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Chapter 210: National Dance Association

Shi Jinwus movements were rough and unrestrained.

It was obvious that she had not undergone professional training.

However, it was rare to see someone full of spirit and passion.

Her old fans had been able to see such beauty, but there were still countless new people glued to their screens.

“Shi Jins control is really not bad.

Look at her eyes!”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Now that you mention it, I realize that no matter how I look at this video, she seems to be looking at me.”

“Not only does she look into my eyes, but her eyes are also clear and clean, as if she can talk to me.”

“I can feel her passion and yearning for a good life.”

“Even such crude makeup cant hide her bright eyes.

Shes really amazing!”

However, this scene did not have any cause or effect.

Compared to Wen Yongweis clip, it looked much worse.

The haters could not sit still at all and started to mock her.

“So Shi Jin is acting as a poor girl And Wen Yongwei is a princess”

Fans: “Both of them have scenes where theyre poor girls and princesses!”

“Shi Jins dance is much worse than Wen Yongweis, isnt it”

Fans: “Its clearly just because the scene is different.”

“Wen Yongwei has been learning dance for fifteen years.

How long has Shi Jin been learning it”

The fans: “…”

The anti-fans replied, “Wen Yongwei did not rely on her results.

She relied on her dance skills to enter the Institute for Advanced Study.

Is Shi Jins dance even comparable”

The fans: “…”

The anti-fans replied, “Wen Yongweis dance has been professionally tested.

You cant deny that, can you Shes been practicing for so many years.

How much better can she be than an amateur You cant beat her, can you”

Fans (Weakly): “Its just an advertisement, not a dancing competition.

Is there any meaning to this”

The anti-fans: “So this is how your idol treats her work.

No wonder the entertainment industry is so messed up now.

Its a headache.”

The anti-fans were always able to accurately find a weak spot to strike at amongst the fans.

If you reasoned with them, they would tell you the harsh truth.

Subsequently, Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins video highlights went straight to the trending list.

Everyones opinions differed, but the laymen were just there to watch the show.

On the surface, Wen Yongwei was still winning.

At this moment, within the National Dancing Association, a few of the organizers were watching the video repeatedly.

As the countrys top dance troupe, the insiders were always stingy with their praise for the dances performed by the celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Of course, they would not let off those who were truly talented.

Currently, in the entertainment industry, those who could really dance well were basically already widely accepted.

They were also registered with the National Dance Academy that was collaborating with the dance association.

There were not many that had escaped the net, but today, everyone had another hope.

“This dance style seems to be a scene from Shang Zhous prelude music.

Clumsiness is hidden in the dance, while the roughness is imbued with intent.

It is bold and powerful, with great wisdom that shows itself as if one is foolish.”

“I think so too.

The Shangzhou Ancient Dance is on the verge of being lost.

Such a talent should be entered into the National Dance Association, especially if they can participate in the rehearsals for the recent National Inheritance Dance.”

“I think we should call and get in touch as soon as possible.”

“No, no, no.

I should invite her personally.”

Very quickly, the National Dance Association decided that it would be more sincere if they invited her personally.

That night, the National Dance Association also received a call from the Wen Family.

The Wen Family was a family of artists and had produced many talented musicians throughout the generations.

They held quite a bit of influence in the industry.

When they called to ask the dance association to take care of their younger generation, the association agreed.

Only then did the organizers remember that they had seen this junior Wen Yongweis dance that evening.

Initially, they had thought that she had some skills.

However, after watching Shi Jins dance, everyones attention was no longer on Wen Yongwei.

They hadnt even thought of her again until this call came.


The next day, Shi Jin and Wen Yongwei arrived at the filming location early in the morning because they had to take photos.

Shi Jin entered the dressing room.

Yao Jiahong was stunned for a moment when he received the call.

“Shangzhou Ancient Music Dance Prelude National Dance Association I understand.”

He quickly collected his thoughts.

He felt that it was normal to call on Shi Jin again.

After he entered, he whispered something to Shi Jin.

Shi Jins expression was normal.

“I can meet them without it affecting my work.”

Yao Jiahong immediately went out to make arrangements.

The person who had come from the National Dancing Association today was the president.

His surname was Cui, and he was especially fond of talents.

He was particularly fond of ancient dances, especially those like Shang Zhou.

However, this series of dances had long become extinct, so everyone could only reproduce them based on historical information.

