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Chapter 211: Data Beaten Up

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However, celebrities never endorsed their products entirely for their fans.

Most of the time, it was for the goodwill of passersby, to gain a better reputation amongst the masses, and to gain a higher level of publicity.

On Wen Yongweis side, the sales were indeed quite good.

It was about the same as Kang Cheng had predicted.

Kang Cheng was very satisfied with the increase in figures.

The price of the skincare products this time was too high, so most of the fans had already been eliminated.

Some fans had the desire but were unable to do anything for their idols, so this figure could be considered quite objective.

However, in the background, where he couldnt see, Shi Jins numbers were increasing exponentially.

Many people didnt know about Shi Jin.

However, when a person was beautiful to a certain extent, even if they did not know her, they would be easily conquered by her.

They would want to do the same things as her and have the same items as her.

Just like when one of the passersby commented: “I really dont know who this beauty is, but Im stunned.

Before I knew it, I had already placed two orders through her endorsement link.”

Another comment was also very funny.

“Me too.

The thing is, Im a man and a wild dog.

Why exactly did I buy this facial cream”

The people downstairs congratulated him one after another.

“This might indicate that you will soon get married.


“You can also take it back to show filial respect to your mother!”

Another evaluation was more professional.

“The moves Shi Jin is making! Its really amazing.

Why do I feel like its one of the classical dances that my teacher mentioned What a pity that its only two steps and I cant tell anything from it.

I hope she can go on some dance program in the future so that I can watch.”

This was a dance scholar.

She had heard that if the products endorsed by artists did not sell well, they would quickly become outdated.

If they did sell well, there would be many possibilities.

Although she didnt know when Shi Jin would be on a dance show, or whether she would be able to go on it, or whether there would even be a chance, she was still worked up.

Anything was possible.

Hence, she bought two sets of skincare products.

After she finished buying, she realized that if she bought more, she could break through a certain number and unlock Shi Jins dance videos.

Hence, she bought two more sets.

This expenditure was not much of a burden considering her income bracket.


At the hospital, Fu Heyan was about to be discharged.

Her hand had already recovered very well.

Over the past few days, she had been upbeat and would even play a piece to refresh herself sometimes.

Compared to before, the sensitivity of her fingers had not changed at all.

When her fingers landed on the black and white keys, the music flowing out was exquisite and moving.

This made her look healthy and happy.

As for the piano that she was using, Qin Sinian had naturally brought it for her.

Even though he was willing to move it back, he would not tirelessly busy himself with maintaining his beloved wifes good mood for a few days.

After Shi Jins advertisement was uploaded, she quickly bought dozens of sets.

When the nurses came to clean up the room for her, she took them out and gave them to them one by one.

“Thank you for your care while Ive been here.”

The nurses didnt want to accept the gifts, but she was sincere, so they had no choice but to accept it.

Fu Heyan felt a little regretful that Doctor Si did not come over.

She left a set for Fu Xiuyuan so that he could take it directly to Si Jin.

There were still two sets left, so she got Qin Sinian to help her put them into her luggage.

Coincidentally, Fu Xiuyuan came over.

Fu Heyan hurriedly passed the set to him.

“This is for little Jin.”

“You bought this” Fu Xiuyuan naturally recognized that this was the new product Shi Jin had endorsed recently.

Shi Jin had instructed Fu Xiuyuan not to buy any more clothes and not to waste money.

When she went to shoot the advertisement, the brand company had seen that her skin was good and her makeup was good, so they had bought many sets for her.

There were still a few sets that had not yet been removed and placed in the room.

More importantly, Shi Jin was afraid that they would buy out the entire production line.

“Cant I buy some I have to support the singer I like, okay”

Fu Heyan spoke confidently.

Even the nurse who was packing her things thought that she had bought it through Wen Yongweis link.

After all, the fact that she liked Shi Jin was a secret.

She was too shy to mention it to others.

Especially in front of Fu Xiuyuan, she would never admit that she liked Shi Jin.

Of course, it was impossible for her to like Shi Jin in real life.

She knew that very clearly.

Fu Xiuyuan would not accept it.

“Since you bought it to support the singer you like, keep it.”

Fu Heyan pushed it back.

“Keep it.”

