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Chapter 232: Hardworking Girl

Everyones gaze fell on Shi Jin.

Most of which were filled with doubt, searching, scrutiny, and disbelief.

Could Shi Jin really take part in such a competition Or could it be that the school and company had spent money on getting her in here

The crowd did not look away for a long time, but Shi Jin walked in indifferently.

She was already used to such gazes.

It had been like this in the past, and it was even more so now.

Especially after her appearance had recovered, even more such gazes had come.

Subconsciously, people held a natural fondness for good-looking people.

However, it was also easy to naturally think that good-looking women were hollow inside.

She followed Ye Ke and Wang Boyan into the back row and sat down.

Being stared at by so many people, Ye Ke and Wang Boyans faces turned red.

Shi Jin was already used to being stared at by everyone.

Her movements were slow and unhurried, but she had her own style.

Some of the boys could not help but sneak a peek at her.

Although they were suspicious, Shi Jin was really beautiful.

Their eyes did not lie.

When they saw her on television, her beauty was already shocking enough.

When they saw the real person, it was even more shocking.

However, she was extremely calm and gave her own beauty a unique valiance.

After all, everyone there was a genius.

They were here to participate in the competition, not to gossip.

Being able to admire a beauty was already a unique experience.

Nothing else mattered.

Soon, everyone buried their heads in their books.

Only a few of the braver ones could not hold back their emotions and were still looking at the back row.


At the entrance of Imperial Capital Traffic University:

Wen Yongweis car arrived as well.

She had signed up for the National Mathematics competition.

From the preliminary round, her results were among the best.

Now that it was time for the finals, she was going all out.

For the next few days, she stopped all her work and focused on revising.

The Mathematics teacher of the Mathematics Olympiad had moved into the Wen Family home and tutored her the entire time just for this last hurdle.

“Youll definitely win the national first prize!” Kang Cheng really liked hardworking girls like Wen Yongwei.

He admired her for taking the time to study in the busy entertainment industry and maintaining such good results.

Sometimes, he even wanted to say, “All daughters should be like Wen Yongwei.”

Wen Yongwei humbly replied, “Ill do my best.”

“The first prize will give you 20 points for the college entrance examination.

Although it wont have a decisive effect on your overall score for the college entrance examination, its better than nothing,” Kang Cheng encouraged.

“Your teacher told me to strive for it.

It will be good for your future.”

Wen Yongwei took a deep breath and alighted from the car.

She was not wearing a mask or a hat.

So she was worried that she would cause a riot if she came in this state.

However, Kang Cheng said that coming to take the exam was an open and aboveboard matter.

There was no need to hide it.

Hence, she came openly and dressed in a low-key manner, trying her best to look like she had never dressed up before.

She arrived at the math competition class and walked in with her head held high.

She had a feeling that her arrival would cause a commotion.

She stepped inside.

Some of the top students who were reading looked up.

Indeed, someone recognized her immediately.

“Isnt that Wen Yongwei”

“I think so!”

Wen Yongwei smiled at the person who spoke.

She seemed generous, decent, and approachable.

However, after some discussion, everyone lowered their heads and continued reading their questions.

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