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Chapter 215: The Producer Came Personally

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However, she couldnt bring Shi Jin back for any reason.

She was fuming inside.

Wen Yongwei could only watch as Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan walked away.

In the middle of the night, Fu Xiuyuan was still immersed in the joy of his wife inviting him to watch a movie.

He sat up in his pajamas without alerting Shi Jin.

He went to the study room and sat at his desk.

Once he recalled everything that had happened, the gentleness in his eyes pushed away the coldness on his face.

Outside the window, even the moonlight became gentler.

The next day, when Shi Jin arrived at school, someone was holding a movie ticket and looking forward to the weekend.

“Wow, when will the weekend arrive I cant wait to watch the movie! I heard that its super good.”

When Shi Jin heard the words “Sing My Life”, her eyebrows moved slightly before she continued doing the questions before her.

“Why dont we go and take a look tonight Anyway, the teacher wont be observing us for the evening self-study for the time being.”

The college entrance examination was only two months away, and the classes had long been completed.

The rest of the classes were filled with self-study.

Grade 12 Class A was a class with high self-awareness.

In order not to give everyone too much pressure, the teachers would not keep watching them.

“Are you out of your mind Dont you know that all the teachers in the third grade class have received Wen Yongweis tickets If any of them happen to be there tonight, wont we be caught red-handed”


“Of course! Wen Yongweis brothers role in the drama is quite important.

Now that this movie is so amazing, Wen Yongwei has given all the teachers in First High School tickets.

First High School and our school are on friendly terms, so they also gave a lot of tickets to our teachers.”

When they heard this, a few people who had wanted to skip their evening self-study to watch the movie immediately became well-behaved.

However, the student couldnt help but feel her heart itch.

For a moment, she didnt want to read any more books.

Instead, she began to discuss how Wen Yongwei was a winner in life.

Ye Ke and Wang Boyan walked in one after another.

Wang Boyan sat in front of Shi Jin while Ye Ke and Shi Jin sat at the same table.

When they saw Shi Jin, they only smiled and did not dare to disturb her.

Shi Jin remembered that she had received quite a number of free tickets from the producer.

She took out a few from her bag and said, “Ye Ke, Wang Boyan, this is for you.”

“Eh, tickets forSing My Life” Ye Ke said excitedly.

Wang Boyan quickly grabbed it and said in surprise, “Great, I was just about to accompany my mother to take a look.”

Shi Jin took out a few more tickets for them to split.

The pleasures of a high school student were very simple.

After receiving these tickets, the two of them chatted excitedly for a long time.

Wen Yongwei was envied by everyone in class, but she was a little distressed.

It was said that the screenwriters second drama, “Burning Sun, Long Sky,” had already been prepared and was about to start filming soon.

However, her request to sing the theme song was rejected.

Kang Cheng couldnt believe it.

“A screenwriter must not be able to lead the direction and control the hiring for a movie.

Ill communicate with them.”

Wen Yongwei said, “Director Kang, Ill have to trouble you then.

Actually, I dont necessarily have to sing the theme song, but if my brother is also involved in this production, I really want to appear in it too.”

“Its human nature for you to think that way.

Besides, your ability is completely sufficient.

Appearing with your big brother will also be a good publicity point,” Kang Cheng said.

Wen Yongwei was also betting that “Burning Sun, Long Sky” would explode.

According to insider news, the script this time was completely different from “Sing My Life”.

It was very meaningful.

Furthermore, because “Sing My Life” had gone viral, many investors were now planning to invest in this screenwriters new work.

Even if they had money, they might not be able to build a relationship with this drama.

If she could sing the theme song, it would definitely improve the style and popularity of the singer and be incomparable to releasing a single.

Shi Jin still refused to budge.


Kang Cheng was still working hard to build connections for Wen Yongwei.

He finally found an opportunity.

Currently, a film festival in the country was about to present an award.

It was said that “Sing My Life” had already received several nominations.

Furthermore, the screenwriter would also be present, and it was more than likely that they would announce the preparations forBurning Sun, Long Sky.

As long as Wen Yongwei was present, there would be no need to worry about not finding an opportunity.

Coincidentally, Wen Yongweis older brother had acted in “Sing My Life” before.

