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Chapter 212: Shi Jins Figure on the Live Broadcast

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Kang Cheng quickly regained his previous enthusiasm.

“Right, isnt Shi Jin doing a live-stream dance now Now we can announce our good news.”

Wen Yongwei had no objections.

Being defeated once was not scary.

There was always a need to work harder.

Life was so long.

Who would say that losing once meant losing forever

Over at Wen Yongweis side, she quickly posted the approval letter from the National Dance Association.

From that moment onwards, she was a member of the National Dance Association.

“Thank you, National Dancing Association.

I have worked hard for the past 15 years just for this moment of glory.

From now on, I will not let down your expectations and will dance to an exciting life.” Wen Yongweis Weibo content was appropriate and generous.

Her fans were feeling sorry that her endorsement figures were not as good as Shi Jins.

They also found many things to say, such as: “Yongwei has always said not to let students and fans buy things that are not suitable for their budgets.

Thats why she fell into a disadvantageous position this time.”

“Our idol is still the best.

Really, if you squander money badly, you will suffer a backlash.”

“Our results were also very good, but if the other party used improper methods, theres nothing we can do, right”

There were even people who said that Yao Jiahong had bought over a hundred thousand sets himself to give Shi Jin face.

Even if you were a peabrain, you would know how ridiculous this was.

A few hundred thousand sets was worth over a hundred million.

Which company would be so stupid as to throw their money around

Right now, Shi Jin was doing a live-stream dance.

Wen Yongweis fans were very unhappy and found faults as they spoke.

However, there were still many people watching Shi Jins dance.

People kept asking her what dance she was doing and why it was so different from what they usually saw.

Yet, it was pleasing to the eye and attracted people to watch it.

There were also some dancers who came out to explain.

“Shi Jin seems to be doing a classical dance.

Its very impressive.

Ive only heard the teacher mention it before.

I really want to have a spar with her.”

Wen Yongweis Weibo post was like a shot to the heart of her fans.

The fans were instantly revived.

“No matter how many unknown dances you do, its just a show of seduction.

How can it compare to our Little Roses fifteen years of hard work and training”

“Sigh, what classical dance are you talking about Arent you just relying on your good looks and randomly twisting around a few times to attract attention The world is really declining with each passing day, peoples hearts are not what they used to be.”

“Those are tricks that will disappear from before everyone very soon.

People like our Little Rose who are recognized by the mainstream of the country are truly capable.”

“Thats right.

A letter of approval from the association is something that cant be bought with money.”

Wen Yongwei and Kang Cheng finally managed to turn the situation around, and things were getting better.

At the very least, they felt that the situation had entered a state of balance.

Entering the association was actually a simple process.

Becoming a member was not a great achievement, but as long as the fans acknowledged it, it would naturally have value.

To a certain extent, celebrities had to protect their image in the hearts of their fans before they could talk about their image in the hearts of passersby.

Therefore, even if it was just a meeting, Kang Cheng decided to do it seriously.

On the day that Wen Yongwei reported to the National Dancing Association, she dressed up meticulously and boarded the van.

The reporters arranged by Kang Cheng also followed along.

They even started a live broadcast on a platform.

In the eyes of her peers, joining the club was not a big deal.

However, Wen Yongweis fans were still eagerly waiting on the live-stream platform for her to join the club.

The fans encouragement filled the entire bullet screen.

As Wen Yongwei walked, the reporter following her asked, “Little Rose, is it very difficult to enter the National Dance Association Do you have any experiences to share with us”

“Actually, its not that difficult.

Its just that if you persist in dancing, you will eventually gain the recognition of others.

So, no matter what you do, you must persevere.”

She smiled at the camera.

The fans praised her.

The reporters camera suddenly swept over to a familiar figure.

Wen Yongweis fans immediately noticed and sent a barrage of comments.

“Is the person in front Shi Jin”

“This back view looks very familiar.

The way she wears a mask is also very familiar.”

“It must be Shi Jin! Why is she here”

“That goes without saying.

It must be because Little Rose has joined the association.

