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Chapter 245: I Hate Seeing People Cry

Shi Jin lifted her eyelashes and said in a cold and threatening voice, “Teacher Zhang, right”

Zhang Shaogang could tell from her tone that she was rather scary.

He panicked, but why should he be afraid of an ignorant and incompetent female student If not for Shi Xuexin, he would be the honor of Beijing University.

He repeated, “What are you doing”

“Since tomorrow is the admission test of Beijing University, lets make a bet.

If you lose, apologize to me and Teacher Ji in front of the students of Second High.

If I lose, Ill apologize to you in front of everyone.

Lets bet on whether I can pass the admission test of Beijing University.”

Zhang Shaogang wanted to laugh.

Did Shi Jin know what she was saying

Beijing Universitys admission test Did she think that it was a mock test Or was it a mid-term test

Zhang Shaogang chuckled.

“Sure, lets talk after you finish your exam.

Its best if you dont cry when the time comes.

The people in our sports academy hate to see people crying.”

“Then Ill remember this,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“I want to see how you are going to apologize to me in public.” Zhang Shaogang also wanted to see how Shi Jin would embarrass herself.

He walked out.

Shi Xuexin quickly caught up with him.

“Im sorry, Teacher Zhang.

I really didnt expect Shi Jin to be like this.

She doesnt even fancy Beijing University.”

“Im waiting for her to apologize to me in public!”

Shi Xuexin followed Zhang Shaogang and smiled.

She had not expected Shi Jin to be like this, causing the situation to become so tense.

It was even uglier than she had expected.

Ji Huan was also a little worried.

“Shi Jin, theres no need to offend a teacher from Beijing University.

Its not good for your future.”

“Its okay,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Ji Huan knew Shi Jins character.

She also knew that if Zhang Shaogang had not mentioned her teacher earlier, Shi Jin would not have gotten angry.

At the same time, she was also worried that Shi Jin would suffer a setback.

“If theres nothing else, Ill go back and prepare for the exam,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Ji Huan said, “By the way, Ive asked Principal Lu to help you get in touch with the people who organize the admission test at Qing University.

It will be after Beijing Universitys examination.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin nodded.


The admission exam for Beijing University and Qing University was undoubtedly the second most important exam in the entire Country S.

And the difficulty level was above the college entrance examination.

It was not easy to fight for a spot in the exam.

Two top universities would not open examinations for dispensable students.

Therefore, those who were about to take the exam would all be outstanding students.

This time, First High School and Second High School had also obtained quite a number of places for reference.

Wen Yongwei was also present.

After participating in the National Mathematical Olympiad previously, First High School had placed high hopes on her.

Currently, they were even hoping that she could pass the admission test and confirm her entry into the next top university as soon as possible.

Kang Cheng had also made a lot of arrangements for this.

Once Wen Yongwei took the admission test, she would no longer have to do her homework and would have more time to work.

Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei were taking the admission test together.

It was obviously another competition between First High School and Second High School.

The teachers from First High School had spread the news as a joke.

“I heard that Shi Jin rejected the invitation from Beijing Universitys sports department and is going to take the admission test.”

“Oh, where did Shi Jin get her confidence from”

“Could it be… from a fan”


These teachers were harsh with their words.

After all, they could tell how good she was just by looking at Shi Jins grades.

She wanted to compete with Wen Yongwei for the admission test at this standard


The next day, the admission exam for Beijing University started.

The admission exam was divided into written tests and interviews.

The written test would not be on every subject.

Instead, the Beijing University would select one department to take the test.

Hence, the written test would only be held over one day.

After the written test, it would be time for the interview.

After Shi Jin finished her written test, she started preparing for her interview.

Although the interview questions were random, they would revolve around certain topics.

If the theme happened to be something that students were unfamiliar with, then it would definitely be easy to make mistakes during the interview process.

Ji Huan collected a lot of themes and showed them to Shi Jin.

At the same time, she sent them to Wang Boyan and Ye Ke, who were also taking part in the admission test.

“You three have to prepare well.”

“Ill definitely finish everything!” Ye Ke patted her chest and promised.

Wang Boyan also seized the opportunity to look.

After casually flipping through it for a while, Shi Jin looked up lazily and saw Chu Jia running out of the classroom and talking to Shi Xuexin.

Recently, Shi Xuexin had been coming to Second High a lot.

Shi Jin had been meeting her frequently and had gotten used to it.

“Xuexin, youre finally here!” Chu Jia was a little excited.

Shi Xuexin nodded and asked, “Was the written test difficult”

“Its difficult, how can it not be difficult Luckily, the questions Teacher Ji usually gives us are difficult enough, so this will be easy to deal with.”

Chu Jia seemed to be very confident in the written test.

She was just waiting for the interview.

“This is an interview question.” Shi Xuexin stuffed something into her palm.

“Take it apart and read it.

Destroy it once youve read it.”

Chu Jia was extremely touched.

She was really grateful.

“I really dont know how to thank you…”

“You can come to Beijing University to accompany me.” Shi Xuexin smiled gently.

“What kind of luck did the heavens bless me with for me to have an amazing sister-in-law like you” Chu Jia said gratefully.

“I have to go.

Remember what I said.”

After Shi Xuexin received the item, she did not even dare to open it.

Instead, she went straight to Chu Jia.

Actually, she could have taken a photo and sent it to Chu Jia, but that would leave a trace, so she couldnt send anything online.

After all, she had taken this interview question from the supervisors office and avoided the cameras.

The theme of every years interview at Beijing University was very difficult.

How difficult was it

It was so difficult that every year, a top student would come back and question their life afterwards.

“I didnt understand what the interview teacher was talking about! We are only third-year students, not researchers.

Why do we have to discuss such difficult topics”

However, no matter how difficult it was, there were still students who were able to communicate well with their teachers every year and chat happily.

Sometimes, the difference between individual humans was greater than that between humans and pigs.

This was also an important reason why Shi Xuexin wanted to secretly help Chu Jia.

Chu Jias results might be passable, but she could end up defeated in the interview.

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