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Chapter 228: I Believe You

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Seeing that Shi Jin was fine, Gu Jingyuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan was about to kill one of them, Gu Jingyuan shouted, “Fu Xiuyuan! Wait!”

“They deserve to die!” Fu Xiuyuans voice was cold and emotionless.

Shi Jin could tell that that wasnt what Fu Xiuyuan really thought.

She placed her hand on his arm.

“Hubby, wait a sec.”

Fu Xiuyuans arm froze for a moment.

He released his grip on the person who was being strangled.

After being let go, the man panted heavily, his face finally recovering from its ashen state.

Gu Jingyuan said to the four burly men, “Go back and tell my mentor that this is my own decision.

If he still wants me to live well, he shouldnt interfere.”

Of the four people, two were frightened by Fu Xiuyuans punch, while the other two had taken Gu Jingyuans fist.

They were stunned for a moment before they quickly ran away.

“Big Brother, what exactly happened” Shi Jin asked.

“My assistant has a big mouth and told my mentor about me using ancient TCM to perform acupuncture.

My mentor was afraid that I would take the risk, so he got someone to intervene.

Those two people just now came to stop you.

They didnt have any ill intentions, they just wanted to buy time for my mentor so that he could persuade me.”

“I see.” Shi Jin nodded.

She had also sensed that although the pair had come with ill intentions, they were not sincerely evil.

However, Fu Xiuyuan didnt care.

He wouldnt let off anyone who dared to have designs on Shi Jin.

If Gu Jingyuan had not stopped him in time, he might have really broken the necks of those two people just now.

Gu Jingyuan said calmly, “Shi Jin, Ive already made my decision.

My mentor cant stop me.

Lets go in.”

Shi Jin glanced at Fu Xiuyuan, who had a dark expression on his face.

She knew that Fu Xiuyuan would be even more worried if he were to return to work now.

She did not try to persuade him.

Instead, she said, “Wait for me outside.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

Shi Jin followed Gu Jingyuan to the operating theater.

The two of them changed into sterile clothes before entering.

Even though Shi Jin had studied traditional Chinese medicine, she was very fond of the sterile environment of modern medicine and the arrangement of the operating theater.

There were things that ancient TCM was unable to do under traditional conditions.

To have such an environment when performing acupuncture would mean getting twice the result with half the effort.

After Gu Jingyuan lay down, he said, “Dont worry.

You can do it.”

Shi Jin said softly, “The injury on your head is completely different to the injury on Dads legs.

I can only do acupuncture on your head once.

Itll be fine once its healed, but it wont work if its not.

So I hope that you can relax and cooperate with me fully.”

“I trust you,” Gu Jingyuan said.

“Okay, Im going to start now,” said Shi Jin.

Initially, she had been nervous and wanted to give her brother an injection, but Fu Xiuyuan and Gu Jingyuans trust and companionship allowed her to be completely focused.

She picked up a custom-made needle which Fu Xiuyuan had used modern high-tech technology and materials to make according to her request.

Its stability and control were better than traditional needles.

Shi Jin inserted the needle gradually.

The end of the needle trembled slightly.

In the absolutely quiet and sealed space, every sound seemed magnified.

Gu Jingyuan did not even blink as it entered his body.

Two hours passed.

There was a thin layer of sweat on Shi Jins back.

She pursed her lips and waited.

After Gu Jingyuan became partially deaf, it took him a long time to get used to it.

His work was meticulous, and he needed a very good sense of balance.

However, deafness clearly affected this, even though he was equipped with a professional hearing aid early on.

However, it was still an external object.

Compared to the sensitivity of his own organs, it was on a completely different level.

However, he gradually got used to the hearing aid.

After removing the hearing aid, he could not hear any sound at all.

This feeling would sometimes cause him to be imbalanced, making his entire set of senses fail.

Especially when he was sleeping, he would always feel like he could not control the things around him, let alone his body.

At that moment, he was lying on the operating table.

After he took off the hearing aid, this feeling swept over him again, making him feel like his body had lost control of itself.

However, slowly his mind calmed down after the golden needle pierced into him.

He could not tell if it was just a psychological effect or if it was real.

He felt countless streams of air entering his body.

He felt like he had fallen asleep, but at the same time, he also felt like he was still awake.

He felt like he was in a twilight between sleep and consciousness.

Then, his senses gradually recovered.

His ears were suddenly filled with water, as if he was swimming, and he could feel waves of pressure.

He almost reached out to slap his ear, wanting to use a cotton swab to guide the stream of water out.

However, he could not.

He knew that this was an important moment for Shi Jin in performing the acupuncture.

After an indeterminate amount of time had passed, Gu Jingyuan suddenly felt something in his ears, as if the water had been poured out.

The surgery was extremely quiet.

However, Gu Jingyuan felt as if he could hear his own breathing, and the very faint sound of air flowing from the end of the needle.

Then, Shi Jin said softly, “Big Brother, Ive already removed the needles.

Do you feel better”

She clenched her fists.

During the entire process, she had been very calm and focused.

Logically speaking, this treatment had been a success.

However, she still needed Big Brothers personal confirmation.

Gu Jingyuan sat up, and the slight sound of his clothes rubbing against the operating tables bed sheets entered his ears.

Because both his ears could hear now, his balance was much better.

“Its not a little better.” Gu Jingyuan smiled and pressed his tongue against his teeth.

“I think Im fully recovered.”

“Really” Shi Jin said in a very low voice.

“Really.” Gu Jingyuan looked at her with amusement and love.

Shi Jin knew that she had succeeded.

She had successfully administered the acupuncture on her brother without hurting his head.

Seeing how excited she was, Gu Jingyuan felt completely different from his usual calm self.

He hooked his arm around her shoulder and said, “Lets go out.”

The two of them went out together.

Because of the successful acupuncture, Shi Jin was in a good mood.

She took Big Brothers arm and chatted.

Gu Jingyuan was also more interested in her ancient Chinese medicine techniques and discussed them with her.

When the two of them walked out together like this, they felt a little intimate.

Gu Jingyuan saw that a strand of her hair was messy and had fallen on her forehead.

He reached out to smoothen it for her and placed it behind her ear.

Shi Jin smiled and Gu Jingyuan felt like he was in a dream.

In fact, when he had found out that Shi Jin was his biological sister back then, just by looking at her photo, he already had a good impression of her and wanted to take her home and take care of her.

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