Shi Jin had.

If Shi Jin passed any unis exam, the comparison would be tragic.

However, there was still no news from her.

Wen Yongwei could only console herself that it was impossible.

It didnt make sense that Shi Jin could have passed before.

Meanwhile, Chu Jia was a little annoyed.

Initially, she had been full of confidence that she would definitely pass Beijing Universitys admission test this time and get a high score.

After all, during the interview, she had performed very well.

Several teachers had expressed their admiration for her.

However, after the results came out, she had been slapped hard in the face.

The results of the interview were not bad, but she was still ten points short on the written test results!

No matter how good her initial results had been, she could not make up for it.

A few days ago, she had already announced to the class that she would definitely be able to get into Beijing University, and that she would treat everyone to a meal when she did.

And now she was totally stuck.

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