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Chapter 237: Give the Decision to Shi Jin

After reading the paper, the three teachers said to each other sincerely, “Congratulations, congratulations!”


“This time, our National Mathematics and Chemistry Team will have a new member.”

“After contacting this student, Ill treat everyone to a meal!” The bespectacled female teacher was in an exceptionally good mood and spoke generously.


At eight in the evening, the results of the three major competitions could be checked online so everyone could see their results.

Those who had taken the exam were all waiting for this time.

Wen Yongwei practiced her zither in the afternoon and waited patiently.

Halfway through her practice, she received a call from her father.

“Xiaowei, come home early for dinner tonight.

The whole family will give you a reward for the announcement of your results.”

“Sure, Dad.

You have to treat me.”

“Hah, of course Ill reward you.

My daughter is so capable, she can have anything she wants this time! Oh right, the organizing committee of the Olympiad competition has just gone to Second High School.

I heard its for something important.

Did you hear anything from your friends”

“Something important You heard about it” Wen Yongwei immediately thought of a possibility.

Shi Jin might be involved in some unspeakable secrets.

However, the scope of this matter was very broad, and it was hard to say what exactly was going on.

If it was not handled properly, it would be easy for her to end up on the losing end.

Therefore, Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng did not make an issue out of this matter.

Her father didnt have much confidence and didnt continue the topic.

He smiled and said, “Maybe its because of the results.

Forget it, Second High has nothing to do with us.

Lets not care about it so much.”

“Right, Id better consider what present I want.” Wen Yongwei immediately smiled and acted coquettishly towards her father.

After hanging up the phone, she thought to herself that most of what had happened at Second High was related to Shi Jin.

If Shi Jin cheated or used some kind of devious method, it would really implicate a large group of people.

It might even affect the college entrance examination.

She smiled.

People really shouldnt take shortcuts.


Meanwhile, Shi Jin continued to record her inspiration.

Ye Ke ran over and said to her, “Shi Jin, Teacher Ji asked you to go over.

She said that theres something important.”

Shi Jin stood up and put her things in her bag before walking slowly towards Ji Huans office.

Ji Huan was already halfway out, coming to welcome her.

She grabbed her hand and said, “Shi Jin, go to the principals office.”

Shi Jin was forced to walk by her.

Thankfully, her legs were long and she did not seem anxious.

When they reached the principals office, Shi Jin could vaguely hear the sounds of an argument coming from inside.

It was very intense and even seemed like a fight was about to break out.

Ji Huan knocked on the door.

Inside, a thin middle-aged man was waving his hands.

“Physics is the leading subject out of the natural sciences.

The other natural sciences are based on research.

The Physics Olympiad should also receive the same attention!”

A bespectacled woman in her early forties disagreed.

“Mathematics can be applied to any problem in the real world, especially in recent years when technology has been developing rapidly.

Mathematics is indispensable.

In the World Olympiad of Mathematics, our country has always had a huge advantage, but two years ago, this advantage was levelled by the United States! Why Because we still havent been taking mathematics seriously! The talent selection process isnt rigorous enough!”

“Youre wrong.

Chemistry is the core discipline of modern technology such as nanomaterials and chemicals.

Chemistry also needs talents! We also need to show off our countrys prestige in а world-class competition so that more talents will enter the modern research field.” The male teacher who said this was not tall, but he was full of energy.

“Anyway, I dont care.

If you value the Physics World Competition, you have to give me Shi Jin!” The middle-aged man placed his hands on the table.

“Why should I Mathematics needs her!”

The short male teacher almost jumped up.

“There must be a place for her in chemistry! I think that Shi Jin will prefer it because this subject is as beautiful as a song!”

Shi Jin leaned against the door and listened to the argument calmly.

Principal Lu noticed Ji Huan and Shi Jin and interrupted them.

“Teacher Fang, Teacher Xia, Teacher Wu, Shi Jin is here.

Can everyone please pause for a moment”

The teachers finally heaved a sigh of relief and looked towards Shi Jin.

Principal Lu was about to introduce her when the teachers started introducing themselves.

“Shi Jin, my surname is Fang.

Im the teacher in charge of the national team for the Physics Olympiad in Country S.

Were going to attend the International Olympic World Cup competition this summer.

I hope you can join us.” Teacher Fang was the middle-aged, lean male teacher.

He strode over to Shi Jin.

Teacher Xia stood between him and Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, the Mathematics competition also has an International Olympiad.

We have been behind America for three consecutive years.

You cant just stand by and do nothing.”

Teacher Xia was that female teacher.

“Chemistry needs to rise.

It needs to recruit more talents.

It needs Shi Jin!” Mr.

Wu, who was shorter, was blocked by the two of them.

He could only speak loudly, appearing more energetic.

Before Shi Jin could reply, the three of them started arguing again.

The three of them were the team leaders of the three national teams that had gone to the competition site before.

They had a very good relationship and appreciated each other.

They spared no effort in recommending suitable talents to each other.

Before, they had even agreed to have dinner together after confirming the student list.

However, when the three sets of exam papers were opened and all of them held Shi Jins name, the three of them almost got into a fight.

Their years of friendship had almost been ruined.

It seemed like they would not be able to have dinner together anymore.

Their battlefields changed one after another until they reached Second High School, but there was still no result.

Everyone wanted Shi Jin to join their national team and train with them.

Principal Lu also had a headache.

He watched as the three of them argued all the way from the school gate to the office, refusing to give in to each other.

He understood how difficult it was for the three of them.

The International Olympiad had always been cruel.

With a potential competitor, how could the teachers give up

“Can the three of you discuss this properly Shi Jin still has class later.

Theres no time to waste,” Principal Lu said loudly.

When they heard that, they were afraid of affecting Shi Jins education, and the three of them instantly fell silent and looked at the principal.

Principal Lu said, “Lets leave the decision to Shi Jin.”

The three teachers looked at each other and knew that this was the only solution.

They said in unison, “Okay, lets see how Shi Jin chooses!”

“Shi Jin, what do you think Out of the teams, which do you choose” Principal Lu asked.

Only then did Shi Jin open her eyes slightly.

“All of them.”

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