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Chapter 242: I Can Live My Life, I Dont Need Money

Previously, Gu Qingqing had vaguely said that this lady was quite thoughtful and lively.

If she was on good terms with Shi Jin, the Li family might as well help her.

Gu Jingyuan understood what she meant.

If possible, he could lend her a hand.

Still, he should not interact too much with her.

Gu Jingyuan recalled the time he had gone to look for Shi Xuexin and had given her a gift.

She had looked happy on the surface, but a trace of hidden disdain involuntarily surfaced.

Shi Xuexin hated all of her relationships with the Li family.

Meanwhile, Shi Jin hadnt been disgusted at that time.

It was just that she was upset that they had not come to pick her up in time to leave.

She was upset that the sadness of living under someone elses roof was not understood.

Thinking of this, Gu Jingyuan felt a tinge of heartache and regret.

Why hadnt he insisted on visiting Shi Jin

He was lost in thought when someone knocked on the car window.

He turned his head and saw Shi Jins smiling face.

Gu Jingyuan pressed the button to unlock the car door.

When Shi Jin got in, her gaze could not help but linger on the car.

There was no logo on the vehicle, but the paint used was world-class.

It was like a pearl in the jewelry world; low-profile, gentle, and one could only appreciate its luxury by viewing it carefully.

It was unlike diamonds that could blind people at a glance.

The internal accessories were top-notch and could not be sold on the market.

“Brother, your car…” Shi Jin said.

Gu Jingyuan looked back at her calmly.


“Its nothing.” Gu Jingyuan had already started the car.

A slight pushing sensation could be felt.

It was definitely the effect of an engine produced by a top company.

“The steering on this is quite good.”

“Yes, very good.

If you like it, Ill give you your own car to play with someday” Gu Jingyuan had waited for so long and finally got this chance.

He wanted to give Shi Jin a car.

However, Shi Jin had not wanted any of the gifts that he had given her previously.

If it was a luxury car, he was afraid that Shi Jin would not want it.

Hence, he racked his brains and tried all means and ways to get his friend to specially order a few cars.

The materials and craftsmanship were all top-notch.

They looked simple and unadorned, but whether it be in terms of control or safety, they were enough to conquer all car lovers.

The car had been parked in the garage for a long time.

Gu Jingyuan could not think of a way to give it to Shi Jin even after racking his brains.

He had not expected Shi Jin to personally bring up this topic.

Gu Jingyuan was so nervous that his palms were sweating.

His younger sister… wouldnt reject him, right

Shi Jin glanced at the steering wheel that Gu Jingyuan was holding.

All the parts were custom-made, which meant that they were expensive.

This car must cost at least eight figures.

Give her a car for fun Wasnt the Li family just an ordinary and wealthy family now

She remembered that in her previous life, Gu Jingyuan would only be able to rise up with their father after a few years.

Shi Jin tilted her head and asked after some deliberation, “Big Brother, whats the situation with the Li family now”


“Im asking about the overall environment and situation at home.”

“I can live my life, and I dont lack money.

Its very ordinary.” There was a trace of regret in Gu Jingyuans tone.

His words were objective.

After all, the Lis had been brought low over the past twenty years, and it was indeed very difficult for them to be associated with the noble families.

This was because not only did the rich and powerful have money, they also had status.

It was difficult to re-enter this circle.

The Li family was so poor that they only had a little money left.

Only the first, second, and third generations were qualified to be called influential.

If Gu Jingyuans best friend who had custom-made these cars were here, he would definitely doubt his life.

What misunderstanding did Gu Jingyuan have towards ordinary people

He was one of the top ten richest people in S Nation.

How could he be short of money and not living a good life

Shi Jin did not ask further.

It would be fine as long as the Li family could live their lives.

Actually, seeing her parents supporting each other, she felt that there was nothing better than that.

Of course, if the Li family really could not make it, she didnt lack money now.

Perhaps the Li family was born with some kind of wealth and talent.

Shi Jin had been able to save tens of thousands of yuan and pocket money, hitting over a million yuan and putting it away since she was young.

Recently, her income had increased tremendously and her investments had become purer.

Now, her wealth could not be underestimated.

When Gu Jingyuan saw that she did not continue asking, he said, “Shi Jin, do you want to take the admission test for Beijing University Qing University would be fine too.”

“Can you help me contact someone” Shi Jin knew that he had attended a junior class at Beijing University.

However, he had only been there for half a year before he was forcefully taken away to Germany.

However, many teachers still talked about him enthusiastically.

After all, he was someone who had entered university at the age of fifteen.

He had finished all his courses at the German National Medical Academy at the age of twenty, and soon after, he had become qualified to perform independent surgeries.


The principal contacted me several times after he found out that I was back.

I recommended you to him.”

As expected of Gu Jingyuan.

Shi Jin thought that he would contact a professor for her.

Who knew that he would contact the principal

Shi Jin leaned back in her chair and nodded.

“Alright, Ill have to trouble Big Brother then.”

Actually, it didnt matter much about the admission test.

What mattered was Big Brothers kind intentions.

Shi Jin didnt want to waste them.


At night:

At the Lanting Residence:

When Shi Jin stepped through the door, she felt that something was amiss.

Usually, the servants would come and go as they pleased, but today, it was especially quiet.

She grabbed her bag and paused for a moment before calmly continuing to walk in.

When she reached the living room, she finally understood why it was so quiet.

Fu Xiuyuan was alone in the huge living room.

Together with him was the dining table filled with fresh flowers.

There were candles, an exquisite dinner, and red wine on the dining table that could accommodate twenty people.

Shi Jin quickly tried to remember.

Valentines Day Her own birthday Fu Xiuyuans birthday A wedding anniversary

It was none of them.

She heaved a sigh of relief and lifted her eyes to look at Fu Xiuyuan.

Seeing his calm expression, she confirmed her guess.

If she had forgotten such a big day, Fu Xiuyuan would definitely not have had such an expression.

She walked over, her voice pleasant and seductive, with a hint of a smile.

“Whatre we celebrating”

“Youll see.” Fu Xiuyuans lips curled up as he walked over to her and handed it to her.

Shi Jin obediently placed her hand into his dry and warm palm and sat down at the dining table with him.

“What is it” Shi Jin really could not think of anything.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes to look at her.

“To celebrate you being chosen by the national team, and also to celebrate me getting that song.”

Because of Shi Jins “The Moon Represents My Heart”, Fu Xiuyuan felt light for a few days, as though he was walking on clouds.

If Fu Xiuyuan hadnt discussed it already with Yao Jiahong, he would have told the whole world that this was a song written by Shi Jin.

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