She also wants to join the association and prove herself.”

It had to be said that enemies were easier to remember than friends.

The camera flashed and Wen Yongweis fans recognized Shi Jin.

It was also because Shi Jin had no intention of hiding her tracks today that she had not dressed up to avoid outsiders.

She had only casually put on a mask.

Wen Yongwei recognized Shi Jin as well.

Why was she here Did she want to join the association too

If she wanted to join the association, Wen Yongwei could even introduce her to it, and she would not stop her.

How should she put it The first person to announce that they had joined the association would receive a lot of praise.

The second person who wanted to join the association would not be able to help making a fool of themselves.

Wen Yongwei walked in with her head held high.

The reporter followed suit and said, “Looks like the person in front is Shi Jin.

Does she want to join the club too Little Qiangwei, can someone like Shi Jin, who doesnt have any dancing skills, join the club”

“Actually, as long as its someone who loves dancing, they have the freedom to apply.

Shi Jin likes dancing.

I believe that shell apply and pass too.”

The reporter smiled and said, “Then you will be working together at the same place again.”

“Its my honor to work with Shi Jin.

I admire her.”

Her graciousness made the fans sigh.

When Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong entered, they did not bring any reporters with them.

They had not expected that Wen Yongwei would bring a large group of reporters with her.

To Shi Jin, this was just a normal job.

There was no need to announce her actions to the world.

Yao Jiahong said, “Its nothing shameful.

If the reporters take photos of you, we can just face it openly.”

“Mm.” Shi Jin responded.

President Cui personally received Shi Jin and said with a smile, “Im really sorry.

I knew that you were preparing for the college entrance examination and even asked you to come specially.”

“I should have done it.”

“The Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance Prelude is a dance that our association has been researching for a long time.

We have not been able to figure it out.

Although everyone has rehearsed it many times and some of it is not bad, it is still lacking in meaning.

Therefore, you can give us some pointers.

This dance of ours will truly have the aura of Shangzhou and the classical style.”

President Cui led Shi Jin in.

The dancers present were all famous dancers from around the country.

They were also very responsible performers, hoping to bring the classical dance to greater heights.

Previously, when they had heard that Shi Jin would be the one giving them pointers, everyone was very disapproving.

However, after watching her live-stream dance that night, everyone submitted to her willingly.

Everyone was an expert in their field.

The moment Shi Jin made a move, they knew what she was capable of.

The song that she had performed during the Shangzhou Ancient Dance was in the true classical style.

Shi Jin quickly switched into work mode and discussed the performance with everyone.

Her point of view and occasional guidance made these dancers truly admire her.

To have such standards at such a young age was really not easy.

Everyone surrounded Shi Jin, asking questions and discussing things.

A moment later, President Cui said, “Today, a new member of the association will come down to watch our dance rehearsal.

Everyone can discuss and chat together.

I hope you wont be stingy with your guidance.”

Everyone agreed.

Shi Jin was still on the stage, communicating with everyone.

It was an exchange, mainly because everyone was asking her for advice.

She would occasionally say a few words.

Wen Yongwei entered the room with the reporters.

The livestream had reached a climax.

“So this is the scene of the national hall dancers rehearsing Im rubbing my hands in anticipation.”

“I learned classical dance.

Thank you, Little Rose, for giving us this opportunity to observe.”

“Im a layman, but I really want to see the live footage of these top dancers from the National Dance Association.

I really want to see it.”

“Im different.

I like to see Little Rose alone.”

“Add one.”

“Add two.”

“A hundred million points.”

“By the way, why didnt we see Shi Jin Mr.

Reporter, can you give us a shot of the entire scene”

“How is it possible to see her She must have seen Yongweis application to join the association and gone to apply.

Logically speaking, she hasnt passed yet, so its impossible for her to be here to observe, right”

“Sigh, no matter what she does, she likes to kick me… I dont know what to say.”

When Wen Yongwei heard these words, she said without batting an eyelid, “Ive spoken to President Cui.

He welcomed me to do a live broadcast.

