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Chapter 244: Get Shi Jin Into Sports

Shi Jin pushed the door open and saw Shi Xuexin at first glance.

Shi Jins attitude towards people she did not want to see was not very good.

She lowered her eyes and walked slowly over to Ji Huans side with a hint of coldness in her languid expression.

Ji Huan said, “Shi Jin, this is Mr.

Zhang Shaogang from Beijing University.

Shi Xuexin introduced him to you.

If you can pass Beijing Universitys admission test, you will be able to study with him.”

“Oh” Shi Jin glanced at Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin would introduce her to teachers and exams Had the sun risen from the west today

Shi Xuexin hurriedly explained, “Teacher Ji, the admission test will start tomorrow.

Teacher Zhang actually came to inspect the students in advance.

If he sees a suitable one, even if they dont pass the test, they can still enter Beijing University and learn from Teacher Zhang.

Its me who recommended Shi Jin to Teacher Zhang.”

Ji Huan found it strange.

“You can enter Beijing University without taking the exam”

Although there were precedents, there were very few of them.

How could Shi Xuexin introduce such a good thing to Shi Jin It was no wonder she had misunderstood Shi Xuexins words.

Shi Xuexin said, “Yes, Teacher Zhangs school still has such a quota at the moment.

I figured that since Shi Jin is so busy, we should communicate with Teacher Zhang first.

It will prevent us from taking the admission test.”

Although she was implying that Shi Jin was busy, she was also implying that she wouldnt pass the admission test.

This time, Ji Huan believed that she had heard correctly.

She said, “I would like to ask what school Teacher Zhang is from and what specialization he majored in”

Teacher Zhang looked up and said in a complacent tone, “Sports.”

Ji Huan almost spat out her tea.

Shi Jin also looked up lazily at the two people who had come in.


Ji Huan could not be bothered to rebut.

Beijing University was indeed very good.

It was a top school in the country, but the sports department had always been very average.

It was unknown.

Not only was it ranked last in the university, but it was also very bad compared to the sports departments of other universities.

A big tree has withered branches.

This was the relationship between Beijing University and its sports department.

Well, anyway, it had nothing to do with Ji Huan and Shi Jin.

Which of them thought that Shi Jin was suitable for this school It even looked to them as though Shi Jin needed to be properly transformed to be worthy of their school.

Shi Xuexin hurriedly explained, “Teacher Ji, although the sports department is not exactly at odds with Shi Jin, it still has its outstanding aspects.

Besides, this is Beijing University, after all.

No matter what, it is still one of the top universities in the country.

It will be beneficial to Shi Jin, not harmful.”

Actually, she had had this idea ever since she suggested it to Old Master Shi.

In any case, Shi Jin would be the one who would lose face in the sports school.

However, the person who had introduced Shi Jin to Beijing University was Shi Xuexin herself.

Even if Shi Jin didnt want to go, would she be able to get in if she turned around to take the admission test She was confident that Shi Jin would follow her arrangements this time.

It was akin to giving Shi Jin a chicken rib.

It would be tasteless to eat, but it would still be a pity to abandon it.

If Shi Jin rejected it, people would say that the Shi family had done their best but Shi Jin still did not know what was good for her.

This was really a good plan.

Shi Jin narrowed her eyes and glanced at Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexins heart skipped a beat.

She felt a little cold, but she quickly calmed down.

Why was she afraid of Shi Jin

Ji Huan was speechless.

She was so speechless that she did not know how to rebuke Shi Xuexin and Zhang Shaogang.

Zhang Shaogang spoke up instead.

“Shi Jin, I know that youre in the entertainment industry now and your studies are a little draggy, but for Xuexins sake, I wont make things difficult for you.

As long as you behave like a student after entering the school—Wait, you cant do it with your current appearance.

Whats up with your school uniform Is it specially modified to fit you Whats wrong with your mouth Did you put on lipstick Let me tell you, you cant do this.

As a girl, its too awkward.

You have to behave like a lady.

Thats what a good student should do.

Female students should pay more attention to these things and focus on their studies.

Dont put on makeup, be quiet, be polite, and keep a smile on your face when meeting teachers.

You cant act like this now.

Its too inappropriate for a girl…”

“Judging from Teacher Zhangs attire, he must be a man, right Or perhaps Ive misjudged you.

Youre only dressed as a man Otherwise, how could you know better than me how to be a woman” Shi Jin asked slowly.

Ji Huan could not help but want to laugh, but she forced herself to hold it in.

She could not trouble Shi Jin.

Zhang Shaogangs expression changed immediately.

It was precisely because the sports department did not have much status in the university that he was particularly concerned about other peoples attitude towards him.

When choosing students, he especially cared about this point and would only be willing to choose those who were obedient and sensible.

After all, the sports institute had the same prestige as Beijing University.

Therefore, many students still flocked to this institute and had a good attitude towards Zhang Shaogang.

Shi Jin rebuked him to his face, which quickly turned the color of pig liver.

How could he tolerate this

“Shi Jin, youre really impressive.

No wonder youre from the entertainment industry.

You have a sharp tongue.

You look down on Beijing University so much.

I really want to know what youre capable of!”

Shi Xuexin quickly tried to persuade her.

“Teacher Zhang, Shi Jin is usually very obedient…”

Shi Jin lifted her eyelids indifferently.

“I dont look down on Beijing University.

I just look down on you.

Thanks to you, I also look down on the sports department.”

Zhang Shaogang was furious.

He stood up, panting.

Shi Jin lifted her chin slightly and looked at him.

Her neck was long and slender, her chin small and fair.

There was a hint of disdain in her wild expression.

This was a provocative action.

Zhang Shaogang sneered, “I think Second High is just so-so.

What kind of students are they teaching!”

He glanced at Ji Huan angrily again.

Seeing Ji Huans red lips and white teeth, and her lovely wavy hair, he couldnt help but snort.

“Like teacher, like student!”

In other words, he obviously looked down on the pretty female teachers and felt that they did not know how to teach at all.

With that said, he swung his arm and was about to leave.

An arm fell across his face.

The slender arm was fair and the fingers were nimble.

It was Shi Jin.

She casually stretched out her arm and blocked Zhang Shaogangs path.

“What are you doing” Zhang Shaogang asked sternly.

Ji Huan did not want anything to happen to Shi Jin at this critical moment.

She endured the humiliation and said, “Shi Jin, forget it.

Dont be like this.

School and exams are more important.”

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