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Chapter 226: Follow Me

“Youre right.

When I first acknowledged my master, he also said that the difficulty of ancient TCM lies in the difficulty of learning and quantifying it.

If the results go awry, the students will lose faith.

As time passes, more and more people come to dislike ancient TCM.

However, if we make good use of it, it can definitely treat illnesses and save people.” Shi Jin agreed with Gu Jingyuan.

Although Gu Jingyuan had received a Western education since he was young and had studied medicine in Germany, he was very good at considering and discussing these problems.

During this period of time, he had read many ancient Chinese medicine books.

Although there were some concepts that were vastly different from what he had learned when he was young, he still benefited greatly from them.

His discussion with Shi Jin had inspired him.

He could not help sharing what he had learned with her.

After a meal, the relationship between the siblings was no longer as indifferent as it had been before.

After the meal, Gu Jingyuans face was filled with anticipation.

“If youre going to teach me acupuncture techniques, Ill study further and see if I can find more treatment principles through the tools.”


Then, Brother, does your previous colleague still want to read my ancient Chinese medicine book Ill give it to him,” Shi Jin asked with a smile.

Gu Jingyuan touched the tip of his nose.

“Sure, he said he wants it.”

Shi Jin smiled.

Gu Jingyuan walked out with her naturally.

When they got into the car, he said, “So, help me with my treatment this weekend.

Come to the hospital Im at.

Dont let Mom and Dad know.”

“How will we get the consent form signed”

“Ill figure it out myself.”

Gu Jingyuan did not want his parents to worry.

Even if something happened, he would bear it himself.

Shi Jin agreed to give Gu Jingyuan an acupuncture treatment this weekend.

Shi Jin was very calm.

She had been doing her own things for the past two days and was not panicking at all, but by Friday night, she couldnt help feeling nervous.

During dinner, Fu Xiuyuan realized that she had something on her mind.

She picked up her chopsticks and placed some food into the bowl.

Then, she continued to feed herself rice and did not eat anything else.

A hint of worry appeared on her usually calm face.

Fu Xiuyuan put down his chopsticks and sat down beside her.

When Shi Jin felt him coming over, she loosened her grip on the chopsticks and almost dropped them.

“Whats wrong” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“Has Dads injury regressed”

He called Li Juekai “Dad” very smoothly and it did not sound out of place.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“Tomorrow, I will give my elder brother acupuncture treatment to treat his ears.

Since he hurt them, he has not been able to find any effective treatment.

His hearing is currently damaged.”

Fu Xiuyuan understood what she meant.

“Treating ears involves the head, so its more difficult.”

“Thats right! Even if I make mistakes with my fathers legs, he wont suffer any more serious injuries.

However, to treat my brothers ears, I have to go through the meridians in his head.

At that time, my fathers injury was helped by having my brother as the main force, but now Im the only one who can treat his ears.”

It was normal for Shi Jin to be worried.

This was a common problem among many doctors.

When treating an outsider, they could be clear and logical.

However, illnesses would happen to family members.

Even if it was just a minor surgery, many doctors would be so nervous that their hands would tremble.

They would rather ask their colleagues to help them than to do it personally.

Shi Jin was in a dilemma.

If it were someone else who had injured their ears and had to have acupuncture done on the meridians of their brain, she would have full confidence in herself.

Even if she were to do it right now, she would not be afraid, but this was Big Brother!

She sighed softly.

“I might lose sleep tonight.”

If she had insomnia, the risk of messing up tomorrow would be higher.

She was feeling vexed when Fu Xiuyuan took her hand.

“Let me take you somewhere,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.


His hand moved from her fingers and covered her eyes.

“Come with me.”

Shi Jins vision was blocked but her other senses were exceptionally sharp.

The mans sleeve gently caressed her face, bringing about a slight rustling sound.

There was a cold pine scent on his body, mixed with the scent of the essence of the yao orchid she had made.

The two fragrances were not actually fused together, but they strangely combined into a very pleasant, light fragrance, just like his own.

She followed his footsteps with ease and walked with him.

Knowing that she was loved, that sense of security allowed him to take her anywhere.

A moment later, Shi Jin touched something cold.

Fu Xiuyuan let go.

She opened her eyes.

After adapting to the light, she saw a super handsome motorcycle!

Shi Jins eyes lit up! She had been lusting after this bike for a long time, but because it was a limited edition, she hadnt been able to buy it.

She could only admire pictures on the computer.

“So youre taking me on a bike ride”

“A ride will help you relax,” Fu Xiuyuan said calmly, but there was a hint of nervousness in his voice.

It was just that his appearance was overly cold and abstinent.

It was very deceptive.

Even if he was nervous, he still appeared super cold and invincible.

He would not let Shi Jin notice anything amiss.

He had long wanted to take Shi Jin for a ride.

This way, the girl would sit behind him and wrap her arms around his waist as tightly as possible while leaning her face against his back.

However, in the past, Shi Jin had rejected him without any hesitation.

She had not even bothered to look at him.

After he found out that Shi Jin liked this motorcycle, he had planned to buy it for her, but he had never had the chance.

Shi Jin agreed with Fu Xiuyuan.

“A ride would indeed be very relaxing.

How could I forget”

She reached out and decisively put on the helmet, and in the blink of an eye, Fu Xiuyuan was ready as well.

Shi Jin said valiantly, “Get on!”

Fu Xiuyuan recalled the feeling of her slender arms wrapped around his waist… In the next second, Shi Jin had already started the bike.

She swung herself onto the seat beautifully and reminded him, “Fu Xiuyuan Arent you getting on”

Fu Xiuyuans serious face broke into a smile, as if his dream had been realized.

After he got on, Shi Jin said naturally, “Wrap your arms around my waist! The B120 Phantom of the Confederation starts very quickly.

It only takes 0.6 seconds to reach its maximum speed! Hold me tight!”

Upon hearing her last words, Fu Xiuyuan no longer had the energy to think about anything else.

He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around Shi Jin.

Her waist was very thin, and when he wrapped his arms around it, it felt as if she was weak and boneless.

Through the thin shirt, the heat from below spread to his palms.

Fu Xiuyuans mind was filled with lustful thoughts, making his eyes turn red.

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