Fu Xiuyuan turned to leave, but she stopped him.

“Dont forget that youre already with Xiao Jin.”

Why was she still protecting Shi Jin Did he think that she had bought the item from Wen Yongwei and thus refused to use it

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her deeply and ignored her.

Fu Heyan sat down dejectedly.

The nurse was a fan of Shi Jin.

Seeing her like this, she comforted her, saying, “Actually, Wen Yongwei is pretty good too.”

“Hah, is that so” Fu Heyan shrugged.

“Shes indeed not bad, but she was really lucky.

In the early stages, the others dispersed all their firepower, but she didnt get any dirt on herself.

She was focused on the competition, and her image as a rich and beautiful woman coincidentally worked with the aggressive mentality of her fans.

Otherwise, how could she have gotten first place so easily”

She could see everything clearly.

That was why she felt that Shi Jins second place was more important.

The nurse nodded at her and said in admiration, “Miss Fu, your evaluation of people is quite objective.”


After the days data was released, Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins advertisement effects were also released.

Kang Cheng took Wen Yongweis data and posted a celebratory picture on his Weibo account.

In three days time, Wen Yongweis sales figures had exceeded 20,000 sets and reached a new record.

With Grace, he and Wen Yongwei had fought a beautiful battle and won.

After all, all the artists that Grace had chosen before had only sold over 10,000 sets after such advertisements.

This proved that Wen Yongweis appeal was pretty good.

It also proved Kang Chengs foresight.

The fans naturally felt honored, as if all of this was due to their own efforts.

“Congratulations to Yongwei for setting a new record!”

“Little Rose is the best! Lets wait for the unlocked video of Little Rose singing!”

“I havent heard her voice in a long time.

I really miss it.

I wonder what she will sing this time”

“Rose Rose, the pollen will follow you forever! Champion, you are the best!”

“Hahaha, Little Rose is leading again this time.

The champion is indeed the champion.”

“As soon as the champion makes her move, well know if she deserves the title.”

Kang Cheng asked about Shi Jins situation.

He realized that Shi Jin had not announced her data.

Initially, in order to motivate fans to buy, everyones data had been made public.

However, this time, the brands knew that their sales volume was too high.

In order to prevent young fans, especially students, from blindly participating, they deliberately hid the data after the two of them sold more than 10,000 sets.

They could only check behind the scenes.

The two of them had reached 10,000 sets at around the same time.

Hence, Kang Cheng felt that Shi Jins stats would be roughly the same as Wen Yongweis.

It was highly possible that it was a little lacking.

Otherwise, Yao Jiahong wouldnt have not announced it yet.

Wen Yongwei had already interacted with her fans on Weibo, and the acappella that she had recorded in advance had been released to the fans, but there was still no response from Shi Jin.

Some of Shi Jins anti-fans could no longer sit still.

They asked one after another, “So when will Shi Jins data be released”

“Its been so long since it came out.

Are they not planning to announce it”

“Its normal not to announce it.

Last time, there was a young actor who endorsed a shampoo that cost more than 70 yuan.

He didnt manage to sell 10,000 sets in half a month.

In the end, the entire studio hushed the matter and just left it at that.

It looks like Shi Jin is also planning to muddle things out quietly”

“Luckily, the brand was smart enough not to let Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei film together.

Otherwise, it would be hard to calculate who had contributed to the good sales.”

Meanwhile, at Graces offices, everyone was in a heated discussion.

Yao Jiahong was among them.

The content of the discussion was about giving some exclusive reward to the fans and enticing customers, because by the deadline, Shi Jins sales volume had exceeded 200,000 sets.

No one had thought of what to send out beforehand, so they could only discuss it now.

If it involved an artist appearing on stage, they had to coordinate with the artist.

That was why they had called for a meeting at the last minute to communicate with Yao Jiahong.

“Lets do a live-stream dance.” Yao Jiahong had done a fan investigation and many people wanted to know how Shi Jin danced.

Since everyone was so supportive of Shi Jin, it was only right to return the favor.

Grace was naturally happy to have reached this decision.

Since Yao Jiahong had taken the initiative to speak, they had no reason to disagree.

Hence, the brands official Weibo and Shi Jins personal Weibo finally released the news of their late arrival.

