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Chapter 222: How Willful

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Recalling Shi Jins passionate love in the past, Chu Ling wanted to go up and talk to her.

However, Jin Sui had already left.

Chu Ling could only restrain himself and follow him.

The cold wind outside woke Chu Ling up.

Why did he feel sorry for Shi Jin There was no need, really.

Shi Xuexin was the most gentle and generous person he knew.

She was also the one who had been most helpful to his career.

He thought about Li Juekais familiar face.

Suddenly, he woke up.

Li Juekai Damaged legs Sitting in a wheelchair Wasnt that Shi Jins biological father who had come with Shi Jin the last time

At that time, Li Juekai had a bleak feeling, so even though Chu Ling felt that he looked familiar, he had quickly thrown that feeling away.

The Li Juekai today was obviously the famous actor Li Juekai.

So he and Shi Jin were father and daughter.

It turned out that the Li family was not as poor as the rumors said.

However, even if he was not poor, Li Juekai had already been away from the entertainment circle for more than twenty years.

His family background had already fallen, and he was only so-so.

No wonder he had to live in a small town.

Now, had Li Juekai come back because he felt that money in the entertainment industry was easy to earn

It was a pity that the entertainment industry was no longer the same as it was twenty years ago.

One could not rise up just because one was slightly handsome.

At the thought of this, Chu Lings feelings towards Shi Jin faded.

He did not want anyone to drain him anymore.

At the venue.

Liu Ning went up to Li Juekai.

“Brother Li, Ive waited for this day for so long!”

Li Juekai patted his shoulder.

“Thank you for the script.”

The two of them had been partners for many years back then.

Following Li Juekais withdrawal from the industry, Liu Ning had also fallen in status.

After Li Juekai was injured, he had refused to let Liu Ning visit him and gradually broke off contact.

This time, Jinxin had brought the script and asked him to try his best to find a suitable person, and Li Juekais figure immediately appeared in his mind.

If it were not for this script, and if he had not coincidentally found out that Li Juekai was in the hospital, this role might not have been offered to Li Juekai.

When his old partner saw him, he was naturally unable to contain his joy.

The two of them began to converse with each other.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming witnessed this scene with their own eyes.

The siblings found it unbelievable.

Wen Yaomings heart softened as he said to Wen Yongwei, “Xiaowei, lets go.”

“Arent you going to fight for the role and opportunity” Wen Yongwei asked.

Were they going to give up their shared opportunity just like that

Wen Yaoming said, “Didnt you hear that the investors dont want to invest in this movie just now Just now, Dads secretary also sent me a message.

Because Liu Ning and Jinxin insisted that Li Juekai play the role, the investors have already entered a wait-and-see state.

Im afraid they wont want to continue investing inBurning Sun, Long Sky.”

Wen Yongwei immediately understood something.

“I see.

A good script, good team, actors, and good investments should be indispensable.

Li Juekai is unknown in the entertainment industry now.

Its really worrying.”

“Also, I heard that Li Juekais leg is better, but he still needs time to recuperate, and we dont know if hell relapse.

How would the investors dare to put money directly into such an uncontrollable project” Wen Yaoming shook his head and said, “For the sake of personal feelings, Producer Liu really doesnt intend to let this project that he was supposed to earn money with make a profit.

That screenwriter is also… really willful.”

After some analysis, Wen Yaoming didnt even want to fight for the role of the second male lead anymore.

Wen Yongwei also planned to leave for a better opportunity.

She looked up and saw that Shi Jin was walking towards Liu Ning and Li Juekai.

Her eyes were filled with passion and sincerity, and there was no sign of her usual indifference.

Wen Yongwei smiled.

Why did Shi Jin like to fight for the same thing as her

“Brother, lets go.” Since it was something she did not want, Wen Yongwei felt that it was fine to let Shi Jin take it.

In the blink of an eye, everyone left.

‘Burning Sun, Long Sky, a project that everyone had been optimistic about and that was popular with the public, had suddenly turned into a hot potato that investors were avoiding.

When Li Juekai saw the situation at the scene, his gaze could not help but turn cold.

He was all too clear about the cause of the current situation.

“Xiao Liu, are you sure you want me to act in this” Li Juekai did not want to drag his friend down because of a momentary preference.

Xiao Liu was a nickname from the past.

After more than twenty years, when Liu Ning heard this nickname again, her heart couldnt help but waver.

“Its not that Im sure about you, its this screenwriter.

She said that if you dont act, shell let the script rot in her hands,” Liu Ning said.

“So, you must not let such a good script go to waste…”

“Yes, Dad.

We must not let this script rot.” Shi Jin walked over.

Liu Ning looked at Shi Jin in shock and disbelief.

“Youre Brother Lis daughter”

“Yes…” Shi Jin blinked.

Liu Ning suddenly understood why even though he had been unable to contact Li Juekai for so many years, now, he could suddenly contact him and hand the script over.

It turned out that Shi Jin had put in a lot of effort here.

He had thought that he and Shi Jin were telepathic and had chosen Best Actor Li to be the main lead this time.

It turned out that when Shi Jin wrote the script, it had been based on her fathers image.

He finally understood why Shi Jin didnt want him to reveal her identity as the screenwriter, Jinxin.

She had to keep it a secret.

If Li Juekai knew that this was the script written by Shi Jin, he would probably feel very pressured to recover.

He would probably be afraid that he would not be able to act well in the script written by his daughter, right

“Youve known Shi Jin for a long time” Li Juekai looked at Liu Ning.

Liu Ning clapped his hands.

“DoesntBurning Sun, Long Sky require a composer for the theme song I feel that Shi Jins composing ability is not bad, so I intend to ask her.”

This reason was very credible.

Li Juekai believed it immediately and smiled at his daughter.

“My daughters creative ability is indeed not bad.

Xiao Liu, after so many years, your taste is still decent.”

Liu Ning burst out laughing.

“Of course! Otherwise, how could I have been your partner back then”

Shi Jin held Li Juekais arm.

“Dad, I heard from Producer Liu that you dont have to rush to film this movie.

You have to take care of your health first.

You can only join the cast when Big Brother says that you are completely fine and can work.”

Liu Ning immediately said, “Yes, Ill wait for you! Dont worry, dont panic!”

Because Liu Ning had been very loyal to Li Juekai for many years, Li Juekai did not suspect anything when he said that.

After everything was settled, Shi Jin accompanied Li Juekai out.

Li Juekai touched her hair gently.

“Dont worry about my legs..

Your big brother said that itll be fine.”

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