He will bring a beautiful dance, like a classical dance, to everyone so that the younger generation will have a better understanding and love for traditional dance.

In the following live broadcast, we will seriously watch those outstanding dancers rehearse and see if we can inspire anyone.”

With that, she aimed the camera at the stage.

Actually, it was hard to tell what the dancers were communicating through the live broadcast.

However, everyone was still enjoying it.

They felt that it was amazing.

Especially when they saw that the dancers were all talking to someone.

Someone was still commenting on Shi Jin.

“I just want to know, if Shi Jin really joins the club, will she do a live broadcast next time”

“Hahaha, who can say.

Its really possible.

After all, Little Roses live-streaming effect is so good.

How can some people not be jealous”

“I want to see how she will…”

This fan was clearly using an old-school style chiclet keyboard, but halfway through the word “broadcast”, his hand trembled and he sent it out.

His hands were trembling not because of anything in particular, but because when Little Roses camera zoomed in, he saw Shi Jin standing in the middle of the stage.

Her bright, flamboyant face was devoid of emotion, and on her pure features was a serious expression.

As soon as she spoke, the few dancers beside her listened quietly and patiently, occasionally asking her something.

He couldnt hear what she was saying, but she didnt look nervous at all.

She didnt look like a new member communicating with an old member… Instead, she looked like a core member and everyone was asking for her opinion.

“F*ck, whats going on Why is Shi Jin standing there”

“Why is Shi Jin talking over there”

“Why are those dancers discussing something with her”

No one dared to think about that possibility.

However, someone still let out what they thought was the truth—

“Could Shi Jin… have joined the association long ago”

“Look at how familiar she is with everyone.

She must be an old member, right”

Wen Yongweis fans fell silent.

Could it be that Wen Yongwei was the one imitating others How long had Shi Jin been in the association

Wen Yongwei also noticed Shi Jins figure very quickly.

Her hand, which was around the camera, was unsteady, and her livestream shook a few times.

Fortunately, everyones attention was not on her at that moment, so they did not notice the shaking caused by her wild emotions.

The reporter to the side whispered to himself, “Ah, so Shi Jin is already a member of the National Dance Association.”

Wen Yongwei stood below the stage.

As a new member, she had no chance to go on stage.

She could only observe and not participate.

She looked at Shi Jin from afar.

However, Shi Jin was so focused on her own matters that she did not even spare Wen Yongwei a glance.

Wen Yongwei did not want to live-stream anymore.

She was too tired.

Her arms were sore from holding her phone for so long.

The smile on her face did not change, and her tone did not change either.

“No one below the stage will be able to hear anything.

Lets take a look at the other areas of the dance association.”

Not only was she tired, her fans were too.

For a moment, she was at a loss for words.

Other than bragging, she really did not know what to say.

The live-stream, which had been filled with comments, suddenly became quiet.

Wen Yongwei hurriedly brought everyone to browse through the buildings of the National Dance Association before ending the live broadcast.

Fortunately, the fans did not pursue the matter.

When Wen Yongwei returned to the van, the selfie stick on her phone was almost deformed by her grip.

Shi Jin… when had she joined the dance association Why could someone who did not know how to dance join the association

Seeing that the situation was not looking good, the reporters took their leave in advance.

As for whether they should release the news today…

The reporters guessed that Kang Cheng would probably request that they not post it.

Sure enough, after a while, Kang Cheng called and told them not to send out the draft.


After discussing with everyone for a while, Shi Jin saw that it was about time.

She bade everyone farewell and walked out.

Everyone bade her farewell and looked at President Cui expectantly.

“President Cui, when is Shi Jin coming next”

Unknowingly, everyones tone was filled with respect and anticipation for her.

President Cui could not help but scratch his head and sigh.

“Shi Jin is so busy, Im afraid…”

Everyone looked regretful.

Shi Jin was indeed a busy woman.

It had not been easy for her to come here today, so they did not know when they would see her again.

However, thinking about how she had done a live-stream of her dancing and how everyone had saved a video of her, they felt comforted knowing they could watch it repeatedly.

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