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Chapter 214: Fans of Business Are Satisfied

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She had spent a lot of effort coming up with the new single.

Just the recording alone had taken two days.

It was also eight oclock in the evening when her new song was released.

“Little Rose has released a new song! Her fans are satisfied!” Of course, the fans were ecstatic.

To a certain extent, fans cared more about her career development than their idols.

Whether she was professional enough, whether she could fit with a mainstream audience, and whether she could be liked by more people.

After Wen Yongweis single was released, everyone fought over it.

Fans even spent money to download it to boost sales.

Kang Cheng was very optimistic about the download numbers.

He smiled and said, “Dont worry too much.

There arent many musicians in the music industry now.”

Wen Yongwei knew that she should be safe today.

Just as Yao Jiahong had said, she had always been brooding over first place.

In fact, she had already gained a lot of advantages from getting first place.

When all the dirt was focused on Shi Jin, she had been the only one who did not have any dirt on her.

When no one had taken off their masks, all they saw was Shi Jins hideous scar.

In the end, she had relied on Kang Chengs votes to barely win against Shi Jin and get first place.

If her reputation was not good, her words would not be good either.

Wen Yongwei wanted to crush Shi Jin in terms of professionalism and clear her own name.

It was a pity that she had failed the previous few times.

However, she had absolute confidence in her single.

Her creative ability had always been better than Shi Jins.

Her upbringing and experience in a musical family allowed her to face all challenges in the music industry with ease.

She chatted with Kang Cheng about work for a while before saying slowly, “Let me see how the sales are doing.”

Kang Cheng nodded and said, “It shouldnt be a problem for you to steadily take first place.”

Then, his hand trembled and the mouse landed on Shi Jins name.

Wen Yongweis face immediately turned pale.

“Why did she release a new song today”

“I didnt hear anything about this beforehand!” Kang Chengs expression did not look good either.

What were Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong up to Was she in such a hurry to release a new song Were the sales figures increasing

Kang Cheng calmed himself down.

“Dont panic.

Its just a song.”

Wen Yongwei was indeed not panicking.

She was just indignant.

Why did Shi Jin always do this

If Shi Jin had heard this, she might have shrugged.

“Sorry, it was just a coincidence.

I happened to crush you once.


Shi Jin did not even think of the time.

When her parents came back, she was moved by her conversation with them and wrote the song that night.

It was just as well.

When she was recording, she would go through it again.

In the past, she had written songs for many baffling people and wasted a lot of time, but in the future, she wouldnt do so anymore.

A good song would only be written for worthy people.

In the ward, Li Juekais expression did not change, but Gu Qingqings eyes turned red several times.

The couple had only gone to search for Shi Jins news, but when they heard the song, their hearts melted.

The word “daughter” repeated in their hearts many times.

Li Juekai held Gu Qingqings hand and said, “This is our daughter, isnt it”

Gu Qingqings eyes were red as she nodded heavily.


In Gu Jingyuans office, a doctor came over to report the condition of a seriously ill patient.

Gu Jingyuan nodded and said, “I understand.

You can go over first.”

“Okay.” Before the doctor left, he glanced at Gu Jingyuans desk and saw two eye-catching Chinese medicine books.

He couldnt help but be secretly amazed.

Doctor Gu was a genius that was taught modern medical theories, and he had always had a disapproving attitude towards ancient Chinese medicine.

Why had he started researching ancient Chinese medicine now

It seemed that geniuses of all kinds had something in common.


At the corner of Second High School.

Fu Xiuyuans car had been parked there since lunch.

The driver was confused, but knowing that Shi Jin was in this school, it made sense.

Fu Xiuyuan had been working there since the afternoon, receiving work calls and having a video conference.

His meticulously groomed hair hung down a little at the corner of his forehead, and his clothes were neatly arranged.

His lapels and cufflinks were complete, making the driver suspect that he was actually going to attend a meeting at some summit forum.

After Shi Jin came out of school, she pulled the zipper of her uniform straight up to her cheek.

She avoided everyones gaze and walked quickly towards the familiar car.

She opened the car door and got into the car skillfully.

The mans handsome face swayed in front of her eyes.

Shi Jin composed herself slightly to recover from the sudden beauty and smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan was also charmed by her slight pause.

He pursed his lips slightly and reached out to her cheek, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear.