“Thank you, everyone, for your support for Grace.

At present, everyone is actively purchasing.

The sales have exceeded 200,000 sets.

Grace is proud to work with Shi Jin.

Thank you, everyone.

In view of everyones enthusiasm and in order to give back to you all, all the buyers will receive Shi Jins autograph.

Shi Jin will also be broadcasting tonight at eight oclock.

At that time, she will share her dance and welcomes everyone to watch.

Love yourself, everyone is a princess.”

Shi Jins fans were in an uproar.

When they saw this data, everyone read it twice before confirming that they had not read it wrongly.

So, Wen Yongwei had sold more than twenty thousand sets while Shi Jin had ten times that Wasnt this embarrassing

This was a total defeat.

What was crushing This was crushing.

However, Yao Jiahong was very strict when it came to managing the fans.

All the big fans were directly managed by him, so he asked them to only focus on their own families.

They werent allowed to mention other people when they were talking about their statistics, so as to avoid a war or information being used by anti-fans.

Therefore, the fans all congratulated Shi Jin and focused on their own circles, not mentioning anyone else.

“Congratulations, Shi Jin!”

“Little Stone is the best!”

“Shi Jin, you will always be the best in our hearts!”

“200,000 sets is more than enough to hire a few artists for an event.

Grace, just sign Shi Jin as your permanent spokesperson.”


Wen Yongwei was doing some question papers.

She knew that she had a sure victory, so she wasnt bothering with Shi Jins data anymore.

She was working on a geometry question very seriously.

To one side, a junior assistant was scrolling through Weibo.

When she saw Shi Jins data, she let out a cry of surprise.

She couldnt control her shock.

Wen Yongwei did not get angry at her interruption.

Instead, she asked, “Arent you following Shi Jins data How is it”

“Shes… two… hundred sets,” the assistant stammered.

“Two hundred” Wen Yongwei smiled as she continued to write.

“Yes, two hundred thousand sets.” The assistant finally found her voice.

Wen Yongweis pen made a long scratch on the paper.


Grace invited Kang Cheng to accompany Wen Yongwei to the celebration party tomorrow night.

Shi Jin and Yao Jiahong would also attend.

It was said that the higher-ups of Grace would come personally to commend the meritorious service.

Kang Cheng rejected without thinking.

After learning about Shi Jins data, he hid in the bathroom and chain-smoked five cigarettes before he calmed down.

It was obvious who the celebration party was for.

Wouldnt he be slapping himself in the face if he brought Wen Yongwei along

Kang Cheng could not understand.

They were similar advertisements.

No, Wen Yongweis advertisement was even more exquisite than Shi Jins.

Why was there such a huge difference in the outcome

He took out the advertisements and watched them over and over again, but he could not find the reason.



Not to mention the others, even Chu Jia and Shi Xuexin had bought a set of Graces skincare products.

The two of them had seen Shi Jins disfigured face and the long scar that ran through her lips more than once.

They had seen the despair and pain of the scar, and how twisted and hideous it was.

Later on, Shi Jin appeared again.

The skin on her face was smooth and clean.

Not even a single pore could be seen.

It was clear and white, like that of a newborn baby.

They could not figure out how Shi Jins skin was so good and what she used.

All they knew was that her skin had gone through the troughs of the Mariana Trench and somehow climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, becoming beautiful and porcelain.

So, Shi Jin endorsed Grace and both of them secretly went to buy it.

Moreover, the products had to be bought through her link, even though everyone knew deep down that the product she endorsed was no different from Wen Yongweis.

Everyone knew what advertisements were.

Women actually knew about skincare products more than men did.

To a certain extent, it was a meticulously designed facade, but no one could resist the temptation of the advertisement.

Chu Jia and Shi Xuexin could not resist either and obediently offered their purses.


Wen Yongwei had lost terribly this time.

Even though she had won beautifully compared to the previous spokespeople of Grace, the pain of being pressed to the ground by Shi Jin had doubled.

Fortunately, there was good news from Kang Cheng.

“The National Dance Association has approved our application to join them.

Youre now a member.

Furthermore, it is very likely that they will send you an invitation to join them.”

Wen Yongwei smiled.

“Thats great!”

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