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Chapter 220: Li Juekai Is Here Personally

At present, Wen Yaoming was only famous and not very popular.

However, the Wen Family he was from was a musical family and was quite famous in their sphere.

Jin Sui recognized him.

Jin Sui knew what he was planning.

He immediately smiled and said, “A good actor has to work hard to fit the role and not use it as a chance to accommodate himself.

Yaoming, dont you think so”

Wen Yaoming was not to be outdone either.

“But if the difference between the characters and the actors is too huge, or even goes in the opposite direction, it will be hard to avoid getting half the results with twice the effort.”

“That will depend on how skilled the actor is.” Jin Sui still had a smile on his face, but his tone was much harsher.

Shi Jin was very close and could hear all of this clearly.

A distant and cold smile appeared on her lips.

The people immediately started arguing.

Did they really think that the characters were all theirs Did they think that their internal distribution was enough

Wen Yaoming believed that as long as his family was willing to pay, there would definitely be a chance.

Xiuli Entertainment believed that as long as they were willing to produce a Best Actor, they could bring Chu Ling along.

Who gave them such confidence

Sensing the change in Shi Jins aura, Liu Ning glanced at her.

Seeing the impatience in Shi Jins nonchalant expression, Liu Ning did not allow them to argue anymore.

Instead, he said, “The three of you have your own unique way of thinking.

Its really an eye-opener for me.

Actually, if everyone is willing to play a supporting role, you can come to the audition and let the director decide.

Theres really no need to fight over it.”

Hearing Liu Nings words, Chu Ling noticed something.

“Supporting role Senior Jin has just won the title of Best Actor.

He wont be a supporting player for anyone at the moment.”

“Therefore, we really dont dare to invite Best Actor Jin to audition forBurning Sun, Long Sky,” Liu Ning said.

“After all, weve already decided on the leading role.

We really wouldnt dare to let theBest Actor Jin play a supporting part.”

“Its been decided”

The three of them werent the only ones who were surprised.

Even the people around them were holding their wine glasses and walking towards the film set.

Rumor had it that the script of “Burning Sun, Long Sky” was solid and that it was going to hit the jackpot.

Capitalists and actors flocked to it.

Everyone present today had a purpose in coming.

Otherwise, who would attend such a gala

When they heard that the main cast had been decided, everyone couldnt help but feel disappointed.

At the same time, they really wanted to know who was going to be involved!

Jin Sui had high hopes for this movie.

However, he only saw three pages of the script and nothing more.

His curiosity was piqued.

“Producer Liu, who did you choose”

“Its Li Juekai,” Producer Liu said directly.

Chu Ling and Wen Yaoming were young and did not know this name.

However, an older person next to him said, “Are you talking about the Golden Palm Chinese actor who won the Best Male Lead Award for the first time, the only Chinese actor who won the award at the Man Island Film Festival, and the male lead who created the movieRed Soil that year”

Hearing this, some others remembered.

More than twenty years ago, when the film industry and entertainment industry had not been too corrupted by money, the older generation of moviegoers had held onto their dreams and beliefs.

When they were working hard in this industry, it was the golden period of S Countrys movies.

Li Juekai was a talent that had appeared out of nowhere and was definitely the chosen one.

The older generation relished the memory.

“In order to film Red Soil, I remember that Li Juekai went to a northwestern village and stayed there for an entire year to experience the local culture.”

“Yeah, I remember that hes both professional and talented.

Do you still remember the movieThe World One of the scenes is still being talked about by people.

That scene was based on Li Juekais improvisation.”

“Thinking of Li Juekai reminds me of that golden era.”

“But…” Jin Sui opened his mouth and interrupted everyones reminiscing.

“Arent Li Juekais legs broken How can he act as the main character”

Someone immediately remembered.

“Yes, thats true! More than twenty years ago, Li Juekai was in his prime and was at the peak of his career.

However, he suddenly retreated in a rush and announced his retreat from acting.

After that, there was no more news from him.

There was still one year when I was overseas and accidentally met him, only then did I realize that his legs were ruined and he was in a wheelchair.”

It was also because someone had coincidentally bumped into him that the reporters had released the news of him damaging his legs.

At that time, the news was saying, “The glory of the former Best Actor is gone, and he now has to spend his days in a wheelchair after hurting his legs”.

However, he was no longer popular with the public.

The younger generation did not know him at all.

The films that he had been in back then were mostly small-scale artistic films.

Only the most loyal fans and members of the older generation still remembered his name.

Therefore, when this piece of news was released, it did not cause any waves at all.

Jin Sui himself was very familiar with Li Juekai because he was around the same age as Li Juekai and had worked with him before.

When he saw news about him, he couldnt help but pay attention to it.

Chu Ling shook his head and said, “Producer Liu, since the Movie King you mentioned has lost the use of his legs, then… theres really no need for him to act, right”

Wen Yaoming also said, “Yeah, why are you doing this, Producer Liu”

Some older people remembered that Liu Ning and Li Juekai had a good personal relationship and couldnt help but say, “Producer Liu, we cant talk too much about personal feelings when it comes to business cooperation.

Speaking of which, the possibility ofBurning Sun, Long Sky exploding is very high, but theres really no need to ruin the commercial operations of the movie just because of some personal feelings.

We still have to choose a strong main cast.”

However, Liu Ning was very persistent.

“I appreciate everyones good intentions.

However, this movie was created by the scriptwriter for Li Juekai.

Even I cant change the scriptwriters original intention.”

Everyone could not help but find it funny.

“Although the screenwriter is important, theres no need to elevate her to this height, right”

“No matter how good the script is, we still need the cooperation of the entire production team.

Only suitable actors can pull off a finished product.

Besides, can Li Juekai… really act in it”

One of the investors said loudly, “Li Juekais legs wont recover.

Ive already asked around! This screenwriter must wait for Li Juekais words.

The script forBurning Sun, Long Sky will only rot in his hands! Producer Liu, why dont you get the screenwriter to contact me Ill buy this script!”

“Yes, Im willing to pay too! As long as the screenwriter is willing to sell this script, it doesnt matter how much it costs.

Dont let this good script be ruined by Li Juekai who has a crappy leg!”

The door suddenly opened and a person entered.

It was Li Juekai himself!

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