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Chapter 233: Its So Troublesome To Not Be Loved

After all, Shi Jins appearance had already caused a commotion and discussion.

There were also all sorts of peeks at her from the guys.

After this excitement, unless someone could crush Shi Jins appearance, they would not be able to arouse their interest.

When it came to drama, Shi Jins gossip was even more intriguing.

She had come to the National League without any warning.

As for Wen Yongweis participation in the preliminaries and semi-finals, it was already known about.

Other than the fans who were still full of anticipation for her participation in the finals, the rest of the people who heard about it were not as excited.

Therefore, Wen Yongweis arrival only caused a small stir.

There was no disturbance like she had expected, nor were there any shouts or whistles.

Wen Yongweis expression turned slightly awkward.

Then, she thought to herself, “As expected of science geniuses.

Theyre the most boring men in the world.”

She had just sat down when the teacher came over.

The teacher glanced at Shi Jin, who was shining brightly amongst the crowd.

He was stunned for a moment, but he did not say anything and started training.

The one hour training class ended very quickly.

Some people were delighted.

It turned out that a top-level training course was just like that.

It was not much harder than what they usually learned.

There were also people who had bitter expressions on their faces.

This course had been much harder than they were expecting.

It seemed like they would have to study ferociously this time.

Wen Yongwei was one of the ones who were overjoyed.

The teacher that the Wen Family had hired for her was one of the top in the country.

She had even participated in the National Mathematical Olympiads question-setting process before.

As for the competitors, Wen Yongwei had already exceeded 90% of them in terms of preparation.

“Shi Jin, the rest of the math this morning is self-study.

Are you going to the physics class” Ye Ke asked.

Because there were many top students participating in two or even three competitions, Not every course was attended by teachers all day.

They only explained the difficult questions, while the rest was self-study.

Shi Jin nodded.


When Wen Yongwei heard Shi Jins voice, she turned around and saw Shi Jin sitting in the back row.

It was unknown what kind of skincare products she was using, but her skin was so fair that it shone brightly, making her stand out among the crowd.

When Wen Yongwei had come in just now, all her attention had been focused on herself, so she hadnt noticed Shi Jin.

Now she had seen her, it was hard to ignore her existence.

Wen Yongwei frowned.

Did Shi Jin know what the competition was about Why was she here

This competition was known as the Mathematical Olympiad.

It was the most difficult and authoritative mathematics competition in the country.

The importance and difficulty of the termOlympiad was evident.

Shi Jin had not even participated in the preliminary and semi-finals, she had just come to the finals directly.

Was Second High determined to earn some points for Shi Jins college entrance examination

Wen Yongwei stood up and walked towards Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, are you here for the competition”

Shi Jin looked at her indifferently, the corners of her eyes forming a beautiful arc.


“Thats great.

We can be comrades again.” Wen Yongwei smiled happily.

“Oh right, I heard your new song,The Moon Represents My Heart.

Its really not bad.”

Shi Jin glanced at her, but did not reply.

Wen Yongwei said, “I hope that the man you confessed to will be able to accept your feelings soon.”

Like Xuexin, Wen Yongwei also felt that Shi Jin still missed Chu Ling.

Not being able to love was a very frustrating thing.

Nowadays, fans in the outside world rarely speak like this, but their views had never changed.

Speaking of which, Wen Yongwei had previously contacted Chu Lings manager, Hu Lai, during the National Singer competition.

The two of them had wanted to become a couple publicly to create hype.

If this matter was successful, Wen Yongweis popularity and Shi Jins popularity would definitely be on completely different levels.

However, before the matter was settled, Chu Ling had quit the competition because of the plagiarism scandal.

Now that she thought about it, Wen Yongwei felt rather regretful.

Wen Yongwei was naturally happy to see Shi Jin being hurt by Chu Ling.

When Ye Ke heard Wen Yongweis words, although she did not show it on the surface, she could not think of anything.

She asked, “Wang Boyan, do you smell the fragrance of green tea”

“Oh, I think so.

Whos brewing it” Wang Boyan, a straightforward man, did not react at all.

“Someone must be.

Smell carefully.

There seems to be some white lotus inside.”

Wang Boyan asked curiously, “Even white lotuses can be drunk”

“Why not As long as youre willing, green tea and white lotus taste great.

Isnt that right, Wen Yongwei” Ye Kes baby face was full of smiles.

There was nothing off with her words.

Wen Yongweis expression changed slightly, but she didnt want to argue with these commoners.

It was only then that Ye Ke said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, you go ahead.

Ill leave the papers for you since the math department has sent them out.”

“Thanks.” Shi Jin picked up her bag and walked out.

She was wearing a casual shirt in the gentle breeze.

The hem of her shirt was elegant and her slender legs were straight and slim.

She was obviously dressed in a conventional way, but when she passed by, many boys gazes followed her.

Wen Yongwei had to return to her seat.

The rest of the morning was for self-study.

The teacher was on standby, answering questions for the students.

Some of the top students who had signed up for the Physics Olympiad had already gone to the next class.

Wen Yongwei glanced at Shi Jins seat.

She had actually registered for the Physics Olympiad

The third period was for chemistry training.

Some of the top students went over and some returned from the physics class, but Shi Jin still had not returned.

Wen Yongwei was in disbelief.

Shi Jin had signed up for the chemistry competition too

She really could not understand Shi Jins strategy.

How was Yao Jiahong a manager if he was like this How could he arrange such things for Shi Jin

Could it be that Shi Jin was worried that she would not be able to get into a good university with her grades Was that why she wanted to get a decent award in these three competitions and get a bonus

This was too childish! Did she really think that the entire education system in Country S was hers She could get whatever she wanted, get any award she wanted, and add points whenever she wanted


Shi Jin felt rather relaxed after three lessons.

These questions were not difficult.

If she mastered the necessary methods, she could handle them all.

She was intelligent to begin with, and it was not difficult for her to learn seriously.

Moreover, she had already grasped these methods and rules.

Since she had to attend all three training classes, Shi Jin had no time for self-study.

During lunch, Ye Ke gave her the problem book that she had sorted out for her.

“Shi Jin, I cant help you, but maybe this will be useful to you.”

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