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Chapter 217: Is It That Easy to Be in the Movie World

Everyones shock was written all over their faces.

“Whats going on Who is this”

“Wheres Old Han Isnt this Old Hans seat”

“The first row is occupied by the big shots.

Who is this young woman Does she know where shes sitting”

“Elder Han has always been a kind person and doesnt care about reputation, but that doesnt mean that some young people can rely on this to directly take his position, right”

“Are you crazy about fame”

Discussions broke out all around and Wen Yongwei heard everything.

Everyone was curious as to why such a thing would happen.

Why had Old Han not come when his seat was taken by others

Wen Yongwei had indeed been very popular during the talent show, but in the entire industry, it was not an exaggeration to say that she was unknown.

After all, in the circle of big shots, one had to rely on ones own performance to speak for itself.

The fans in the circle did not deserve their names.

Wen Yongweis face immediately flushed red.

Before she knew it, Zhui Guang had slapped her face.

She saw her own face on the big screen.

A moment later, all the discussions, accusations, and obvious disdain broke out, and that wasnt the only thing that had humiliated her.

Instead, everyone was criticizing her, but no one actually said her name.

Everyone was asking who this woman was!

The director had already cut off the camera and found the real Old Han in the crowd.

This scene only lasted for a few seconds, so it couldnt even be considered an accident.

However, Wen Yongweis injuries were no less severe than if shed been in an explosion.

She used all her strength to control her emotions and maintain her etiquette.

However, her palm had already been scratched by her long fingernails, leaving a streak of torn flesh and blood.

“Thank you, Old Han, for coming today.

And thank you to all the old artists and seniors for contributing to the film industry.

On behalf of everyone in the film industry, I would like to thank all of you again.” The emcee continued hosting calmly.

Wen Yongwei was the only one present, and her heart sank.

After that, she did not know how but she changed her clothes and went on stage.

Halfway through, Kang Cheng gave her a chance to sing.

She walked up to the stage and sang with all her might before leaving.

She didnt even remember what she sang.

She was like a wandering soul.

The effect was naturally not very good.

Of course… It was not bad.

After all, for the sake of the shows effect, she had not turned on the microphone.

However, it was completely different from what she had expected.

Shi Jin and Han Houhai sat in the back row and did not take this incident to heart.

She did not even care what Wen Yongwei sang on stage.

She and Han Houhai spoke about the current state of the industry, the script structure, and so on to the international film industry.

They chatted happily and were inspired by many things.

Han Houhai was getting on in years.

Soon, his secretary came to remind him that he needed to go back to take his medicine and rest.

He could only say goodbye to Shi Jin regretfully.

Shi Jin accompanied him all the way and saw him to his car.

Only then did she return to the back seat to continue with the film festival.

Wen Yongwei was in the midst of presenting an award when she heard the Best Screenwriter nomination for Sing My Life.

Her spirits were finally lifted.

No matter what, this was Big Brothers movie.

If the movie won an award, Big Brothers path to stardom would be extremely smooth and he would also increase in popularity.

Her face finally regained its warmth as she looked at the host on stage.

“So, this years Best Screenwriter Award goes to—”

Following the voice of the guest presenter on stage, everyones attention was attracted.

Wen Yongwei clenched her fists, hoping to hear that name.

Finally, it appeared—

“‘Sing My Life! Congratulations! Congratulations to the screenwriter, Jinxin! The concept of this movie is exquisite.

There were tears and laughter in the young mans footsteps as he chased after his dreams.

It has touched on the deepest memories in many peoples hearts.

Congratulations to the screenwriter, Jinxin!”

Everyone clapped thunderously.

Wen Yongwei smiled and clapped sincerely.

Everyone could not help but look for the mysterious screenwriter.

‘Sing My Life had been very popular recently.

Its box office earnings were constantly rising and its reputation was not bad.

The screenwriter was also known as the soul of this movie.

However, up until now, this Jinxin had not shown their face.

They had not even opened a Weibo account.

It seemed like they were completely indifferent to fame and fortune.

Everyone naturally wanted to see the true face of this person.

