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Chapter 230: Her Job Is Over

Had she written such lyrics to him in the hope that he would change his mind

Chu Ling weighed the pros and cons in his heart.

He had to admit that he was indeed moved.

The lyrics were straightforward yet tactful, as if she was confessing to him.

No man could reject such a pursuit, right


Fus Enterprise.

Due to the importance of todays meeting, everyone knew that they had a heavy responsibility and were prepared for it.

Even though Fu Xiuyuan was the only one who could attend the meeting, every employee knew that this meeting was closely related to their own interests.

Everyone was waiting nervously.

At such a meeting, no one dared to make any mistakes.

There was no trace of a smile on Fu Xiuyuans usually cold face.

He calmly sat at the head of the table and listened to his subordinates reports, but none of the participants dared to underestimate him.

They could feel his immense pressure.

They all knew that although he seemed casual, his brain was working faster than a computer.

Even the slightest mistake could not be hidden from Fu Xiuyuan.

There were some small, but serious mistakes in the reports, which Fu Xiuyuan pointed out casually.

Everyone became more and more nervous.

Sweat drenched the back of their clothes.

Suddenly, someones phone rang.

The ringtone actually had lyrics.

The sudden singing voice made everyone tremble in fear.

How could someone not mute their phone at such a meeting Was this a meeting that would last until tomorrow morning

Everyone looked in the direction of the ringing.

It was a young secretary from upper management.

She had been so busy preparing the materials for the meeting that she had completely forgotten to mute her phone.

However, she kept her phone in her bag.

Everyone looked at her, and she was already extremely nervous.

Though everyones eyes were on her, she could not get her bag open for a long time.

“You asked how deep I love you, how much I love you…” The singing voice on the phone continued.

She was completely flustered and felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

It was over.

Her career was over.

It was completely over.

She wasnt the only one.

No one else dared to look at Fu Xiuyuans face.

The secretary found her cell phone and the song ended as she frantically turned it to silent mode.

However, it was already useless.

Everyone had been forced to listen to this unfamiliar, but soothing love song.

Including Fu Xiuyuan.

A higher-up stood up, trembling with fear.

This was his secretary, and he was partially responsible for what had happened.

“President Fu…”

He had no choice but to look up at Fu Xiuyuan.

However, he didnt see Fu Xiuyuans stern and reproachful look.

Instead, a smile appeared on Fu Xiuyuans face.

This higher-up had worked beside Fu Xiuyuan for many years.

He swore that he had never seen Fu Xiuyuan like this before.

His face was full of gentleness and his eyes were red.

His bright smile pushed away all his aloofness and seriousness, making Fu Xiuyuan look… both happy and entranced.

Everyone else secretly looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

They saw the same scene and couldnt help but feel astonished.

Could it be that the silly secretary, who was flustered and would make mistakes no matter what she did, could really trigger a secret fetish deep in the CEOs heart

As long as he watched such a silly girl make mistakes, her cute actions would arouse the CEOs love

And then they would develop a magical love story where an overbearing CEO fell in love with her

Fu Xiuyuan said calmly, “Meeting adjourned.

Well continue tomorrow.”

With that, he got up from his seat and left.

Song Fan concluded by saying, “Everyone, if there are any problems with the report, fix them and keep up the good work.

Such things cannot happen again at tomorrows meeting, especially… the basic rules of the meeting must be followed.”

Everyone looked at the flustered female secretary again.

Song Fan immediately followed Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan made a gesture to stop him, indicating that there was no need for him to follow.

He went downstairs and went to the parking lot.

He didnt call a driver and simply took the car himself.

He got into the car and started the engine.

He immediately turned on the speakers and found Shi Jins new song.

He logged into his music app account skillfully and clicked the purchase button.

The gentle and elegant female voice soon filled the entire car.

“You ask how deeply I love you

I love you a little

My love is deep and my love is true

The moon represents my heart.

Shi Jins voice, which was filled with spiritual energy, filled his ears with an indescribable gentleness.

It reminded Fu Xiuyuan of her smiling side profile when they were looking at the moon.

“The moon represents my heart…” he muttered in a low voice.

Then, he broke into laughter.

His laughter reverberated in his chest, causing his lips to curl up uncontrollably.


“What moon represents my heart!” Shi Xuexin was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Shi Jin is a liar! She even said that she had forgotten Brother Chu Ling.

Shes just full of lies!”

Her good friend and best friend, Chen Jierou, was consoling her.

“It might not be a song written by Shi Jin to Chu Ling.

A woman like Shi Jin is surrounded by so many men.

She might just be using this method to please him.”

Shi Xuexin said coldly, “So what if she has many men Isnt she trying to seduce Brother Chu Ling on purpose! She even said that the engagement was annulled.

I think she just doesnt know shame!”

“As long as Chu Ling only has you in his heart, no matter what Shi Jin does, it will be useless.

In the end, it will all be for naught,” Chen Jierou said comfortingly.

Shi Xuexin was a little angry.

“Brother Chu Ling will definitely not look at her again.

Shes disgusting.”

Shi Jins existence was extremely annoying.

If she was ignorant and incompetent, it would be fine.

She would only be a foil to Shi Xuexin.

Yet, she could still come up with a good song from time to time, causing Shi Xuexin to feel uneasy.

It was really unbearable.

Chen Jierou rolled her eyes and said, “Shi Jin expended so much effort on confessing to Chu Ling.

When you get engaged to Chu Ling and confess your love to the world, she will be the embarrassed one.”

These words finally pleased Shi Xuexin.

Indeed, what was the point of Shi Jin doing all these useless things

Chu Ling had always been hers!


When Shi Jin wrote this song, her mind had been filled with Fu Xiuyuan and she wasnt thinking of anyone else.

She had no idea what these people were thinking.

She only knew that Yao Jiahong had said that this songs reception was very good, and the number of downloads had pushed it to the top again.

The outside world was full of praise.

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