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Chapter 225: I Want to Try If Its You

So what if he was once Best Actor It was not as if he had allowed his daughter to enjoy a life of comfort.

Even if he were to make a comeback now, the outside world would be filled with doubts.

Shi Xuexin said, “Our family was indeed in a bad state when we were young.

Perhaps he ruined his legs and did not have the ability to support the family.”

“Speaking of which, hes quite pitiful.

I heard that hes making a comeback now and has even tied himself to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin probably wants Li Juekai to stand out and earn some retirement money.” Yuxiu Hua felt that her guess was right.

“Its easy to earn money in this circle now.

I heard that its easy to earn millions.

Its normal for Shi Jin to be envious.”

This guess was very reasonable, and Shi Xuexin thought so too.

However, if an outdated Best Actor wanted to make a comeback, it would be easy to earn money, but it would be difficult to become famous.

This was no longer the era of the past.

Yuxiu Hua thought for a while before reminding her seriously, “Shi Jin dragged her family into the entertainment industry.

I dont know if she will take advantage of Chu Lings popularity in the future.

You have to watch him closely.”

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming were also discussing this matter.

“Brother, its a good thing that you didnt fight for the role.

Otherwise, you would have really been screwed over by Liu Ning and Li Juekai.” Wen Yongwei also had a lingering fear in her heart.

Fortunately, she had tried several times in the past, butBurning Sun, Long Sky had rejected her request to compose the theme song, even though Kang Cheng had used many of his connections

At that time, he was very disappointed.

However, now that he thought about it, it was a blessing in disguise.

Wen Yaoming took a sip of the water and said, “Dad has foresight.

He was prepared to invest inBurning Sun, Long Sky, but when he heard the news, he decisively withdrew his investment.

Finally, he didnt implicate himself.

Isnt it good to invest in another movie”

When Wen Yongwei saw that Shi Jin and Liu Ning had a good relationship, she couldnt help but laugh.

“I heard that Li Juekai is Shi Jins father” Wen Yaoming gossiped.

“Ive never heard that before.” Wen Yongwei had indeed been clueless about it in the past.

“In this industry, outdated actors are worse than pigs.”

With that, she shook her head and did not say anything else.


After Liu Ning received the investment, he instantly had the confidence to look for the director and confirm the team.

After the directors matter was settled, Liu Nings production team was basically fully prepared.

As for finding a supporting actor, it was too easy.

Although the famous actors refused to take part anyway, because they were unwilling to lower their status to be Li Juekais supporting actor, there were still many actors waiting for an opportunity.

As long as it was acting work, they would not give up.

However, these actors were either not famous or had no background.

Other than their enthusiasm and acting skills, there was nothing else that the other production teams liked.

They could only seek opportunities on their own.

Shi Jin and Liu Ning discussed it for a while before they walked out.

Outside, Gu Jingyuan was leaning against a car, seemingly waiting for someone.

When he put on his white coat, he looked very professional.

After changing into casual clothes, his face was still very young.

Only his calm expression could barely distinguish him from the university students.

Shi Jin paused and continued walking towards him.

“Big brother.”

Hearing Shi Jins voice, Gu Jingyuan looked up at her.

There was some warmth between his brows.

Shi Jin asked, “Are you here for work”

“No, Im here to pick you up,” Gu Jingyuan said.

“Get in.”

Shi Jin was slightly surprised.

She had not expected him to come looking for her.

“Lets find a place to eat and talk.” Gu Jingyuan got into the car with her.

They arrived at a quiet restaurant.

The waiter quickly brought the menu over.

Without asking Shi Jin, he ordered a few dishes and passed the menu back to the waiter.

Shi Jin knew that he had something important to tell her.

She reached out and poured him some tea.

“Brother, why are you looking for me”

“Shi Jin, I want you… to treat my ears.”

When Gu Jingyuan spoke, he was hesitant at first.

However, when he uttered the latter half of the sentence, he had already made up his mind and his tone became serious.

He was not joking at all.

He was pleading seriously.

Shi Jin had expected him to look for her, but she hadnt expected it to happen so soon.

She looked at Gu Jingyuan seriously.

“Big Brother, youve said before that there are many areas in ancient TCM that cannot be explained by science.

If you dont believe in this treatment, then the effects will be greatly reduced.

Ear problems are never simple.

The meridians that run through the brain are quite sensitive.”

This was also the reason why Shi Jin dared to lay her hands on Li Juekais legs, but had not discussed hearing with Gu Jingyuan.

She was waiting.

Waiting until her research was more mature.

She was waiting for Gu Jingyuan to believe her more.

Ancient TCM was different from modern western medicine, and acupuncture required cooperation between patients and doctors.

The effect was good on Li Juekai because he trusted his daughter wholeheartedly.

Even if he thought that Shi Jin was just fooling around, he wouldnt resist at all.

Gu Jingyuan picked up his teacup and took a sip.

“Ive already thought about it.

Not to mention the inconvenience caused to my life after I became deaf in one ear, as a surgeon, its inevitable that there will be some restrictions when I perform surgeries.

Especially with the recent few times, Im worried that the hearing aid will mysteriously drop and affect my performance.

This kind of mentality is already interfering with my life.”

“Big brother, are you willing to let me try something risky”

“If its you, I want to try.” Gu Jingyuans gaze landed on the bracelet on her wrist.

Shi Jin noticed and raised her hand.

“Its the gift you gave me when you came to visit me that time.

I like it very much.

Thank you, Big Brother.”

When she said this, she let down her guard.

She was soft and cute, and Gu Jingyuan couldnt help but laugh.

The waiter started to serve the dishes and Gu Jingyuan passed the chopsticks to her.

All the dishes were Shi Jins favorites.

The two of them hadnt actually eaten much together before, but Gu Jingyuan remembered everything.

Shi Jin smiled at him, but her heart was so soft.

She had once been loved by so many people seriously and deeply, but she hadnt noticed it.

Fortunately, they still loved her.

How lucky was she to be able to continue being loved

She picked up the chopsticks and picked up some food for Gu Jingyuan.

After Gu Jingyuan injured his ear, he became very depressed.

Now that he was in a good mood, he started to talk more.

“Shi Jin, Ive thought about it.

The reason why many people think that ancient Chinese medicine is useless is because there are many principles behind it that no one knows about.

But secondly, its also because this skill is extremely difficult to master.

Many people try to earn money when they arent skilled enough, thus ruining the reputation of the industry.

If one really learns it well and understands its intricacies, it will be no worse than Western medicine at treating certain illnesses.”

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