It was only right for Wen Yongwei to attend the award ceremony.

In fact, Kang Cheng even planned to give Wen Yongwei a chance to perform during the ceremony.

“Film awards” When Shi Jin received the call, her tone was nonchalant.

“If you need me to come over, Ill think about the preparation for the next movie.”

“Youre already a popular screenwriter, do you know that Dont you know how many people are vying for your script for the next movie The number of screenwriters in the country has been severely depleted.

Now, all the major investors are starting to take screenwriters seriously, so I hope that youll come to the scene.”

The person who spoke was the producer of “Sing My Life”, Liu Ning.

Back then, no one had wanted Shi Jins script.

He was the one who had gone against everyones wishes and filmed it.

Perhaps the public would say that the success of this movie had to do with the efforts of the actors and directors.

However, Liu Ning was the only one who knew that back then, when everyone had been filming, there was a casual feeling.

During the filming process, there had been no changes.

It was all about how the script was written and how everyone filmed it.

Fortunately, this story made everyone want to perform without any stress, so these peoples casualness had not affected the quality of the entire movie.

It was precisely because of this script and that no one had made any changes to it that this movie had succeeded.

If anyone had made any changes to it, the outcome might have been different.

Hence, Liu Ning knew how outstanding Shi Jins script was.

“Then Ill do it.” Shi Jin actually had a few scripts on hand, butBurning Sun, Long Sky was indeed the most complete one.

Liu Ning couldnt wait for her to come over and said, “Then Ive reserved a seat for you.”

“Okay,” Shi Jin agreed.

Fortunately, Yao Jiahong was the manager now.

He was used to all of Shi Jins actions.

As long as Shi Jin asked, he would know how to arrange things and how to handle it.

If it had been a different manager, it would have been difficult for Shi Jin to deal with all of this.


The Changning Film Festival was a film festival held every year in Country S.

At the festival, not only would there be public broadcasts of all kinds of blockbusters, but there would also be awards given to the outstanding films from the previous year.

The release date of “Sing My Life” happened to be in the middle of the year, so they could win an award.

Therefore, even though the movie had not been screened yet, it was already a popular award winner.

Film fans were looking forward to the award ceremony.

Because so many idols and movie actors would be invited to the film festival, fans couldnt wait to see them appear.

The day of the Changning Film Festival was unprecedentedly grand.

On the red carpet, the stars shone brightly as celebrities from all walks of life dressed up.

In comparison, Wen Yongwei, who came out of “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”, was much more inferior.

Although she had the title of champion, her foundation was still lacking compared to the artists who had been famous for a long time.

Luckily, she came with Wen Yaoming.

Wen Yaoming, Wen Yongweis older brother, was also an actor playing the third male lead in “Sing My Life.” As the movie became popular and more talked about, Wen Yaomings career as a celebrity became more and more renowned.

He was currently quite well-known.

In the entire entertainment industry, there was also a chain of contempt.

Basically, a movie star was the most respected existence, followed by TV stars.

Then, there were the famous singers and top-tier idols.

At worst, there were the various celebrities who came from talent shows.

It was all because artists who were found in talent shows had the shortest careers.

Many of them evoked the words, “I won the championship title and Im still a plain-Jane”.

Perhaps one day, they would disappear from the entertainment industry.

However, Wen Yongwei wasnt afraid.

She had the entirety of the powerful Wen Family backing her up.

Wen Yaoming also had a few movies that were ready to air.

Therefore, many reporters had already gone up to interview them while they were waiting for their turns with others.

Kang Cheng had already made arrangements.

He said, “Yongwei, after you finish walking the red carpet, go to your seat first.

Come over when I arrange for you to change your clothes.

After you change, go on stage to sing.”

Wen Yongwei revealed a satisfied smile when she saw that Kang Cheng had indeed managed to secure an opportunity for her to step onto the stage.

“Xiaowei, youre awesome.” Wen Yaoming couldnt help but praise her.

“Its all thanks to Big Brothers presence that Im able to walk the red carpet today,” Wen Yongwei said coquettishly.

Wen Yaoming nodded.

“Perform well.

Ill introduce you to the crew ofSing My Life later.”

Wen Yongweis face was filled with anticipation.

