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Chapter 239: The First Prize

Fans not only had to compare themselves with each other, but they also had to look down on each other.

Fans who had such an idol not only had the confidence to say it out loud, they even dared to tell their parents that they were chasing celebrities!

This honor was something that other fans did not have.

The fans reposted it crazily, and stars were glittering in their eyes.

“Little Rose is really a literary and music star from heaven.

Shes a natural genius.

In a competition like the Mathematical Olympiad that I cant even understand, to be able to get first prize is really too amazing!”

“I knew that my idol was the best in the world!”

“Not only does she have good looks and a good family background, but also such talent and ability.

How can ordinary people like us even live Shes so superior!”

“Does first prize mean she came first Please explain!”

“Previous poster, not exactly.

In a national competition like this, thefirst prize is usually the prize for the top five percent of the finalists.

I heard that there are more than three hundred people participating in the Mathematical Olympiad finals, so the top twenty are all first prize winners.”

“Thank you! Thats impressive too.

After all, its a national competition! Besides, who can say that our Little Rose is not the first”

Gradually, word spread that Wen Yongwei was first.

The fans were also congratulating Wen Yongwei on getting first place.

Neither Wen Yongwei nor Kang Cheng stepped forward to explain.

These small details were not important.

Someone thought of Shi Jin, who had participated in the competition at the same time, and asked, “What about Shi Jins results Didnt she take the exam with Wen Yongwei”

Passerby: “Theres no news from Shi Jin.

I wonder whats going on.”

Passerby: “I dont think she did well, right Usually, those who dont do well wont show their results.”

Shi Jins fans: “But our Little Stone never advertised that she would take the exam.

The competition is about participation, understand”

The anti-fans: “Hahahahahahaha, what a goodparticipation.

Is she too ashamed to show her face Thats right, with Shi Jins results, how could she have the cheek to participate in the competition”

Shi Jins fans werent willing to carry on the fight.

After defending her for a while, they stopped talking.

Actually, it was impossible to say that they werent disappointed.

Who wouldnt want their idol to be glorious Especially when there was always one person as a comparison.

However, everyone quickly adjusted their attitudes and accepted everything.

If you like someone, you have to accept everything about them, right Besides, it wasnt like everyone became her fan because of her grades!

First High School and Second High School had achieved good results in the competition this time.

The two schools were famous in the first place, and they boasted many top students.

Those who could enter the finals, except for a few who had not performed well, basically all received at least three prizes.

After the name list was announced, other than logging onto the webpage to check, the school also used the Red List to write down all the names on the schools bulletin board for everyone to check.

This was also an honorary reward for the winning students.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan went to check the results together.

“Ahhh, Im really ranked first! First prize in the math competition!” Ye Ke shouted.

Wang Boyan was much calmer.

It was within his expectations that he would win the first prize.

The two of them went to look for Shi Jins name.

They repeated the process twice, but they did not see Shi Jins name.

Ye Ke was stunned for a moment.

“That doesnt make sense.

If it wasnt for that extremely difficult question, Shi Jin wouldnt have helped me sort out my train of thought and I would have gotten third prize.

How could Shi Jin not have gotten a place”

Wang Boyan shushed her.


Ye Ke glanced at the students around her and didnt say anything else.

The two of them returned to the classroom and tiptoed in.

The joy on their faces had completely disappeared.

Shi Jin was sitting in her seat, her expression calm as usual.

The corners of her eyes were slightly crinkled up, making her look a little seductive.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan looked at each other and did not dare to go forward.

They felt like they had betrayed Shi Jin by winning first prize.

Chu Jia just so happened to be looking at the two of them with a smile, as if she had already known this outcome and was waiting to laugh at them.

Seeing them come back, Chu Jia asked, “Hey, the results of the Mathematics and Chemistry competition are out.

Have you guys seen them I heard that the results of our class are not bad”

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan ignored her.

Chu Jia called Ye Kes name directly.

“Ye Ke, didnt you participate in the math competition How are your results”

“If you want to know so much, go downstairs and take a look.”

“Oh, I remember now.

It was the top level mathematics award” Chu Jia smiled and said, “Wang Boyan got the top physics award, right Teacher Ji must be very happy.


Ye Ke and Wang Boyan did not look happy.

They only wanted to sew her mouth up with a needle.

Chu Jia seemed to have thought of something and asked again, “Hey, I didnt see Shi Jins name.

What award did she get”

The two girls beside her were on good terms with her and immediately covered their mouths and laughed.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan walked over to Shi Jins side one step at a time.

When she heard their voices, Shi Jin reached out and took out her earphones.

“Youre back”

So shed been listening to music.

She hadnt heard a word of what they were saying.

Chu Jias expression turned ugly.

Was her performance for show Was she just a clown in Shi Jins eyes

Seeing Shi Jin like this, Wang Boyan and Ye Ke could not say anything to comfort her.

They could only forget about it temporarily.


Yao Jiahong tapped his fingers on the table, feeling a little depressed.

On the computer, Shi Jins results were out.

Mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

She was first in everything.

Top of the top rank.

For these three categories, as long as one was ranked in the top twenty, they would receive the first prize, but Shi Jin was definitely first.

He looked at the results and negotiated with Teacher Fang.

“So, you want to secretly bring Shi Jin into the national team as a secret weapon.

Cant you announce her ranking in the national competition”

Teacher Fang said over the phone, “Thats right.


Yao, please understand.

Our national team has not won against those traditional strong teams for a long time.

With Shi Jin this time, the chances are very high.

We dont want to announce it in advance.

That way, they wont have the chance to study Shi Jins strengths and weaknesses.”

Yao Jiahong grabbed his hair in frustration.

“When will the competition start”

“During the summer break,” Teacher Fang said.

“At that time, I hope Mr.

Yao will help us make some time.”

After Yao Jiahong hung up the phone, he was still depressed.

Shi Jin had such good results, but now she would have to lie flat on the ground and be ridiculed.

It was really hard to deal with.

However, Shi Jin had already chosen to join the national team, so these rules could only be followed.

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