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Chapter 213: A New Songs Success

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After Shi Jin got back, her WeChat was still pinging non-stop.

There were all sorts of messages from the dancers.

She replied with a few keywords before putting her phone away.

When the nanny van left, she noticed that Wen Yongweis nanny van had just left as well.

Yao Jiahong had already found out about the situation and informed her, “Wen Yongwei has just passed the National Dancing Associations application.”

“No wonder.” Shi Jin nodded.

Wen Yongwei seemed to be taking this very seriously.

Yao Jiahong saw through Wen Yongweis intentions.

“Even though she won first place inUltimate Singer Songwriter, shes still a little dishonest.

Shes always trying to suppress you.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Feel free to invite her.”

Yao Jiahong laughed as well.

Shi Jin wouldnt give Wen Yongwei a chance to suppress her.

Even if she did, he wouldnt let Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng have their way.

When they returned to school, the afternoon classes were over.

Everyone was studying and most of them were doing their exam papers.

There was nothing on Shi Jins table.

The boy in the front row handed over a bunch of test papers.

“Shi Jin, these are for you.

They were sent by the teacher two days ago.

Ive kept them for you.”

“Thank you.” Although they were not of much use to Shi Jin, she still accepted them.

The boy was a little shy.

When he smiled, he revealed his big white teeth.

Previously, when it had been Chu Jias turn to be the class monitor, the boy had seen that she was planning to take away all of Shi Jins papers and had helped save them.

After a while, the boy handed her something that made a rustling sound.

This time, it was a notebook that recorded that the third-year students would definitely get the questions wrong.

The test paper was hers, so Shi Jin would definitely accept it, but she couldnt take the notebook.

“Thank you.”

She stepped back.

The boy looked a little annoyed, but he didnt say anything.

When Chu Jia saw this, she couldnt help but sneer.

After the first lesson in the afternoon, someone walked up to Shi Jin and said in a low voice, “Shi Jin, you dance really well.”

With that, she ran away shyly.

Shi Jin recognized that baby-face.

It was a girl.

Every time someone talked about Shi Jin, this baby-face would help to put in a good word for her.

Even though Shi Jin was not familiar with the class, the boy and the girl had stood up for her several times and left a deep impression on her.

When school ended in the afternoon, Shi Jin had something to do and had already made an appointment with Yao Jiahong.

So she picked up her bag and walked to the door.

Chu Jia walked over and stopped her.

“Shi Jin, its your turn to do the cleaning today, right”

The third-year cohort would do a sweep every week, and each group would take turns.

However, there would be a student on duty doing simple cleaning every day.

They would clean up the rubbish and tidy up the podium.

This was not a big deal.

Shi Jin did it casually.

However, Chu Jias tone made it sound as if Shi Jin was avoiding her on purpose.

She gave off the feeling that Shi Jin was a superstar who couldnt even be bothered to do basic classwork.

Many students looked over.

Chu Jia was even more pleased with herself as she said, “Shi Jin, if you really have something on, you can apply for leave or exchange shifts with other students.

However, its not good to completely ignore class matters, right”

“Shi Jin has already swapped with me!” A boy and a girl said at the same time.

The man was the one who had saved the test papers for Shi Jin.

The girl was the one who had told her that she danced well.

“Wang Boyan, Ye Ke, you two should come up with a plan before you talk about this.

If not, Shi Jin might not even appreciate your kindness.

Shes just a bootlicker.

She has her own ways too.” Chu Jia could tell that the two of them had come up with a plan at the last minute to help Shi Jin.

She had been tolerating them for a long time.

Now was the perfect time to mock them.

Quite a number of students had gathered around.

They knew that Shi Jin was unwilling to clean and could not help but look down on her.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke took the initiative to chase after her, making people unable to watch.

In a place like Grade 12 Class 3, celebrities were nothing much.

There were not many privileges for celebrities.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke were both thin-skinned people.

Under everyones staring, their faces turned red.

Ye Ke insisted, “I just want to help Shi Jin with cleaning.

Whats wrong with that Im willing.

Will I interfere with anything Am I affecting you Im willing to help.

