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Chapter 223: Only 300-400 million

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Shi Jin smiled.

“Yes, I believe what my brother said.”

In the parking lot, Gu Qingqing walked towards the two of them quickly and went forward to support Li Juekai.

“Hubby, are you alright Is Shi Jin here too” Gu Qingqing looked worried.

“Mom, Dads legs are fine.”

Hearing that, Gu Qingqing felt relieved and said, “You dont need me to accompany you and insisted on going in by yourself.

You even said that you wanted to see if you could walk alone.

You made me worry for a long time.”

“Its tiring for you to support me every time.

I want you to rest more.” Li Juekai smiled.

When Shi Jin saw her parents like this, she instantly felt that she was glowing.

Gu Qingqing looked at Shi Jin and said, “Shi Jin, its all thanks to you that your fathers legs recovered.

With you around, hes in a good mood every day.”

Li Juekai smiled and said, “Our daughter is back.

Arent you in a good mood too”

The two of them still felt that Shi Jin was more important to his recovery than her acupuncture.

To put it bluntly, the two of them did not know much about Shi Jins medical skills and it was hard for them to believe her completely.

Shi Jin did not explain further.

After all, her parents were not evil.

Everyone had their own limitations and that was normal.

On the other hand, her parents insisted on her performing acupuncture even though they did not understand her medical skills.

This kind of supportive love was truly rare and precious.

At the thought of this, Shi Jin said, “Dad, Mom, Ill accompany you back first.

Dads legs still need some time to recuperate.”

After the protagonist of “Burning Sun, Long Sky” was settled as Li Juekai, there was a lot of discussion in the outside world.

Some young fans had never heard of the name Li Juekai.

“Who is it Ive never heard of him.”

A movie fan came out to explain.

“You dont know Hes the Best Actor from more than twenty years ago.

If you kids go home and ask your parents and grandparents, someone will definitely know.”

“So, what kind of movie is this Why did they hire such an old person to act in it”

“Jinxins script is not a youth idol movie.

I heard that this time, its a very heartfelt artistic film.”

“Sigh, without my brother acting, Im not interested in any movies anymore.”

Whether it was the fans or the media, everyone in the outside world was lamenting.

Liu Ning was also under a lot of pressure.

After seeing the news, the person-in-charge gave him a call.

“Cant you choose someone younger Someone who has fans At least someone famous”

“I really cant.

Jinxin said that this movie was written for Li Juekai.”

“Youre a producer and youre still under the screenwriters orders”

Liu Ning said, “This is what I promised Jinxin.”

“Then you can wait while we withdraw your investment!” When the other parties heard this, they all slammed the phone down.

Liu Ning was furious.

It wasnt that he hadnt expected this outcome, but it was still painful to be hit by an investor.

This time, he was going to be scratching his head over the money.

He took the phone book and looked for investors one by one.

During the day, he made more than 500 calls.

When they heard that they were going to shoot Jinxins new script, most of the investors were especially interested and expressed that they could invest in it.

However, when they heard that the main lead had to be Li Juekai, they all retreated.

Someone asked, “Who is Li Juekai”

Some people knew Li Juekai, but they also knew that his legs were not good.

There were also people who liked the newer generation of young actors, and so on and so forth.

After more than 500 calls were made, Liu Ning did not find another investor willing to talk to him.

He finally realized that he was indeed old.

This was not the same era that had belonged to him and Li Juekai more than twenty years ago.

Back then, as long as he mentioned Li Juekais name, he would not need to waste any effort.

When he thought of Li Juekai, he realized that he had not visited him in so long.

Liu Ning immediately bought some tonics and drove to the hospital.

He found Li Juekais ward very quickly.

However, the sky had already turned dark.

He had come at the wrong time.

Li Juekai had already been forced to sleep early by Gu Qingqing.

This was what Gu Jingyuan and Shi Jin had strongly requested.

It was best for him to sleep early and wake up early to recover from his injury.

“Im so sorry for making you come all the way here for nothing.” Gu Qingqing also knew Liu Ning, and she knew that he was working with her husband and daughter.

“Its fine, its fine.

Let Brother Li have a good rest.

Sister-in-law, this is for Brother Li.

Ill find timep to visit him again.”

Gu Qingqing accepted the gift and sent him out.

“Sorry to trouble you, Xiao Liu.”

“Not at all.

Back then, Brother Li and you took good care of me.

Now that I have the chance to work with Brother Li again, my heart is really full,” Liu Ning said sincerely.

Gu Qingqing had a feeling that he wanted to say something, but was hesitating, as if he had some difficulties.

“Little Liu, did you encounter any problems”

“N-nothing.” Liu Ning had originally wanted to tell Gu Qingqing, but he was afraid that if he did, it would delay Li Juekais recovery.

If Brother Li really ended up healing more slowly, Liu Ning was afraid that Shi Jin would skin him alive!

The most difficult part of this matter was the investment.

Liu Ning had experienced ups and downs in the past few years, and he didnt have much money left.

Otherwise, he could have just invested in it himself.

“If theres anything, let me know,” Gu Qingqing said.

Liu Ning nodded and walked out quickly.

Even if he told Shi Jin, he couldnt tell Gu Qingqing.

Otherwise, how could this be called visiting a patient Wouldnt this be creating trouble for others

As he walked out of the door, he received a call from an investor.

He had not gotten through to this investor today, but the man had already replied to him.

“Li Juekai Are you sure Cant he be replaced I acknowledge Li Juekais accolades and his past results, but he hasnt filmed for more than twenty years.

How can he keep up with the pace of young people nowadays”

“Brother Wang, we really cant replace him here.

Brother Li was very popular back then and his acting skills were also very good.

As long as we give him some time… Brother Wang Brother Wang” Without waiting for Liu Ning to finish speaking, the other party had hung up.

Liu Ning sat down on the stairs with his phone in his hand.

Gu Qingqing quietly turned around and walked back.

“Mom, whats wrong” Gu Jingyuan walked over and saw Gu Qingqing walking over, looking a little worried.

“Jingyuan, let me ask you, in this day and age, how much do you need to invest in a movie”

Gu Jingyuan thought for a while and said, “Well, those special effects are especially good now.

The audience will be from all over the world.

Their budget should be around one billion yuan or so.

Normally, major domestic movies cost more than 300 to 400 million yuan to make.

The rest are mostly 100 to 200 million yuan.”

“What Three or four hundred million yuan” Gu Qingqing was confused.

“What is Liu Ning worrying about”

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