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Chapter 246: Watch How You Wash

As the beloved daughter of the Chu family, Chu Jias attitude towards Shi Xuexin was crucial.

Shi Xuexin had to handle all the details in order to win Chu Lings heart.

After Chu Jia got the interview topic, she secretly opened it and read it carefully.

It was just a line of words, but the theme this time was related to physics.

She had to read it several times before she understood the meaning.

It was no wonder Shi Xuexin wanted to take out the question and not memorize it.

There were some professional topics that she had never come into contact with before.

So she could not remember them just by reading them.

Chu Jia put away the questions and knew that she had to go home and brush up on her knowledge in this area before she could master the whole topic.

The next day:

The interview went on as scheduled.

Faced with this unfamiliar topic of physics, Shi Jin did quite well.

After all, she was quite knowledgeable.

With the physics overlord Boyan by her side, she believed that Ye Ke should be able to deal with it easily.

As expected, after the interview was over, the three of them looked at each other and recalled that they had discussed this topic before.

They felt more confident.

When the three of them got back together, they saw geniuses from other classes on the way.

They looked as if they had lost their parents.

It was obvious that they were not familiar with this theme and had performed badly.

On the other hand, Chu Jia walked in with her head held high.

She looked quite pleased with herself.

It seemed that the interview was going well.

Next, Shi Jin took part in Qing Universitys admission test.

The interviews and exams were under control.

Due to the low number of participants in the admission test, they were able to get out of the testing hall very quickly and the results would be published soon after.

After the exam, everyone waited nervously.

Wen Yongwei had also participated in both universities admission exams.

After the exam, she was actually a little uncertain.

The questions were too difficult.

Especially with the theme of the interview, she almost could not understand what the teacher said.

Kang Cheng asked her how things were going.

Wen Yongwei pondered for a moment before replying, “I guess Ill pass.”

She did not have absolute confidence.

Kang Cheng patted her shoulder and comforted her.

“It doesnt matter.

Even if you dont pass, it wont mean anything.

This test itself is very difficult.

Just treat it as getting extra experience points before the college entrance examination.”

“I think so too.” When Wen Yongwei said this, Shi Jins name suddenly flashed across her mind.

In the blink of an eye, she felt relieved.

She had already gone through so much trouble with this, so how would Shi Jin be able to do it smoothly

Kang Cheng thought so too, so he didnt even mention Shi Jins name.

However, he had also suppressed the news of Wen Yongwei taking the admission test.

Since it was impossible to produce good results, there was no need to let the fans know.

It would only make them worry.

Yao Jiahong naturally wouldnt publicize Shi Jin taking the exam.

His mind had always been clear.

What exactly was Shi Jin going to do in the future The exam was just one phase of Shi Jins life.

There was no need to make it public.

However, while he and Shi Jin thought this way, some people did not.

For example, Teacher Zhang Shaogang.

After leaving school that day, he directly posted on Weibo: “I met a very impolite female student when I went to Second High to enroll students today.

It was only because she put on lipstick that I scolded her on the spot.

Kids nowadays really dont look like hardworking students at all.

Of course, not only was she rude, she was also very stuck up.

She made a bet with me on the spot that she could pass Beijing Universitys admission test.

She even said that if she passed, she wanted me to apologize to her in front of the entirety of Second High School.

If she didnt pass, she would be the one apologizing.

Second High really opened my eyes this time.”

He didnt specify names, but his fans were all his students and colleagues.

There were thousands of them.

Immediately, some students expressed their dissatisfaction towards this girl.

“Such a rude and insensible student, her results wont be very good, right I think she should apologize to you on the spot!”

“Such a student should be taught a lesson!”

“Shes so young, yet shes so bad at studying.

Its time for her to be criticized!”

Zhang Shaogangs colleague also commented, “Our school probably wont accept such a student, right Not only do we value results, we also value moral conduct, especially when it comes to respecting teachers.”

Zhang Shaogang received many supportive messages.

He could not help but write another post.

“Some students think that they have entered a certain circle and will be admired by tens of thousands of people.

They do that in front of the teacher.

Unfortunately, the teacher is not a fan of yours.

He will not indulge you without limits.

Learn your skills first.

If you reflect on yourself, I think there will still be some leeway.”

His student replied again, “Teacher Zhang is really magnanimous and has the demeanor of a teacher.”

“However, we are really looking forward to such a student apologizing to you.”

“I think Ive guessed this female students name… Its that Little Rock, right She looks quite proud, so its not surprising for her to do something like this.”

“Ah, those in the entertainment industry are indeed not to be trifled with.

I understand now.”

After Zhang Shaogang posted on Weibo, the matter spread within a small circle.

Very soon, Shi Jins fans discovered it.

Shi Jins fans explained kindly, “Teacher Zhang, you might have misunderstood something.

Shi Jins lips are naturally red.

We saw it with our own eyes when we were up close to her during the previous few events.

She definitely did not put on lipstick during class.”

“I can also testify to that as I went to the finals ofUltimate Singer Songwriter and sneaked backstage.

The staff there said that when Shi Jin took off her mask, she did not put on any lipstick.

She was born this way.

Teacher Zhang, please investigate.”

Actually, when the fans heard Zhang Shaogang complaining about her, they were all very angry.

However, everyone remembered not to cause trouble for Shi Jin.

Their words were gentle and kind.

However, Zhang Shaogang immediately exploded.

“I knew it.

I cant afford to offend fans, but no matter what status a person has, they cant come to me and behave atrociously.

Can she wash her face in her so-callednatural state Only you silly fans would believe that your idol doesnt have any makeup on.”

This matter had already caused an uproar in the small circle.

Zhang Shaogangs sudden outburst naturally caused a huge commotion, attracting the attention of countless people.

Passerby: “What did Shi Jin do to offend a teacher from Beijing University”

Passerby: “It looks like provoking Shi Jin can get dangerous!”

Fans: “Shi Jin really didnt do anything.

I hope everyone will stop arguing over this matter!”

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