Whats wrong”

Wang Boyan had the same attitude.

He just wanted to help.

What was wrong with that Was he violating the countrys laws or ethics

Her words made sense.

Chu Jia could only put on a fake smile and say, “Oh, in that case, go ahead and do it.

In the future, you can let me know in advance about such things in case I dont know that someone is helping Shi Jin and go to remind her.”

Shi Jin looked at Chu Jia indifferently and said, “Are you the labor committee member”

“Yes, I am.” Chu Jia was the labor committee member of the class.

She didnt have much to do, but if she could manage Shi Jin, it was worth it.

“There should be a schedule for cleaning.

Youve done one, right”

“Of course,” Chu Jia immediately raised her head and said.

From her posture, it was as if she was not a labor commissioner but a general leading troops to war.

Shi Jin nodded.

“Did you inform me after you made this schedule Did you tell me”

“I… I put it on the notice board of the class! Everyone has a duty to check it!” Chu Jia said righteously.

Ye Ke immediately exposed her mercilessly.

“Thats not right.

Teacher Ji said that not only should we put it on the noticeboard, we should also send a copy to everyone so that they wont forget.

You didnt send it to Shi Jin! Furthermore, the schedule on the noticeboard has been covered up by other notices.

Shi Jin has no way of knowing that shes on cleaning duty today! You were the one who failed your duty as the labor committee member.

Its only natural that Shi Jin wouldnt know that shes doing the cleaning today.”

Wang Boyan opened his mouth wide.

“I can testify that you didnt send it to Shi Jin.”

Indeed, Chu Jia hadnt sent anything to Shi Jin.

When she was cleaning, she had even had to take Shi Jins test papers secretly, let alone send any other stuff.

After being exposed by Ye Ke and Wang Boyan, her face turned red.

The other students also felt that she was out of line.

Since she hadnt sent Shi Jin a schedule, it made sense that she hadnt cleaned.

How could she blame it on Shi Jin

“I…” Chu Jia was speechless.

“Say something.

If youve done something wrong, cant you just apologize to Shi Jin” Although Ye Ke was thin-skinned, she was rather straightforward.

Chu Jia didnt want to apologize to Shi Jin at all, but in front of everyone, she had to.

She hesitated before saying, “Im sorry.”

Shi Jin had stuff to do and could not be bothered with her.

She said calmly, “Remember to send me the schedule.”

She raised her wrist to look at the time and said to Wang Boyan and Ye Ke, “Lets switch shifts.

Ill do it for you next time.


With that, she strode out with her long legs.

Wang Boyan and Ye Ke were overjoyed.

Shi Jin had finally spoken to them!

Actually, they had been captivated by Shi Jins voice since the start of “Ultimate Singer Songwriter”.

After the two of them had entered the second half of their third year of high school, they felt extremely stressed.

It was Shi Jins songs that had brought them to where they were now.

Even though they had never expected to have anything to do with Shi Jin in real life, deep down, they had long thought of her as a close friend and idol.

Helping Shi Jin was their pleasure.

They did not have any other motives.

Seeing how happy the two of them were, Chu Jia could not help but pout.

“You two just suck up.

In the end, you have nothing.”

Wang Boyan could not help but want to argue with her, but Ye Ke pulled him back.


Shi Jins appointment with Yao Jiahong was to release a new single.

Yao Jiahong had already given the song score to Shi Jin.

He had set up a recording studio for Shi Jin so that she could record at night.

Shi Jin walked in and took a look.

She realized that the recording studio Yao Jiahong had booked for her was the best.

The voice recorder was also very stable.

When singers record songs, other than testing their own abilities, they also test the skills of the recording master.

A good recording master could make a singer get twice the results with half the effort.

Shi Jin realized that Yao Jiahong had been becoming more and more efficient recently.

He became more and more focused on cooperating with her, watching her fingers, hitting wherever she pointed.

It was very stable.

After being trusted by Shi Jin, Yao Jiahong was in a good mood.

The fatigue from the day was instantly gone and he continued working on Shi Jins next job.

The recorder glanced at the time.

It was almost seven.

A typical singer would need at least three hours to record a single.

