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Chapter 234: Double the Effect

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Shi Jin took it and smiled seductively.

“Thank you.”

Ye Ke was stunned by her sudden beauty and stammered, “Shi Jin, you look really, really good when you smile.

No, I mean, you look good when youre not smiling, but when you smile… you look stunning.”

“Really” She already knew, that was why she did not like to smile.

Right now, she did not even want to smile at others.

She casually flipped through Ye Kes question book.

Ye Ke was indeed a math genius.

Her knowledge had surpassed that of many others.

However, Shi Jin quickly swept her gaze over to a question that she had been stumbling over.

It seemed that Ye Ke was not familiar with this type of question.

She said, “Ye Ke, what is your solution to these questions”

Ye Ke could tell that Shi Jin had encountered a difficult problem.

She took a look and said in admiration, “This question is very difficult.

You only got stuck after encountering such a problem.

This means that your foundation is really good.

This is how I answered it…”

She told her about her train of thought and Shi Jin nodded.

“Not bad.

I have some ideas too.

Its like this…”

When she heard Shi Jins words, Ye Ke suddenly felt enlightened.

She said happily, “Why didnt I think of this method too Thanks to that strategy, I wont be afraid if we meet the same question type again!”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I have no other questions.”

Wen Yongwei was eating not far away.

When she saw this scene, she could not help but shake her head.

Mathematics was not something that could be learned in a short period of time.

It required a solid foundation and long-term training, just like she had undergone.

Shi Jins sudden attempt probably wouldnt end well.

Unless she cheated, but cheating in exams like this… was really wishful thinking.

Even if someone helped Shi Jin, Wen Yongwei would not just stand by and watch it happen.

Three days of training passed in a flash, and the official competition was about to begin.

All the students were a little nervous.

This not only concerned bonus points for the college entrance examination, but also whether they could prove themselves publicly.

Their competitors were all top students from all over the country.

Facing so many strong competitors, no one had confidence in winning.

Ye Ke encouraged Shi Jin softly.

“Shi Jin, you can do it.

We can do it!”

Shi Jin smiled.


Ye Ke was so engrossed in her beauty that she could not extricate herself from it.

Her mind shook for a moment before she retracted her thoughts.

Everyone entered the examination hall together.

Wen Yongweis seat was slightly behind Shi Jins.

She sat at the back and could clearly see Shi Jins every move.

She focused on her movements.

After watching for a while, she realized that it was impossible for Shi Jin to cheat.

The Mathematical Olympiad was even stricter than a college entrance exam.

They could not bring any communication electronics or have seats that were too close together.

There was also a screening system in the venue.

Even if they brought their phones in, there would be no signal.

Wen Yongwei looked over for a while, then realized that Shi Jin was making her neglect her actual exam.

She didnt dare to look at her anymore and turned her attention back to the paper.

She worked very quickly.

The top teachers that she had hired at high prices were very useful.

She could handle all the questions that she encountered.

She had completed more than half of the questions in just half the total allowed time.

This meant that her ability was enough for this national competition.

She instinctively looked up at Shi Jin.

She then realized that Shi Jins seat was empty.

Had she taken leave to go to the toilet

However, Wen Yongwei immediately dismissed the idea.

The papers on Shi Jins seat had already been taken.

This meant that Shi Jin had submitted her paper in advance!

Wen Yongwei could not help but shake her head secretly.

It was inevitable that Shi Jin would have a bad outcome from challenging the competition.

All of them were top students from various provinces.

Many of them had undergone several rounds of training in their provinces before coming to the university.

The questions in front of them were not easy to understand.

Shi Jin was only in her second year of high school, so how could she have solved such questions

Wen Yongwei withdrew her thoughts and continued to answer the questions.

She had finished answering the questions a few minutes earlier than expected and handed in the papers.

When Wen Yongwei left, Shi Jin was still there.

She stood in a corner with an indifferent expression.

Her lashes were long and fine, and when she looked at people, her eyes held a hint of flirtatiousness.

However, she was not seductive and only made people feel a flash of light.

Wen Yongwei walked forward.

“Shi Jin, are you leaving Ill give you a lift.”

“I dont think Im on your way”

“It doesnt matter.

The driver can just step on the accelerator.”

Shi Jin said indifferently and distantly, “No, I dont like to be interviewed by reporters.”

Wen Yongweis thoughts had been exposed, and she clenched her fists in embarrassment.

“Im leaving then.”

Kang Cheng had arranged for reporters to wait for her at the entrance of the university.

Once she stepped out, she would definitely be interviewed many times.

She had done well in the past few days and was naturally willing to participate in such marketing.

Pulling Shi Jin along… would double the effect.

However, Shi Jin was not in the mood to participate in her matters and was even more reluctant to be her stepping stone.

“Shi Jin!” Ye Ke ran over with a pen in her hand.

“Shi Jin, I did really well! Did you know Todays test had the problem we discussed previously.

If I hadnt discussed it with you, I wouldnt have thought of using that method to solve the question! If I had used my original method, I would have been unable to solve at least half of the questions.

Youre really too awesome! Youre still the best.

You can even discuss such difficult questions!”

Shi Jin raised her brows.

“Its a coincidence.”

“I have a feeling that Ill be able to win an award this time!” Ye Ke said confidently.

“What about you Have you finished your questions”

Ye Ke had been struggling with the questions and did not know what time Shi Jin had left.

“Yep, it went okay,” said Shi Jin.

“Then Ill go have a meal with you.

You still have a physics exam in the afternoon.”


At the door, reporters welcomed Wen Yongwei excitedly.

“Little Rose, you participated in the Mathematical Olympiad.

What are your thoughts Can you share them with us”

“Youve been preparing for so long.

Your results must be pretty good, right”

Wen Yongwei sent a WeChat message to Kang Cheng after her results came out.

Kang Cheng had asked the reporters to boldly interview and ask questions.

They knew that Wen Yongwei must have done well in her exams, so their questions were all based on that.

Wen Yongwei smiled and said generously, “Because Ive been working hard to prepare, the exam went quite smoothly.”

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