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Chapter 231: Shocked

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“The earnings from the songs have been calculated and sent to your account.” This was what Yao Jiahong had said to Shi Jin the most recently.

Although the overall music market was not doing well, there were still many people willing to listen to songs.

As long as artists could write songs that resonated with them, no one would mind spending a little bit of money.

Compared to the past few years, where they could only produce videos and record tapes, and then sell them on the market, this modern environment had its advantages.

For example, as long as a song was written and recorded, it could be sold directly.

The price was also very cheap.

A song that cost a few yuan was affordable for everyone.

The singers did not need to create more than ten songs before releasing an album.

It all depended on whether Shi Jin had any inspiration.

When she returned to school, Ji Huan came to look for her.

“Shi Jin, I signed you up for three competitions.”


“The National Mathematical Olympiad is also known as the Olympiad.

The questions for this competition are very difficult, but I think you can do it,” Ji Huan said after some thought.

“Your current exam scores are indeed not low.

However, there are bound to be mistakes when it comes to the college entrance examination.

You have to prepare properly for everything.

The National Mathematical Olympiad is approved by Country S.

It will give you 5-20 points on top of your exam results based on your performance.

If you can achieve something through these competitions, the college entrance examination will be much easier for you.”

Ji Huan had considered all aspects of Shi Jin before deciding to help her register for these three competitions.

She had also specially gone over it with Yao Jiahong.

She hoped that Shi Jins manager would prioritize her studies and support her decision.

Initially, Ji Huan had thought of all sorts of reasons to convince Yao Jiahong.

However, when Yao Jiahong heard this, he agreed without a second thought and even told her to tell Shi Jin directly.

Were all entertainment companies so kind nowadays

Hence, Ji Huan had come to talk to Shi Jin personally.

Shi Jin did not take this kind of competition seriously, but when she met Ji Huans expectant gaze, she still nodded.

“Then lets follow Teacher Jis arrangements.”

Ji Huan said happily, “Its already been arranged.

Were just waiting for your approval.

Mathematical and chemistry competitions are not normally held at the same time, but these are.

Its not a big problem for you.

This is a common topic.

Take it back and take a look.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin reached out to take it.

Ji Huan had high hopes for her, as if victory was already in front of her.

Ji Huans beautiful face was so alluring.

Seeing her like this, Shi Jin knew that she had to be more careful.

She couldnt bear to hurt this beautiful teacher.

When Shi Jin left, Ji Huan said, “Shi Jin, your manager is not bad.”

Shi Jin smiled and turned to leave.

The Mathematics and Chemistry Competition originally had preliminaries and semi-finals, but the finals were of course at the end.

The competitors for the preliminaries were usually recommended by the school, while the semi-finals had strict requirements.

This time, it was Ji Huan who went to the school and begged Principal Lu to apply for a spot in the finals for Shi Jin.

For this, Ji Huan prepared a lot of information, such as Shi Jins usual homework, test papers, results, and so on, as well as a joint recommendation letter from various teachers.

When Shi Jin received the information, she realized Ji Huans efforts.

So there were many things that Ji Huan did not mention.

What else could she do She could only work hard on the questions.

Shi Jin held the thick exercise book and did not get up even after class.

Wang Boyan turned around.

“Shi Jin, you want to participate in the Physics Olympiad”

“Mm.” Shi Jins low-profile voice was relaxed and pleasant to the ears.

Wang Boyan suspected that if his ears were women, theyd probably be impregnated by it.

He said in surprise, “I want to participate too.

Lets go together when the time comes.

We can also revise together.”

Wang Boyan was good at physics and was one of the top students in his class.

He felt that he might be able to help Shi Jin.

“Sure.” Shi Jin did not refuse.

She put the completed physics competition exercise book aside and picked up the math competition exercise book.

“Youre also participating in the mathematics competition” Wang Boyan was slightly shocked.

There were all kinds of top students at their school, but not many could participate in two national competitions at the same time.

The saying that there were specializations in every field not only meant that everyone had their own areas of expertise, but also that it was very difficult for a person to go into several specializations.

However, Shi Jin was going to enter both competitions

Ye Ke, on the other hand, was not surprised at all.

She had met quite a few people who had participated in the two competitions together.

She interrupted from the side and said, “Shi Jin, I want to participate in the math competition.

We can revise together.”

As she spoke, Shi Jin nodded her head in agreement.

She placed the Mathematical Olympiad exercise book aside and picked up the Chemistry Competition exercise book.

It was Ye Kes turn to be shocked.

“Youre participating in chemistry too”

Mathematics, physics, and chemistry all at once

“Yes.” Shi Jins voice was extremely pleasant, just like her singing voice.

Wang Boyan had just finished reading the physics exercise book that she had completed.

For a moment, he did not know what to say.

How… had Shi Jin done all the questions so quickly and with such a high accuracy rate

He was one of the top physics students in the class and the pet of the physics teacher, but Shi Jin was even better than him!

When he thought about how he had been considering helping Shi Jin just now, his face couldnt help turning hot.

After Wang Boyan and Ye Ke were shocked by her behavior, they fell into a state of doubt.

It was not strange that they were top students because they had always been top students.

Since they were young, they had developed very good study habits.

They spent their third years nervously revising.

As for Shi Jin, most of her time was spent working!


The National Mathematical Olympiad was about to begin.

In past years, this competition would be held before the college entrance examination.

It was a competition that many top students in the country would compete for.

It was also a chance for these top students to prove themselves.

The venue for this years three competitions was the Imperial Capital Traffic University.

Before the competition, there was a final three-day training period.

The top students from all over the country had arrived at Imperial Capital Traffic University early to participate in training and wait for the final competition.

When Shi Jin came in the morning, Ye Ke and Wang Boyan ran over to pick her up.

“Hurry, Shi Jin, the training is about to begin.”

Shi Jin followed them in.

The first training class was mathematics.

The classroom was filled with top students from all over the country.

The moment Shi Jin followed Wang Boyan and Ye Ke into the classroom, the classroom exploded.

“Is that Shi Jin”

“It seems like its really her”

“Will she participate in the competition too”

It wasnt that these sharp fellows were suspicious, but that everyone had overcome all sorts of obstacles to arrive here, but in the previous competitions, they had never heard Shi Jins name.

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