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Chapter 247: Show Me Your Results!

Zhang Shaogangs student: “It must be Shi Jins fault.

Otherwise, why would the teacher be angry”

Passerby: “Am I the only one who noticed that Shi Jin is taking the admission test Why What for”

Passerby: “Did the teachers from Beijing University lower themselves to look for Shi Jin personally What kind of magical realism plot is this”

Fans: “Please pay more attention to Shi Jins songs.

Dont believe a one-sided story and dont spread rumors around.”

The anti-fans: “Hahahaha, Ive been waiting for Shijins day of humiliation again! I wonder if I can wait until the day she apologizes to Teacher Zhang in public Im looking forward to it!”

The anti-fans: “Its a persons duty to respect their teachers and teachings.

Is Shi Jin trying to challenge the rules”

Passerby: “I have a different opinion on this.

Not all teachers are worthy of respect.”

Passerby: “Above poster 1.

Lets wait for the truth.”

Because of Zhang Shaogang, the news of Shi Jin taking part in the admission test was widely spread.

Since this had happened, Yao Jiahong had no intention of covering it up.

He immediately posted on Weibo: “Shi Jin is indeed taking part in the two unis admission tests.

However, her results are not out yet, so we did not inform everyone.

As for the matter between her and Teacher Zhang, everyone must believe that Shi Jin is a very obedient girl.

As for who will publicly apologize, we will wait and see.”

Yao Jianhongs firm reply stirred up even more waves.

Was he actually waiting for Zhang Shaogangs apology

Since the manager was already so stubborn, the fans naturally trusted Shi Jin completely and stood on her side, waiting for the truth and outcome of the matter.

No one cared about who was right or wrong anymore.

After all, this was a Luo Sheng Sect incident, and it was hard to explain.

Now, everyone was waiting for Shi Jins results.

They would see who the person to apologize would be.

An anti-fan: “Im waiting for Shi Jin to apologize publicly.”

An anti-fan: “I dont believe that Shi Jin can pass both exams.”

Fan: “Shi Jin, I love you.

All the best!”

Passerby: “Although Im not sure what the final result will be, I feel that itll be a little difficult for Shi Jin to pass both unis exams.”

Passerby: “A little Its pretty darn tricky, right”

Zhang Shaogang was browsing his cell phone, enjoying the feeling of being a celebrity.

In the past, when he posted on Weibo, only his students would pay attention to him.

Occasionally, his colleagues would follow along and say a few words.

How could he have had the feeling of being the center of attention and having everyone speak up for him before He was secretly enjoying himself when there was a knock on the office door.

“Come in,” he called calmly.

Then, he saw Principal Jiang standing in front of him.

Zhang Shaogang immediately stood up.

As the most marginalized teacher of the school, even if he was respected by the students, his status in the school was obvious.

The chance to see Principal Jiang was not much greater for him than for the other students.

At this moment, Principal Jiang had come personally.

“Principal Jiang!” Zhang Shaogang beamed.

“Please take a seat.”

Principal Jiangs expression was relaxed, and his tone was calm.

“I heard that you went to see Shi Jin”

“Thats right.

I have some free spots to recruit for.

There arent many girls in the sports department.

I want to balance the gender ratio.

It could also be considered a boon for the boys.”

Hearing this, Principal Jiang frowned.

What did he mean by a boon for the boys What did he think of women It was no wonder that Shi Jin would rebut him.

Suppressing his emotions, Principal Jiang said, “Shi Jin may come to Beijing University, but you dont own the place.”

Previously, Principal Jiang had already spoken to Gu Jingyuan.

The medical department of Beijing University really needed someone like Gu Jingyuan to give them some pointers, especially since he knew a very good advanced medical equipment company.

The affiliated hospitals of Beijing University had long wanted to bring in a batch of their equipment.

However, the supply could not meet the demand.

Currently, the company could only supply various large national hospitals.

Principal Jiang still relied on the fact that Gu Jingyuan had spent half a year in the junior class at Imperial Capital University.

This time, he had met Gu Jingyuan and discussed the medical exchange and purchasing of equipment.

Gu Jingyuan was very willing to help and agreed to several requests.

After that, Gu Jingyuan offered to let his sister take the exam and come to Imperial University.

How could Principal Jiang not agree to such a request

Forget about passing the exam, even without it, Principal Jiang planned to settle Shi Jin down.

He would make a report to his superiors and increase the number of specially-recruited students.

This way, he would not have to snatch other students places.

He would also be able to resolve any major problems in the school, especially the problem with the affiliated hospital.

This would end up resolving numerous issues.

Zhang Shaogang could not help but say, “Why would Shi Jin go to other departments Her results…”

“Thats none of your business,” Principal Jiang said.

“The university has its own considerations.”

“However, recruiting such ignorant and incompetent students will only ruin the reputation of the university…”

“With a big brother like Gu Jingyuan, how could Shi Jins results be bad” Principal Jiang retorted.

This was also why he had agreed to Gu Jingyuans request without hesitation.

Principal Jiang said earnestly, “Besides, Shi Jin took the exam seriously.

I advise you to try your best to eliminate the impact of what happened online.”

Zhang Shaogang was about to continue when someone knocked on the door and entered.

It was the teacher for the admissions examination.

“Principal Jiang, the results are out.”

Because Principal Jiang was anxious to know the results, he had asked the teacher to report the results as soon as possible.

“Tell me.”

The recruitment teacher said, “Currently, 30% of the students have passed the written test and interview.

One of them had exceptional results and scored full marks for the written test, and she also got close to full marks for the interview.

I heard that during the interview, the teacher felt that this child had put on make-up and did not display the behavior of a good third-year student, so she lost some marks for that.

Her name is Shi Jin.”

The moment he said this, Principal Jiang was stunned.

He immediately stretched out his hand.

“Show me the results.”

He took the test paper and did not have time to look at the results.

What entered his eyes was simply beautiful handwriting.

It was as smooth as flowing water and dancing phoenixes.

This handwriting… was really amazing.

Principal Jiangs eyes widened.

“This is Shi Jins paper”

So this was Shi Jins test paper.

Principal Jiang felt that he had made a mistake.

Previously, when Gu Jingyuan had come to recommend Shi Jin, he had taken the initiative to say that he only needed a spot for the admission test and didnt want anything else.

Principal Jiang even thought that Gu Jingyuan was retreating.

However, now that he saw this test paper, he realized that he had isolated many things in his heart.

How was Gu Jingyuan taking a step back He clearly believed that Shi Jin was capable!

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