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Chapter 241: Disgraced

However, most schools that did not have much of a reputation just held exams for show.

It was to give students who could not even take the college entrance examination another chance.

This was because such schools were not attractive enough to the students.

The admission test was just another way for them to recruit students.

These schools made for a good second choice.

With Shi Jins results, how could she possibly participate in the Beijing Universitys admission test

Shi Xuexin smiled and said, “Mom, how will we know if we dont give it a try Anyway, it wont affect the real college entrance examination.

If we succeed, Shi Jin will have another chance, right”

“Beijing University is really too difficult.” Old Master Shi also had great concerns.

“Fortunately, I know a few teachers in this field at school.

I can recommend Shi Jin.

Im also familiar with the procedures for this admission test.

As long as Shi Jin participates, there will be a chance.” Shi Xuexin said, “She scored 540 points in the mock test previously.

If we put in more effort, we might be able to pass the admission test.”

Old Master Shi was moved by her words.

Being able to attend Beijing University would really be way better than going to a normal university.

If Shi Jin could have such a good ending, their relationship would not have been in vain.

He thought for a moment and said, “Make the arrangements.”

“Alright, Grandfather,” said Shi Xuexin.

After exiting the ward, Yuxiu Hua couldnt help complaining, “Why did you make such an arrangement, Xuexin What benefits will helping Shi Jin bring you”

“Grandpa will be happy,” Shi Xuexin said with a smile.

Besides, it was another matter as to whether Shi Jin could pass or not.

“Hmph, how could someone like her get such an opportunity to take Beijing Universitys admission exam Shes too lucky.” Yuxiu Huas expression was unfriendly.

Shi Xuexin said with a smile, “If we tell others, they will only say that we are magnanimous for giving Shi Jin such a chance.”

Yuxiu Hua thought about it and agreed.

She really wanted a reputation for being magnanimous.

Especially after the incident where Shi Jin had personally slapped her face, her reputation had plummeted.

She had wanted to redeem herself for a long time.

Shi Xuexin had her own considerations.

When she saw Old Master Shi making arrangements for Shi Jin, would Shi Jins company also make arrangements for Shi Jin

Instead of letting them arrange a good school for Shi Jin, which would not be difficult, she might as well take the initiative to get rid of her! Especially with Chu Jia participating in the exam.

At that time, when Shi Jin was eliminated and Chu Jia passed, she would be able to gain glory and make the Chu family have a better impression of her.

Why not

Because of this, Shi Xuexin not only conducted some activities at Beijing University, but she even specially took a trip to Second High.

As a popular person in Second High School, several teachers treated her warmly.

Because she was here regarding Shi Jin, Ji Huan was also among the teachers.

“After all, I still have some ties with Shi Jin.

Grandpa also said that the entertainment industry is not a long-term solution.

Itll be better for Shi Jin to get into a good university.

Itll be more reliable.

Ill definitely help if I can.”

Shi Xuexins words made several teachers nod their heads.

They were indeed not interested in the entertainment industry.

Only Ji Huan felt that she had heard some deception in her words.

She did not know if it was her imagination.

Even so, Ji Huan was still grateful to Shi Xuexin for giving her this opportunity to send her out personally.

“Teacher Ji, you must convince Shi Jin to take the admission test.

This is an opportunity after all.”

“I will.”

Shi Xuexin and Ji Huan walked out.

As they walked, they suddenly saw a familiar figure ahead.

Moments later, Shi Xuexin recognized who it was.

It was Gu Jingyuan!

Both she and Shi Jin were five years younger than Gu Jingyuan.

When she was young, she stayed with Gu Jingyuan for two years, but not long after, Gu Jingyuan had gone overseas to study.

It was probably because the quality of teaching abroad was better.

Li Juekai and Gu Qingqing must have taken him away.

At that time, Shi Xuexin had felt a vague sense of discomfort.

The Li family had three children.

Gu Jingyuan and Gu Zehan were boys, so they had a chance to study with their parents, but as a girl, she could only live with her grandfather in his hometown.

In the small town, it was not uncommon for people to favor boys over girls, and they would occasionally hear others mention it.

Shi Xuexin felt that she was a peripheral figure in the family.

Over time, she hated everyone, including Gu Jingyuan.

After returning to the Shi family, the Shi family treated her wholeheartedly.

Only then did she realize that the difference in quality between families was too great.

“Why is he here” Shi Xuexin thought to herself.

She had had very little contact with Gu Jingyuan and did not understand his movements.

Especially after she returned to the Shi family, she had been very afraid that these messy people from the Li family would come looking for her and cause trouble for her.

Hence, she had broken off contact with them on the grounds that her studies were too important.

Come to think of it, Gu Jingyuan was really born with good looks.

His eyebrows were straight, and he was tall and had long legs.

Not to mention the middle school students from Second High School, who had been working hard all year round could not catch up to him, there was probably no one in the entirety of Beijing University who could compare to him.

Because of this thought, Shi Xuexin did not mind restoring contact with Gu Jingyuan.

She was about to call Gu Jingyuan when she saw him walking towards a car with his car keys.

The car was from an unknown brand.

There was no logo on it.

Although it was clean, it looked shabby.

At that thought, Shi Xuexin hurriedly turned her body to avoid being seen by Gu Jingyuan.

Ji Huan asked, “Xuexin, whats wrong Are you feeling unwell”

“Nothing.” Shi Xuexin paused for a moment.

“I thought I had forgotten my phone in my office just now, but its here.”

She pulled her phone out of her bag.

As she spoke, Gu Jingyuan got into the car and lowered the car window.

Ji Huan smiled and said, “Thats good.

Were almost at the carpark.

Lets go.”

In the carpark, the Shi familys Rolls-Royce was parked neatly.

The chauffeur was quietly waiting for Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin quickly got into the car and said goodbye to Ji Huan.

Then, she hurriedly closed the car window and said to the chauffeur, “Lets go quickly.

Im in a hurry.”

Seeing that she was in a hurry, Ji Huan thought that she was busy with something and did not take it to heart.

Sitting in another car, Gu Jingyuan raised his eyebrows slightly.

Shi Xuexin thought her actions were subtle, but he had seen everything.

He had been waiting for Shi Jin and had gotten into the car because he had seen Shi Xuexin.

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