“Sing My Life” was currently so popular, and there was a high chance of it winning an award tonight.

If she could take a photo with them and become friends with them, it would indeed be of great help to her career.

She looked outside excitedly, full of hope.

Although the Wen Family had a powerful background, they had always maintained a good relationship with the entertainment industry due to their status as an artistic family.

As society developed, things like art gradually became more and more elegant.

Only then did the Wen familys generation set their sights on the entertainment industry that earned money daily.

Wen Yaoming and Wen Yongwei had also debuted under such circumstances.

“Brother, is it easy to get in touch with the production crew” Wen Yongwei asked.

Wen Yaoming smiled and said, “Its not as hard as you think.

Youre so beautiful and generous.

Everybody will definitely like you.”

“Then Ill have to make a few more friends tonight.”

Even though most of the cast and crew had become famous because of this movie, a movie star was still a movie star.

Wen Yongwei naturally did not want to miss such a good opportunity.

Wen Yongwei was chatting with Wen Yaoming when she turned around and saw Shi Jin.

Even in these circumstances, Shi Jin was still wearing a white shirt and a pair of washed-out jeans.

Half of her shirt was tucked into her pants, outlining her slender waist.

Her legs wrapped in jeans were thin, long, and straight.

A section of white skin was revealed at the ankle area.


Her simple outfit was extremely eye-catching.

Coupled with her baby-like skin, she was as fair as an angel.

In an instant, Wen Yongwei paled in comparison.

Wen Yongwei had come over today to borrow a set of haute couture from a brand Kang Cheng knew.

This brand would usually not lend their clothing to artists that had debuted at a talent show.

It was Kang Cheng himself who had convinced them.

Wen Yongwei was determined to outshine Shi Jin, but she suddenly felt very small, even though she was dressed in matching stilettos that were perfect for her outfit.

What was Shi Jin doing here

Wen Yongwei raised her brows.

Wen Yaoming looked in the same direction and glanced at Shi Jin before asking, “Is she your colleague”

Wen Yongwei said, “Not really.

She isnt with Diamond Music.”

Wen Yaoming instantly realized what this meant.

Diamond Music belonged to the Sheng Group and was great at grooming singers.

Diamond Music had signed several top contestants other than Shi Jin, so the Sheng family clearly did not think highly of Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was just the flavor of the month.

It was no wonder she had dressed like this to attend such an important event.

“In that case, she cant even be considered your competition,” said Wen Yaoming.


Wen Yongwei raised her head and felt that he made sense.

There was no need for them to compare themselves to Shi Jin.

Everyone had their own strengths.

Kang Cheng came over to greet Wen Yongwei.

He was stunned to see Shi Jin as well.

She was here too For what

However, Yao Jiahong was a top manager and had many years of experience.

He was indeed someone that others could only look up to.

It was also very possible for him to help Shi Jin.

Kang Cheng did not think much of it.

Instead, he told Wen Yongwei, “Yongwei, time to go in.”

Wen Yongwei took a deep breath and took Wen Yaomings arm as they stepped onto the red carpet.

Thanks to “Sing My Life”, the reporters did not think twice about their identities and their camera flashes kept going off.

People kept shouting, “Yaoming, look over here!”

“Little Rose, please smile!”

The siblings smiled brightly and waved to the reporters.

Then, there was a small commotion in the group.

It was Liu Ning, the producer of “Sing My Life”.

Ordinary audiences might not understand Liu Ning, but reporters who often interviewed movie stars were very familiar with him.

He had been famous for a long time and had produced many popular movies with high box office sales many years ago.

However, after that, he had continuously failed and declined for a few years.

It wasnt until “Sing My Life” that he rose again, shocking the entire film industry.

This made everyone feel that experts were always experts.

They couldnt predict when he would appear again.

A dragon couldnt swim in a shallow pond.

Therefore, the moment he appeared, the reporters gave him face by cheering and filming him.

He walked over from the other end of the red carpet, facing Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming.

Wen Yaoming couldnt help but clutch Wen Yongweis fingers tightly.

Wen Yongwei also realized something—the producer had personally come to receive her brother and herself!

The fans might not understand this honor easily, but as an industry insider, they knew very well what it meant!

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