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Chapter 221: Hidden Love and Followers

Everyone at the venue was arguing non-stop.

For the sake of Jinxins script, these investors even directly offered their money.

The investor was a businessman.

He was rich and straightforward.

Chu Ling and Wen Yaoming couldnt be bothered to talk much.

Some actors only hated themselves for not being like them.

They could only watch the investors argue, but the actors would not say anything.

Liu Ning could not help but shake his head.

For some people, movies were dreams, beliefs, and the medium that conveyed the emotions and souls of the characters.

They were works of art that allowed the audience to feel new things and expand their horizons, but in some peoples eyes, film was just a commodity they invested in to make money.

Although there was indeed no shame in earning money, these investors shouting and stepping on Li Juekai at the same time made people feel repulsed from the bottom of their hearts.

Shi Jin frowned and looked at the investors coldly.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

Everyone stopped arguing and looked towards the door.

At this moment, all the lights in the venue were cast on the entrance, and the light fell directly on a person.

Li Juekai was tall and slender.

His face was full of wisdom and maturity after going through the passages of time.

He was well-mannered and refined.

He was the Best Actor of the past and also the dream lover of countless people.

His facial features were still extremely charming.

“Its Li Juekai! Oh my god, its really him!”

“Li Juekai is here! Is this the Best Actor from back then Wasnt the Best Actor from back then too handsome”

“Is he coming back Im looking forward to whats going on.”

“This… hes really very handsome and charismatic! Ive seen the first three pages of the Burning Sun, Long Sky script.

At first, I couldnt imagine who theyd get to play such a role.

But once Li Juekai came over, I knew the male lead would have his face!”

Many people in the venue were already discussing things fervently.

The real Best Actor had not faded away due to the passage of time.

Instead, he had been polished like a pearl, becoming more low-key yet more precious.

Li Juekais unique handsomeness left Chu Ling and Wen Yaoming in the dust.

When everyone saw him, they finally understood what it meant to be the light of the Chinese film industry and what it meant to be recognized as the worlds best actor.

He paused at the door and strode in.

Everyone gasped again.

“Li Juekais legs are healed!”

“Hes fine!”

The investor who had spoken earlier was also very embarrassed.

“I saw it with my own eyes…”

“Thank you for your concern.

I was indeed in a car accident back then, and I was left unable to walk.

But fortunately, my family has always been by my side, accompanying me in my recovery.

Now, my legs have already recovered to their original state.” Li Juekai spoke, his voice loud and clear with a hint of anger.

Even though he spoke as if it was a normal conversation, everyone could hear every word clearly.

This also allowed everyone to see the difference between an artiste and a real actor who did not need any direction and had been trained to be the best actor on set.

Li Juekais legs had recovered a few nights ago.

It was the night that Shi Jin and Gu Jingyuan had predicted.

That night, Gu Jingyuan stayed by his side.

For the first half of the night, Li Juekai felt that his legs were numb, and there were even waves of dull pain.

Pain gnawed at his nerves, making him sweat profusely and get worked up.

His legs had lost feeling for many years, so even the pain was strange and pleasant.

Gu Jingyuan was already prepared.

He immediately applied medicine and diagnosed him.

In the latter half of the night, his pain gradually lessened and the normal feeling in his legs slowly recovered.

Gu Qingqing had been taking care of him for many years, massaging him every day, so his leg muscles were well maintained and had not shrunk at all.

Therefore, after his nerves recovered, Li Juekai could go to the ground normally the next day and undergo simple recovery training.

After one day, he was able to once again walk a long distance and go for a walk with Gu Qingqing in the hospital garden.

His leg injury had improved after so many years, and all the doctors and nurses in the hospital were shocked.

Because of this, Gu Jingyuan became even more famous.

Even the hospitals and schools in Germany immediately arranged for people to come over to learn from him.

However, Gu Jingyuans mind was filled with images of Shi Jins acupuncture.

After Li Juekai became able to walk, he hid it from Shi Jin and wanted to give her a surprise.

Hence, the family of three had been silent for the past few days and had not mentioned all of this to Shi Jin.

When Shi Jin came to the hospital, Li Juekai pretended that although he could feel his legs, he could not walk yet.

So at this moment, when Li Juekai walked over by himself, everyone was surprised and shocked.

Only Shi Jin was pleasantly surprised!

Her father had really stood up! There was no problem with his legs!

Not only that, after his legs were injured, the gray aura that covered his entire body had been swept away.

He had recovered his vigor from back then and was full of high spirits.

It had been two lifetimes, and this was the first time that Shi Jin had seen Li Juekai stand up.

She only realized now that her father was so tall, so full of vigor and charm.

This was his original appearance.

Shi Jins eyes sparkled slightly.

She had to hold her joy in order to not lose her composure.

Li Juekai continued, “Initially, I didnt plan to make a comeback.

However, the script ofBurning Sun, Long Sky gave me such a strong sense of motivation.

Im willing to act in this movie.”

The screenwriter, Jinxin, was interested in him, and Li Juekai was willing to accept this as well, making the investors lose interest.

The idea of buying the script naturally fell through.

However, these people had not achieved their goals, so they could not help but feel sad in their hearts.

“So what if Li Juekai is handsome There arent many young people who know him now.

Besides, he hasnt taken a role for more than twenty years.

How much of his acting skills can he have retained”

With this thought, everyone felt better.

Jin Sui felt irritated when he saw that Liu Ning and Jinxin would rather choose Li Juekai than him.

He stopped talking and just stood there silently.

Jin Sui waited for a while and found a suitable time to say goodbye before leaving.

Since Jin Sui couldnt take part in the movie, Chu Ling naturally couldnt take part in it either, much less play a supporting role for a Best Actor who had been out of the industry for more than twenty years.

Although it was a pity, he could only leave.

When they left, Chu Ling instinctively searched for Shi Jin.

She had come for him, but had not come forward to talk to him.

Chu Ling did not know why, but his heart ached for her.

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