However, only Liu Ning stood up and walked towards the stage.

“Producer Liu is receiving the award on Jinxins behalf”

“The screenwriter wont show his face”

“Although theres nothing wrong with Producer Liu accepting the award on his behalf, its a pity that we dont get to see Jinxin.”

The discussions below the stage did not stop.

Liu Ning went on stage, took the trophy, and said to everyone, “Our Jinxin is still working hard for the next film, so she didnt come to receive the award personally.

Young people need time and space, and its the same for me.

Thank you everyone, and please continue to support our next work.”

Everyone below the stage also understood that the creation required time.

They could not help but let out kind laughter and applause.

Shi Jin sat in the back row.

Her heart was calm and her gaze was steady.

After Liu Ning got off the stage, he sent Shi Jin a WeChat message: “Ill send you the trophy.”

“Sure,” Shi Jin replied.

It was almost time and the ceremony was over, so Shi Jin stood up to leave.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming met up.

Wen Yaoming was proud of the award for the script.

The two of them waited for the reporters to come and interview them, but when they got up, they realized that many reporters were swarming towards Shi Jin.

Because Shi Jin and Han Houhai were sitting together, and Elder Han hadnt appeared in public for a long time, the reporters naturally hoped to get some news about him from Shi Jin.

Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming were left to one side, forgotten.


That night, Wen Yongwei, who was dressed wantonly and wanted to show off, not only did not stand out, but she also became infamous because she had taken Han Houhais position.

Her shocked face was captured by the camera, and the people below the stage were also clearly amazed.

Soon, Wen Yongweis reputation as someone who acted like a diva and stole others positions was plastered all over the net.

“What kind of status does Wen Yongwei have She even dared to snatch Old Hans position”

“The celebrities in your circle are really getting more and more shameless.

Theyll do anything just to show off.”

On the other hand, the fans tried their best to save her pride.

“Wasnt Shi Jin sitting in the front row too Why cant Little Rose sit if Shi Jin does Are you all anti-fans that Shi Jin has paid off”

The netizens naturally rebutted.

“Were not blind.

When Shi Jin went over, it was Liu Ning who asked her to sit there.

Furthermore, she left after sitting for a moment and went to the back row herself.

Only one person was completely shameless and sat in Elder Hans seat.

Thats all, right”

Before Wen Yongwei won the championship, she had been extremely popular.

Now, so many things had happened in such a short period of time.

She was so angry that she smashed several vases at home.

Kang Cheng was already trying his best to help her get rid of the negative influence.

He called very quickly.

“Yongwei, its not a big deal to make a mistake like that.

Its not a big loss.

Everyone will talk about it for a few days and then it will naturally disappear.”

“Im sorry, Director Kang.

Ive caused you so much trouble.” Wen Yongwei felt very guilty.

“Silly child, its not like you did it on purpose.” Kang Cheng had been through this before.

He naturally knew that in this industry, even if there was no real malice, they would still be criticized.

However, as long as it wasnt a big mistake, who cared

In comparison, Shi Jin was very popular that night, and the discussion about her was no less heated than Wen Yongweis.

However, the topic with her was about her good relationship with Liu Ning and Old Han.

Was she going to be invited to compose and sing the theme song for the next movie

The fans were all rubbing their hands in excitement.

“I bet its like this! Producer Liu has risen again.

Every movie must strive for excellence.

Even the theme songs are no exception! He must have a plan in mind!”

“I guess so too! Shi Jin is the best!”

“He found the right person in Little Stone.

Her voice is ever-changing and full of spirit.

Its really suitable for a movie with depth.”

“Im looking forward to it!”


The anti-fans didnt agree.

“How is that possible Do you think its so easy to survive in the movie industry You think theyll use Shi Jin without her being selected Do you know how many singers want to create theme songs for popular movies”

“Even choosing Wen Yongwei would be better than choosing Shi Jin.

At least Wen Yongwei didnt create hype and relied on her own ability to debut!”

Shi Jins fans clenched their fists.

“Lets wait and see!”

They were really looking forward to slapping the faces of the anti-fans.


