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Chapter 243: Very Strict Student Selection

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But even if he could not reveal it to the public, it did not stop him from relishing this secret in private.

Shi Jin smiled elegantly and charmingly.

“Does it sound nice”

“Of course.” Fu Xiuyuans deep eyes stared at her.

His handsome face was too charming.

Shi Jin placed her hand on his neck and took the initiative to lift her red lips to his.

Fu Xiuyuans Adams apple bobbed and he took the initiative.

He pressed her against the back of the chair and deepened the kiss.

Shi Jin felt that she was getting used to the times when he was around and the fact that he liked to do intimate things with her.

Before Fu Xiuyuan could think that he had kissed her enough, Shi Jin stopped him.

Her eyes were clear and filled with love.

“How did you know that I was chosen by the national team”

This matter was very confidential.

She had only told Wang Boyan and Ye Ke about it.


Yao Jiahong shouldnt have reported everything to Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan was still enraptured by the intoxicating kiss from earlier and had no choice but to retract his thoughts.

There was a trace of regret in his eyes.

“Its impossible that you didnt win an award when you participated in the domestic Olympiad.

The only possibility is that you were chosen by the national team as a secret weapon, which is why they havent announced the award yet,” Fu Xiuyuan said with certainty.

“Why would you guess that”

Fu Xiuyuan had already straightened up and sat back in his own chair.

His thin lips curved slightly.

“Theres no reason.

I just know that youre very powerful.”

It was instinct.

It was also because of his trust in her abilities after interacting with her.

When he said this, his pride in her could no longer be concealed.

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

“Then youre really impressive.

You guessed correctly.”

Everyone thought that she had failed the exam.

The anti-fans thought so.

The passers-by thought so.

The fans thought so too.

Even some teachers who did not know the inside story thought that she had really lost the competition.

However, this Mr.

Fu in front of her would always believe in her and stand by her side forever.

At this thought, the smile in Shi Jins eyes deepened.

Some peoples trust was dispensable, but others was very important.

“Is it worth this glass of red wine” Fu Xiuyuan picked up the wine bottle.

When Shi Jin saw him pick up the red wine, she suddenly remembered that he had been drunk the last time.

When he was drunk, he was really cute, so cute that it made ones heart tremble.

However, she couldnt bring herself to do anything to him.

At that time, Fu Xiuyuan had felt like he was at most 16 years old.

Shi Jin was still not used to this difference in his behavior.

She stretched out her fingers and pressed his palm down.

“Do you mind drinking juice Ill squeeze some fresh stuff for us!”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt really care what he drank.

What was important was who he drank with.

Seeing that he agreed, Shi Jin got up and went to the kitchen.

Fu Xiuyuan followed and took the fruits from Shi Jins hands, taking the initiative to wash them for her.

He rolled up his sleeves, revealing his muscular arms.

Water splashed onto his arms, flowing down his beautiful muscles.

How could there be such a perfect man in this world

Fu Xiuyuan wiped his hands clean unhurriedly and slowly wrapped his arms around the girls waist from behind.

She didnt resist.

He leaned closer and Shi Jin turned to look at him.

There was a smile in her eyes, as dazzling as a shooting star streaking across the wilderness.

Fu Xiuyuan was slightly stunned.

The corners of his lips lifted slightly as he hugged her tightly, his breath landing on her shoulders and ears.

In the past, she had always been like a frightened rabbit, not allowing him to get close to her at all.

Fu Xiuyuan had struggled and doubted himself countless times in the midst of his frustration and kept pulling at her.

So much so that he could not believe the reality of this moment.

Shi Jin was squeezing the fruit juice when she felt a chill on her neck.

She instinctively raised her hand and touched a necklace.

When she raised her hand, she could clearly feel the mans stiff body behind her.

Clearly, he was nervous.

Afraid of being rejected.

Because in the past, Shi Jin had thrown away many things that he had given her and destroyed many treasures that he had painstakingly found.

In the past, the two of them had quarreled because of this.

Fu Xiuyuan had lost his temper countless times.

However, it was different now.

He was afraid that he would personally break the harmonious relationship that he had struggled to build.

He was still afraid he wouldnt succeed.

It was worrying to successively win and lose.

“Although I havent seen the style yet, I think Ill like it.” Shi Jins pleasant voice was very alluring.

The man behind her visibly relaxed.

Shi Jins chin was hooked by him.

She had just turned around when his kiss landed.

At first, it was just a light peck.

Then, it was no longer enough and became a deep exploration.


The necklace was very beautiful.

When Shi Jin got ready for school the next day, she did not take it off.

Shi Jins shirt was just high enough to cover half of the necklace, allowing it to still show faintly.

It was not too eye-catching, but it was still conspicuous.

She had put on a thin school uniform that outlined her slender and perfect figure.

Shi Jin picked up her bag and walked out.

When she left the room, her outfit made Mr.

Fus eyes deep and passionate.

He blocked the door and asked for another kiss.


At Second High School.

Shi Xuexin accompanied the teachers from Beijing University over.

“Teacher Ji, this is our schools teacher, Zhang Shaogang,” Shi Xuexin introduced.

“He can arrange Shi Jins exam this time.”

Ji Huan accompanied the teacher and briefly explained Shi Jins situation.

Ji Huan was full of praise for her beloved disciple.

Zhang Shaogang looked disapproving.

“Her results are not bad.

Where did she get the time to study”

Ji Huan explained softly, “Shi Jin is smart.

She has an excellent way of using and managing time.”

“Hehe, is that so” Zhang Shaogang said.

“However, if shes really willing to come to our academy, Ill consider her.”

Ji Huan disliked his arrogant attitude, but for the sake of Shi Jins future, Ji Huan endured it.

“However, the prerequisite is that she can pass my interview,” Zhang Shaogang said.

“I like obedient and sensible students.

Beijing University is a good institution, so I definitely have to nurture students that are worth nurturing.

If they want to live their lives freely, then forget it.

Academies like ours dont take just anyone.

My selection process is also very strict.

Some female celebrities dress like prostitutes day to day.

I dont like them.

Girls still have to look like girls.”

“Yes.” Ji Huans face turned red.

She wanted to rebut him, but she managed to hold it in.

She nodded and replied casually, not really wanting to talk to him anymore.

When Shi Jin reached the classroom, she was informed to go to Ji Huans office.

She zipped up her uniform a little higher to cover her necklace before knocking on the door.

The door was ajar, so Ji Huan caught a glimpse of her..

“Shi Jin, come in quickly.”

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