He estimated that Shi Jin could finish recording before 11 pm, so he took out his phone and arranged a time for his friend to meet for drinks at 11 pm.

“I hope this singer doesnt delay too much.

I want to get out early.”

Because of the confidentiality agreement, he didnt mention Shi Jins name to his friends.

Shi Jin sat down and gestured.


The voice recorder made a hand gesture.

“Lets begin.”

Usually, singers would test their vocals first.

First, they would test the recording set-up.

The recording master was prepared for this.

He brought his subordinates and waited for Shi Jin to test the recording first.

Because it was a test recording, everyone was laid-back.

Shi Jin put down her ear-mic and made another hand gesture.

“Dont test.

Just do it.”

Everyone, who had originally been lazy, perked up.

However, they did not believe that she could start recording so soon.

After all, even the fastest singer they had ever met would need more than half an hour to finish recording.

As for those singers who were new, which one of them was not famous and viral

A moment later, the voice recorder and the crew members listened to the voice coming from their earpieces in shock.

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they quickly got to work and recorded Shi Jins singing.

Five minutes later, the entire recording was completed!

Shi Jin went through it once.

Without any testing, she recorded a song.

“Everyone, Ill take my leave now.” Shi Jin picked up her bag and walked out slowly.

The recorder took out his phone and said to his friend with a trembling voice, “Its fine to change the drinking time to 7:30.

The Almighty Artist has already finished recording!”

Yao Jiahong was already numb from Shi Jins shocking performance.

Before he could even finish his business call, Shi Jin walked out calmly.

“Are you done recording” His tone suddenly became firm.


Yao Jiahong felt that if the production team couldnt produce a finished product by tomorrow morning, they wouldnt be able to match Shi Jin.

Before noon the next day, the production team finally finished all the post-production of the song.

The single would be released at 8PM.

That evening, Shijins new single “Where Has Time Gone” was released exclusively by Supreme Entertainment.

Shi Jins song was composed and sung by her.

It had only been a single lifetime and she was already being praised by her fans to the heavens.

The fans had waited too long.

They had fallen into her trap because of the music, but Shi Jin had not been spending much time and energy on it recently.

It was not easy for her to come up with a single, but she finally fulfilled everyones wishes.

And this song did not disappoint the fans.

Whether it was the melody or lyrics, everyone liked it.

How could the fans not praise it

When the netizens heard such praise, they could not help but pout.

“What kind of songs can she come up with Dont those who come from talent shows all rely on their looks”

However, there were simply too many fans who were willing to support her.

The netizens felt that if they wanted to criticize something, they had to understand it first.

Hence, someone clicked on “Where Has Time Gone”

Shi Jins singing entered her ears.

“The old trees in front of the door grow new shoots

The dead trees in the courtyard bloom again

There are so many things to say when you are half-alive

Hiding a head of white hair

The little boy of my memories

His chubby little cheeks

I gave my love to him all my life

Just to hear him say Mom and Dad

Where has all the time gone

You havent even had a proper experience of being young and youre already old.”

These people were originally listening with a critical attitude, but before they had even heard half of it, the corners of their eyes were a little wet.

As parents, when they thought of their own sacrifices and years of weakness, they couldnt help but marvel at how young they had been.

As children, they were deeply touched by the white hair at their parents temples.

“Where has all the time gone You havent even had a proper experience of being young and youre already old.” These two sentences were placed in the mouths of quite a few people.

They sang it in a low voice and repeated it over and over again.

All of a sudden, Shi Jins song became popular and the number of downloads soared.

Many netizens had a natural unwillingness to accept talent shows and were biased against them, but after hearing it with their own ears, they realized that good songs were good songs and they had nothing to do with the identity of the composer.

The resonance it could bring to people was of universal value.

Regardless of the identity of the audience, they would be able to feel the emotions within.

Wen Yongwei also released a new single today.

After the incident at the National Dancing Association had dealt a huge blow to her, she quickly brought out the new song that she had already composed and planned to release soon.

She chose a time to release it.

She wanted to stabilize her fan base as soon as possible..

It would be best if everyone forgot about the matter regarding the National Dance Association.

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