Just as Shi Jins car stopped at the entrance of the Orchid Pavilion, Butler Chen came forward.

“Miss Shi, someone has just sent you something.”

“Yes, give it to me,” said Shi Jin calmly.

Butler Chen sent the delivery box over.

Shi Jin opened it.

It was the trophy that Liu Ning had just received.

It was the Best Screenwriter Award that he had helped her claim.

He said that it was a package and it was delivered immediately.

Shi Jin put the trophy upstairs.

When she turned back, she realized that there was a bottle of red wine in the delivery box.

The card had Liu Nings blessing written on it.

“Thank you.”

She understood the significance of this movies success to Liu Ning.

He was almost fifty years old.

He had been successful for many years, but in recent years, he had fallen to rock bottom.

If not for his discerning eyes, he might not have been able to make a comeback with Shi Jins movie.

In his previous life, he had also had this short period of success.

After Shi Jin had sold the name Jinxin, Liu Ning failed to get a good script for many years and once again fell into the abyss.

This life was different.

Shi Jin would choose him to work with first.

Hence, Shi Jin did not stand on ceremony and accepted the expensive red wine.

She had just taken it when she heard Butler Chen call out to Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan took off his jacket and handed it to Butler Chen.

He was wearing a white shirt and a black tie.

His clothes were neat and tidy, making him look cold and aloof.

He had always been expressionless, but when he walked into the living room and saw Shi Jin, his eyes lit up.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and smiled at him.

She swept away the cold aura of the man and her face had a distinct expression.

Fu Xiuyuan had seen her award ceremony that night.

He would always turn on streams to see if there were any activities that Shi Jin was participating in.

If there were, even if he didnt watch it, he would put his phone to one side with it running.

Actually, Shi Jin had not appeared on camera much tonight.

There were many big shots in the venue and she was sitting in the back row.

She was only given a few shots.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had still watched the entire process.

Moreover, he had caught the calmness on her face.

She was incompatible with the people around her, but she looked exceptionally outstanding.

The current Shi Jin was completely different from that.

Her face was full of smiles, like fresh flowers blooming.

“Youre back” Fu Xiuyuan thought she had been going to spend some time there.

“Yes.” Shi Jin was holding the red wine that Liu Ning had given her.

“Why dont you drink with me”

She had won the Best Screenwriter Award for her script, so she might as well share this joy with him.

Butler Chen stood to one side and was slightly taken aback.

He wanted to remind Shi Jin that Fu Xiuyuan rarely drank.

However, seeing the current situation, Fu Xiuyuans gaze made it seem like he could drink even poison, let alone alcohol.

Well, whatever.

Butler Chen pretended to be deaf and walked out.

Fu Xiuyuan sat down opposite her and raised his glass.

Shi Jin opened the wine and poured him a glass.

The red liquid slowly flowed into his glass and the strong fragrance of the wine permeated the air.

Good wine was indeed good wine.

It smelled lovely.

Shi Jin picked up the glass and took a big gulp.

Seeing that Fu Xiuyuan had drunk quite a bit, she finished her glass as well.

A moment later, the two of them had already drunk half a bottle.

In Shi Jins previous life, she had trained her alcohol tolerance and it was not bad.

She did not have much of a reaction even after drinking so much alcohol.

She lifted her head slightly and looked at the man in front of her.

His wet eyes looked like those of an obedient and sensible dog.

“Eh” Shi Jin was puzzled.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and grabbed her collar.

There was no longer any hint of a mature mans aura in his eyes, and the usual coldness and seriousness had also disappeared.

In its place was a pure gaze, as if he was a teenager of fifteen or sixteen years old.

“Fu Xiuyuan, are you drunk” Shi Jin waved her finger in front of him.

He smiled shyly and held her finger.

“No, little sister.”

“What did you call me” Shi Jin asked in surprise.

“Little sister, dont hate me.

Ill call you whatever you want me to call you.” Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head slightly, but he was looking at Shi Jin uneasily, as if he was afraid that she would really be angry.

Shi Jin reached out to touch his forehead.

It wasnt hot.

How could this be

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