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Chapter 236: Extreme! Extreme!

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At other times, Shi Jins results were average.

Especially when she was in her second year of high school.

Not only was she criticized by outsiders, her fans were also worried.

The fans remembered the instructions handed down by the top fans and did not dare to argue too much about Shi Jins results in order to help her regain her dignity.

Everyone could only say humbly, “Maybe Shi Jin is just trying to get a chance.

Dont take this too seriously.”

“Thats right.

Theres no need to spread it too much.

Lets just wait for Shi Jins explanation and actions.”

The big fans were restrained by Yao Jiahongs rules.

For the sake of Shi Jin, everyone was willing to lie down and be ridiculed, not arguing too much with others.

Therefore, although Shi Jins participation in the competition attracted significant ridicule, because her fans behaved well, the situation didnt deteriorate.

Yao Jiahong and Shi Jin didnt say anything either.

The netizens laughed it off and didnt comment much.

On the other hand, Wen Yongwei received quite a lot of praise.

The fans called her “talented”, “blessed”, “a gifted genius”, “smart and good-looking”, etc.

After the competition ended, the fans looked forward to the results.

Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng were also waiting.

However, Shi Jins mentality was very good and she was very calm.

She still did what she had to do.

During class, she pulled out a chair and sat down.

She took out a notebook and recorded her inspiration in it.

Ye Ke came up to her and said, “Shi Jin, your results will definitely be better than mine this time.

It wont be a problem for you to win first prize.

You dont have to take the rumors to heart.”

She was a math genius, so she knew she could be confident when she did the questions.

She would definitely win the award this time.

Shi Jin lifted her eyelids and smiled.

“How many points do you expect”

“I only had one small problem that I didnt answer properly.

It shouldnt be too far from full marks, right” Ye Ke said.

“Yeah, thats good.” Shi Jin nodded.

Seeing how confident she was, Ye Ke wasnt too worried.

“Youll definitely be fine.

Just wait until tonight to check your score.”


At the venue of the Mathematics and Chemistry competition:

Today, in addition to the grading teacher, the team teacher of the National Olympiad team from the Three Schools of Mathematics, Science and Chemistry had also come.

They were all there to select talents for the national team.

Every year, they would take all the seedlings into the team for professional training from the beginning of the grading.

The three of them greeted each other.

“Are there any good newbies recently”

“There are a few that are not bad, but they still need a lot of training.

It will take some time for them to produce results.”

“Thats fine too.

As long as theres potential, spending some time is nothing.”

The three nodded.

“Yes, thats right.”

“The two of you, the grading teacher will review the good saplings test papers for us later.

I wish all of us good results.”

“Haha, definitely!”

The three of them sat in their respective reading rooms.

The grading teachers were busy marking the papers.

This was a huge amount of work.

In a competition like the Olympiad, there were no easy multiple-choice questions.

They were all extremely difficult problems.

Top students from all over the country might use different methods to solve the problems.

This not only required the teachers to have rich experience, but it also required ample patience in order to review these methods.

They had only reviewed a few exam papers, but some teachers could not help starting to raise their teacups to drink tea to refresh themselves.

This also meant that no one had seen the answer that would make their eyes light up.

Otherwise, the teachers would have been losing it.

Suddenly, someone said, “This test paper is not bad, their methods are quite good.”

The test paper was brought out.

After a while, a few of the test papers were selected.

While the grading teachers were resting, they looked at each other.

Indeed, the way of solving the questions on these papers was extraordinary.

These papers were quickly handed to the team leader.

The teachers expression didnt change.

“Not bad.”

He had led the national team for many years and had seen too many geniuses and capable kids.

These few examples were nothing special to him.

He had yet to see anything particularly outstanding.

In the afternoon, the grading teacher took out the papers that had gotten a good grade.

Then, one of the teachers suddenly stood up.

“Take a look at this!”

His voice quavered as the other teachers gathered around him.

“Ah, this train of thought… I cant keep up.”

“So this question can be answered in this way”

“Can you be sure this is correct”

The grading teachers discussed it excitedly.

The top students would answer the questions in various ways.

However, the method used here was exceptionally outstanding.

The teachers could not help but be amazed… They even felt uncertain about whether the method was feasible.

The teachers gathered together and discussed it for more than an hour before confirming the answer.

When they passed the exam papers to the teacher in charge, they emphasized, “There are a few exam papers with a score of 100.

Please help us review them.

We are really afraid that we might have missed some details.”

The three teachers from the national team nodded.

As they reviewed, they picked out a few points and said, “These few need more training.”

By that point, there was only one test paper left.

One of the bespectacled female teachers suggested, “Lets take a look at the last one now.

If theres nothing special, well have to think of another way to select talents.”

The talents that the national Olympic team needed had to be the cream of the crop because they would represent the country and their competitors would be from various powerful countries all over the world!

In the eyes of the three teachers, ordinary results were worlds apart from outstanding results.

Then, she picked up the exam paper disinterestedly.

She had read quite a few exams and was feeling a little tired.

She just wanted to finish them as soon as possible and go home.

As soon as she received this paper, she raised her eyebrows.

Full marks

Although it wasnt that difficult to get full marks in the Olympiad, it was still shocking.

The two teachers beside her also said at the same time, “We have a full marks examination paper!”

The female teacher continued reading.

The more she read, the more surprised she became.

The more she read, the less stress she felt.

“This train of thought, this solution, its amazing! This point… Oh, so this is the method used!”

It was no wonder that a reviewing teacher had circled the question with a pencil.

This was the question that they wanted the teacher to lead the team to review.

The method used by the student was a little unusual but outstanding.

They were afraid that there would be some problem with it.

“Extreme! Amazing!”

The three teachers had looked at the Mathematics, Science, and Chemistry papers separately, but they all applauded in unison.

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