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Fu Xiuyuan clearly knew that Shi Jin was reminding him not to do it either, but he was not angry and did not blame her.

Instead, he liked it a lot since it meant that his girl knew that he cared about her.

Would she care if he got hurt as well

His actions automatically got a little rougher just thinking about it.

Shi Jin pulled her foot back from the pain with her eyes smiling.

“Im going to bathe.”

Fu Xiuyuan felt a void in his heart when her foot left his hand.

After contemplating for a while, he pulled out his phone and blacklisted Deng Yufei.

Even though he wanted to know more about her, he should not use this method.

After the last live performance, the last thirty contestants were ranked.

In the next segment of the competition, the contestants that come in the last ten would get eliminated based on their combined results for the last two rounds.

Hence, the upcoming contest was very important.

“The next round is a team effort.

Everyone will be tested for their abilities to collaborate to write music and perform.” The host introduced the rules from backstage.

“Members of every team will draw lots to form a duo to perform and get voted on.

Only the top 20 contestants can make it to the next round.”

“For teams with odd numbers, one of the contestants will have the chance to draw the Lucky Lot and get to collaborate and perform with your instructor.”

“Those with even numbers will just team up with each other based on their lots.

If neither contestants are willing to form a team after drawing the same number, they have one chance to change teams.”

Shen Qi had the most votes in Shi Jins team.

She was displeased when she heard the rules.

Yu Guannans team started with seven members, so they were one man short.

Shen Qi had the best results in the team and consistently came in third or fourth place.

She had a good chance of drawing the Lucky Lot and working with Yu Guannan.

This would help increase her odds of winning vastly.

However, Shen Qi had lost this chance as Shi Jin had chosen to join them and made them an eight man team.

She glanced at Shi Jin coldly.

She said nothing as she sat in her seat to pull out her notebook and start writing a song.

The other six team members felt the same way.

Everyone quietly drew their lots.

The moment Shi Jin came over, they pulled their hands back and gestured for her to go first.

It seemed as though it would minimize their chances of getting the same lot as her if she went first.

Shi Jin did not turn down the offer.

She reached her hand out to draw a lot and opened it to see two written on it.

All her team members secretly wished.

“Not two.

Please dont give me number two!”

Shi Jin listened to them praying as she stood in the center and could not help finding it hilarious.

Most of them did not want to work with Shi Jin.

She did not turn up on time and had inconsistent performance, so no one wanted to put themselves at risk of elimination by working with her.

Also, if she made trouble and confessed to Chu Ling again, her partner would end up ostracized by Chu Lings fans as well.

Only a fool would want to collaborate with her!

Even if they ended up with an unsuitable team member, it was far better than working with Shi Jin.

“I got number four!” said someone with relief.

This meant that he did not have to team up with Shi Jin.

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