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Chapter 238: First Prize in Mathematics

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Principal Lu had been drinking from a teacup to moisten his throat when he heard Shi Jins words.

He immediately spat out a mouthful of tea.

Teacher Fang, Teacher Xia, and Teacher Wu widened their eyes and looked at Shi Jin in disbelief.

Teacher Wu coughed and said, “Shi Jin, you have to participate in a lot of training for the national team competition.

Itll be very difficult.

So far, we have never had a student participate in two teams in the international competition.”

Teacher Xia agreed.

“I know that in domestic competitions, there are some top students who participate in two or even three competitions at the same time, but international competitions and domestic competitions are not the same.”

Teacher Fang also shrugged, completely agreeing with their point of view.

Otherwise, the three of them wouldnt have argued to this extent.

There was no such precedent, and it was hard to imagine that a student could handle so many things at once.

Especially when she… had a job in the entertainment industry.

“I think its possible.” Shi Jins voice had many subtleties to it.

When discussing serious matters, it would be extremely light and contain a firm attitude.

While it was hard to ignore her, it was also hard to reject her.

Ji Huan stood up and walked over to Shi Jins seat.

“I think Shi Jin can do it too.”

Principal Lu slowly wiped his chin and said, “What do you teachers say”

The three teachers thought for a while and discussed it again.

They tried to warn her, “Its better not to bite off more than you can chew.

With Shi Jins talent, if she focuses on one aspect, shell definitely beat those traditional strong teams.

But if she participates in all three and gets distracted…”

They were worried that Shi Jin would not get the results she deserved.

When Shi Jin heard this, she said calmly, “Then forget it.”

“No, no, no…” The three teachers panicked immediately.

How could Shi Jin not participate

The three teachers immediately gathered together to discuss.

Finally, they closed their eyes and gritted their teeth.

“Alright, lets go together!”

Although they had solved the internal problem of the three of them being united, the three teachers could not help but shake their heads when they thought of how Shi Jin would have to deal with the three teams.

Based on their expectations, Shi Jin should have been the champion of one of the competitions.

But now, even though Shi Jin could achieve pretty good results in all three, it would just benot bad.

She would still be far from the top.

This didnt conform to the strategy of a competitive match.

Seeing that the matter was settled, Ji Huan said, “Then let Shi Jin go back to class first.”

“We still want to talk to Shi Jin about the specific arrangements…” The three teachers could not bear for Shi Jin to leave immediately.

They still had a lot to talk to her about.

At the same time, they wanted to understand more about her interest in various subjects so that they could carry out more targeted training.

Ji Huan pulled Shi Jin behind her and said, “You guys need to discuss those arrangements in detail with Shi Jins manager.”

The three teachers were speechless.


At 9 PM, Wen Yongweis draft was released.

“The talented Wen Yongwei has won first prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad!”

The fans who had been waiting for a long time were overjoyed.

Seeing this blinding first prize, the fans felt honored, as if they had also won.

There was nothing more blissful than being a fan of such a talented idol.

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