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Chapter 240: What Does the National Team Mean

Yao Jiahong was glad that Shi Jin was not arrogant or impatient.

The two of them had never done any marketing before.

Therefore, even though there were some discussions outside, it did not affect Shi Jins reputation much.

It didnt matter if she was a straight-A student or not, as long as her fans liked her songs.

Besides, in the eyes of the anti-fans, she was just a bad student.


Over at Kang City, they had thought that Shi Jin would use some means to increase her score for the college entrance examination.

In the end, she did not win in any of the three exams.

This was unexpected.

So Shi Jin was accompanying Prince to study

However, when Kang Cheng thought about how education and cons were the trend now, with hundreds and thousands of eyes on him, he guessed that Yao Jiahong would not dare to do such a thing and ruin Shi Jins future.

He thought to himself, “Yao Jiahong is smart this time!”

First High School quickly sent Wen Yongwei a winning report.

A large banner was hung at the entrance of the school.

Wen Yongweis name stood out among the group of top students.

It was only because Second High School was far away that First High School wanted to put a large banner in front of Second High School.

The school teacher encouraged Wen Yongwei.

“Yongwei, your results are outstanding.

We have recommended you to take a few top universities admission examinations.

Try to get better results in those exams! Choose a good college that you like in advance!”

All the teachers of First High School were very confident.

With a good girl like Wen Yongwei crushing Shi Jin, there was no doubt that First High School would crush Second High School in this years college entrance examination!


After school, Wang Boyan and Ye Ke waited for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin packed her bag calmly.

Over the entire day, the fact that Shi Jin did not get a place had already been discussed countless times.

The calmer she was, the more worried Wang Boyan and Ye Ke became.

“Shijin, this is for you.” Ye Ke stuffed a can of cola into her hands.

“You might feel better after drinking this… If you want to run, Ill accompany you.”

“Ill go with you!” Wang Boyan scratched his head and revealed his white teeth.

She had seen Yao Jiahong forbidding Shi Jin to drink coke before and thought that it was because her manager was worried that Shi Jin would gain weight and wouldnt let her drink it.

She didnt know what to say to comfort Shi Jin, so she could only buy coke.

If Shi Jin was going to be scolded by her manager, she could just use her evening of self-study time to run with him.

Shi Jin felt a chill in her hand.

The cola had already been stuffed into her palm.

She lifted her lashes and glanced at Ye Ke.

She quickly understood what Ye Ke meant.

After all, the girls in Year Three were still students.

They were really innocent.

A faint smile appeared on her lips.

“Theres no need to run.

Ive been chosen by the national team, so my results just havent been announced.

Its not like I really have no results.”

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan were stunned for a while.

“What do you mean by the national team”

“The national team of the Olympiad competitions,” Shi Jin explained slowly.

With a click, she pulled open the tab of the can and drank a mouthful.

The cold sensation was really refreshing.

It was much more delicious than the wolfberry chrysanthemum tea Yao Jiahong prepared every day.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan quickly digested this fact.

They were very embarrassed as they remembered that when Shi Jin scored 540, she had missed half of the exams.

Wang Boyan slapped his forehead, and Ye Ke twisted her hair awkwardly.

Shi Jin thought that they were quite cute.

After her rebirth, she had always had a mature mindset and treated people indifferently.

However, these two people were truly pure and kind.

Wang Boyan asked, “So which one”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Mathematics, physics, and chemistry.”

Ye Ke tightened her grip on her hair and stopped.

“Ah! What stupid question did I ask” Wang Boyan knocked his head again.

“Thanks for your cola.” Shi Jin took the cola and left.


At the hospital, Old Master Shi asked the nurse to find the news and read it to him.

“Although Shi Jin participated in the Mathematics, Science, and Chemistry exams, she did not receive any awards.

Hence, she did not receive any bonus points for the college entrance examination,” the nurse read out.

“On the other hand, Wen Yongwei…”

“Alright, stop reading.” Grandpa Shi took the phone and looked at a few lines on the screen.

He thought for a while and asked the nurse to go out first while he made the call.

Shi Xuexin and Yuxiu Hua happened to walk to the door when they heard that the old master seemed to be talking to someone over the phone about the admissions process.

It sounded like a good university in Beijing.

At that moment, Yuxiu Huas face fell.

The Old Master was too much.

Why was he so concerned about Shi Jin Why was he even finding her a school She wasnt even a child of the Shi family.

Why couldnt he just let her fend for herself

Shi Xuexin changed her mind and smiled.

Once the elder finished his call, Shi Xuexin was the first to enter.

She said with a grin, “Grandpa!”

When Old Master Shi saw his granddaughter, he was also happy and invited her to sit down.

Shi Xuexin poured some water and peeled some fruits before sitting down.

She asked, “Grandpa, are you worried about Shi Jins education”

“She has to go to college before I can stop worrying.”

Shi Jin had been brought up by Old Master Shi.

The grandfather and granddaughter had always been very close and had a deep relationship.

There was nothing to complain about regarding how Shi Jin treated him.

Old Master Shi knew that he was getting on in years and would not be able to help her much in the future.

Shi Jin did not have a good foundation.

As she had scored 540 points in the mock exam, it might be a problem for her to enter a decent university.

What if she did not perform well in the real college entrance examination

Old Master Shi was worried about this matter.

Shi Xuexin said, “Actually, I can help Shi Jin go and take our schools private recommendation test.”

Yuxiu Hua exclaimed, “Xuexin, are you crazy”

Old Master Shi glared at her.

Yuxiu Hua knew that she had said something wrong, so she slowly explained, “Thats not what I meant, Dad.

But Xuexins university is Beijing University, one of the top universities in the country.

Back then, she relied on her own abilities to get in.

Its not that I want to say this, but Dad, you must know how difficult the Beijing Universitys admission test is, right Even if Shi Jin were to take it, she might have to go to an ordinary university in the end.”

The university that Old Master Shi had contacted for Shi Jin was indeed a middle-class university.

It was safer and more suitable for the busy Shi Jin.

There was a huge difference between a private recommendation test and the college entrance examination.

The college entrance examination was a national exam.

Everyone started at the same starting line and had the same chances.

However, the private recommendation test was different.

A good school would have a harder test than the college entrance examination.

The better the school, the more difficult it would be.

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