As if he couldnt believe what he was seeing, when his fingers landed on her earlobe, he subconsciously bit the tip of his tongue.

“Have you been waiting for me for a long time” Shi Jins fingers touched his laptop.

Sensing the heat from the laptop, she asked with a smile.

“I just arrived.” Fu Xiuyuans expression did not change as he lied.

However, if Shi Jin were to approach him now, she would definitely hear his frantic heartbeat.

Ever since Shi Jin had invited him to watch a movie, his heart had never stopped beating.

In the morning, his work efficiency at the office had been terrifyingly low.

After that, Fu Xiuyuan had simply pushed aside whatever work he could and went straight to Second Highs entrance to work.

And there, his efficiency had indeed increased.

“Thats good.

We were supposed to meet at 6 pm, so theres no need to come too early or wait for me for too long.”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

However, he felt that it was necessary to wait for her.

He would do anything for such a cute Shi Jin.

Shi Jin had made the schedule for the night very clear.

“Well go and eat something first.

Then, well buy milk tea and popcorn.

We can watch the movie at eight oclock.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan had no objections and conveniently ended Fu Heyans call.

After Fu Heyan was discharged from the hospital, she practiced the piano for a few days consecutively.

She was in an exceptionally good mood and wanted to find someone to watch a movie with.

However, Qin Sinian was on a business trip and her other friends had gone shopping in Europe, so she could only tentatively find Fu Xiuyuan.

Of course, based on her understanding of Fu Xiuyuan, he would most likely not go to the movies.

He had never liked to do such things since he was young.

When he was young, Fu Xiuyuan liked to study, learn, and learn some more.

When he grew up, Fu Xiuyuan liked to work, work, and work some more.

However, Fu Xiuyuan did not even pick up the phone.

That was too much!

Fu Heyan was furious.

Forget it, she would go herself!

It was just a movie.

Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt like it anyway.

Fu Xiuyuan was looking forward to the next movie.

The title was “Sing My Life”.

He had already searched it up on Baidu, and the content was relaxed and inspirational.

As the entire script was wonderful and the characters were portrayed very well, the box office sales soared.

In order to show his professionalism as a movie buff, he had secretly memorized the cast list, character characteristics, and so on.

He had used all the strategies he needed to.

In summary, these tactics could be called “Full Attack Manual for a First Movie”.

When Shi Jin was having dinner, she realized that Fu Xiuyuan was deep in thought and seemed to be recording something.

When Shi Jin bought the milk tea, she realized that Fu Xiuyuan was still thinking about something.

She probed, “Do you… have work to do tonight Why dont we do it another day”

“No!” Fu Xiuyuan was a little agitated.

There was a hint of resistance on his sharp features, and there was a suspicious tinge of red at the tips of his ears.

“I dont have any work to do.

I really like how the male lead and female lead meet and fall in love with each other, and how hard they work to follow their dreams.”

Shi Jin scrutinized him seriously.

Fu Xiuyuans expression turned unnatural as he touched the tip of his nose with his long fingers.

She sniggered and held Fu Xiuyuans arm.

“I wont change, I wont change.

Just today.

I really want to watch a movie with you, Mr.


The redness on Fu Xiuyuans ears had yet to fade before it deepened again.

They entered the movie theater which was playing advertisements while Fu Xiuyuan waited for the movie to start with a serious expression.

Shi Jins cell phone rang.

She glanced at it.

“Great screenwriter, someone is paying for the screenwriters name forSing My Life.

Are you selling it”

“No.” Shi Jin typed.

“Sing My Life” was the screenwriter work of Shi Jin a year ago.

She had used a pen name at that time.

In Lin Jies previous life, after the movie was completed, the box office earnings had been very high.

Although it was just a youth inspiration film, it did not lack in principles about life.

It gave people a feeling of frequently watching Chang Xin and it was once praised as the years masterpiece.

At that time, because Shi Jin had borrowed from the notorious wolf, she had been short of money.

Someone wanted to buy her pen name, so she sold it.

As a result, when she wrote all sorts of good works later on, she did not have the capital to produce any of them.

Her reputation had also been bad, so no one accepted her anymore.

In this life, she would never do such a stupid thing again.

At that time, no one thought highly of the script of “Sing My Life”.

It was all because a producer felt that it was not bad and had given Shi Jin a chance to shoot it that it had been made.

The actors that he chose were actually very limited in popularity and the entire production team was very rough.

However, a good story could withstand these limitations.

When all the announcements were done, the box office rose against the trend and the reviews were amazing.

“Almighty Screenwriter, there are singers who would like to decide on a theme song forBurning Sun, Long Sky that you are about to shoot.

Is that okay”

Actually, any other scriptwriter would have no right to decide on the theme song.

However, this industry was not always realistic.

It could be a little superstitious at times.

Sing My Life had become popular because of the screenwriters script, and the next film crew for “Burning Sun, Long Sky”, was used to having to look at things through the screenwriters eyes.

“Who” Shi Jin asked.

“Wen Yongwei, champion ofUltimate Singer Songwriter, is brimming with talent.”

Shi Jin immediately replied, “No.” Then she put her phone away.

“Burning Sun, Long Sky” did not have a youthful theme.

Instead, it was more serious.

That was a work that Shi Jin had created after she had gained some experience.

That guy wanted Wen Yongwei to compose the theme song

It was not that Shi Jin looked down on her, but this movie hinted at the vicissitudes of life after experiencing the world.

It was not something that a little rose from a greenhouse like Wen Yongwei could handle.

After she put away her phone, the movie started.

The lights dimmed and when Shi Jin turned her head, Fu Xiuyuans face happened to turn towards her in the dim light.

It was as if the heavens had descended to the mortal world.

In an instant, Shi Jin felt a little dizzy from his handsomeness.

She could not help but whisper, “Youre so handsome.”

In the darkness, the tips of Fu Xiuyuans ears turned hot.

He pursed his lips and rubbed Shi Jins fingers with his thumb.

As a result, Fu Xiuyuan was too distracted to notice what the actors on the big screen were doing or saying.

Fortunately, he did a good job.

After calming down for the second half of the movie, he was still able to keep up with the pace of it.

It was not too ridiculous.

The movie ended and the lights were turned on.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan lowered their heads and followed the crowd out.

The two of them happened to run into Fu Heyan walking out of the theater as well.

She was on the phone.

“That was so good! Im crying.

Its really his loss that Fu Xiuyuan didnt come!”

When Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan heard this, they looked at each other.

There was a smile in Shi Jins eyes, but Fu Xiuyuan was able to hold back his laughter.

Fortunately, the lights were dim and Fu Heyan could not see them.

The two quickly put on their masks and continued walking out.

Suddenly, someone called Shi Jins name.

Shi Jin turned around and saw Wen Yongweis familiar face.

“Its really you, Shi Jin.” Wen Yongwei took two steps forward and said in a relaxed tone, “I was going to invite you to watch a movie with me, but I didnt expect you to have come in advance.”

“Theres no need for that.

Were not that close yet, right”

Wen Yongwei did not mind Shi Jins words.

She said to herself, “It should be like this.

After all, I booked the entire venue and invited all my friends.

My brothers role in this movie is pretty good.

As his sister, I should treat him.”

Wen Yongweis elder brother

Shi Jin thought about it and could not remember such a person.

Fu Xiuyuan reminded her in a low voice, “The actor playing the third male lead is surnamed Wen.”

Actually, Fu Xiuyuan did not know Wen Yongwei.

Even if he had watched the entireUltimate Singer Songwriter, he would have had no impression of her.

However, he had read the movie guide tonight and remembered all the characters with faces.

He also remembered some other things about those characters.

The woman standing before him should be related to the third male lead.

Shi Jin nodded.

“So thats your brother.”

“Thats right.” Wen Yongweis face was filled with pride.

Her brother had just started on the big screen, yet he had already acted in such an outstanding movie.

Naturally, he deserved to be praised.

She glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

Although she couldnt see his face clearly, she could tell from his eyes that this man had an extraordinary aura.

It was just that he was wearing a mask, so it was inconvenient for Wen Yongwei to look at him.

She did not take it to heart.

It was not surprising that he had many friends of the opposite sex.

“Not bad,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Seeing her calm attitude, Wen Yongwei really wanted to shove her back into the theater to watch it again.

Didnt she realize that her brothers acting skills were outstanding

After saying that, Shi Jin turned around and left with Fu Xiuyuan..

Wen Yongweis punch hadnt landed, and she felt terrible.

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