Although Shi Jin had only done a short dance, President Cui somehow believed that she could do it all.

Besides, he also believed that the dance she was doing was closer to the original than the dance that others had choreographed based on some information.

Hence, he had come personally today.

When Yao Jiahong led him in, Shi Jins expression was calm, as if whether she saw this person or not wasnt a big deal.

President Cui, on the other hand, looked strangely terrified, as if he was afraid of being rejected.

Yao Jiahong already knew that Shi Jin was a treasure.

The more he dug, the more dazzling the jewels hed find.

Now, he would only be a guardian of the treasure.

After President Cui saw Shi Jin, he smiled and said in a low voice, “Then I wont disturb your work here.

Ill take my leave now.”

Shi Jin nodded.

The president took a few steps back before turning to leave.

After leaving the room, President Cui was still thinking about what Shi Jin had said when someone called out to him.

He turned around and saw a beautiful young girl greeting him.

President Cui thought for a while, but did not recognize her.

“President Cui, I didnt expect you to come and see me personally.” Wen Yongwei had heard from her father that the National Dancing Association was very optimistic about her dance skills and that it might ask her to join them.

Wen Yongwei thought that this matter would take some time to prepare.

She had not expected to see President Cui at this moment.

She was really flattered.

Seeing that Wen Yongwei had misunderstood, President Cui didnt want to embarrass her.

He also remembered that Wen Yongwei was the junior that the Wen Family had asked the association to take care of and that she was a good dancer.

He took the opportunity to flatter her.

“Your qualifications are not bad.

You could even join the National Dance Association.

I wonder if youd be interested”

“Ive been dancing since I was a child.

Its been fifteen years now, and I like it very much.

It would be my pleasure if I could join your group.”

“Thats good.

You can download the application form on the official website and submit it electronically.

We will review it.” President Cui briefly explained the requirements.

Wen Yongwei was over the moon to see President Cui in person.

She nodded and said generously, “President Cui, Ill have to trouble you then.

Thank you so much.

Im also very happy to be chosen by the association.”

President Cui was still immersed in the joy of successfully communicating with Shi Jin, so he was exceptionally friendly to Wen Yongwei and even walked out with her.

Kang Cheng saw this and came forward to greet him.

Wen Yongwei introduced President Cui to him.

President Cui chatted with Kang Cheng for a while more before leaving.

Kang Cheng naturally placed great importance on this matter.

He immediately logged onto the official website, downloaded the application form, and personally filled it out for Wen Yongwei.

After confirming that there were no errors, he submitted it to the higher-ups.

“Yongwei, President Cui is here personally.

Its obvious how much he values you.

When you join the association, well have to promote it well.”

Wen Yongwei felt the same way.

She had been pampered since she was a child, and her talents were outstanding.

Now that she had been received in public, she was able to gain the recognition of the mainstream society.

This filled her with even more confidence.

She knew that she would no longer be limited to her small world and could leap into the wider sky.

With the experience of yesterdays shoot, Wen Yongwei and Shi Jins shoot today went very smoothly.

Their work ended before noon.

Kang Cheng asked around and found out that the advertisement would be released on Friday.

It would be released simultaneously on Weibo, the public account, and shopping platforms.

The hard photos would also be fixed at the fastest speed.

In a society where money was everything, the shopping link would be released immediately and the money would be quickly drained from the consumers wallets.

Wen Yongwei was better than Shi Jin in every aspect, and her starting point was better than hers too.

If the advertisements were released at the same time, whose credit would it be if the consumers bought the goods

How was one to differentiate the strength of their abilities to push goods

Kang Cheng was very worried.

He was afraid that Shi Jin would take advantage of Wen Yongweis success to gain popularity.

Therefore, he wanted to nip this matter in the bud.

As a direct employee of the Shen Group, it was very easy for him to communicate with the higher-ups.

Very soon, he got the results he wanted.

Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin would be separated into two links.

Consumers could enter through different channels.

They could be considered to be carrying their own goods and would not affect each other.

Kang Cheng expressed his satisfaction.

Initially, the Shen family had wanted to make use of the combined power of the champion and runner-up to maintain the fans interest in the merchandise and attract as many people as possible.

However, every part of Kang Cheng wanted them to be separated.

Even the advertisements had been filmed alone, so the higher-ups agreed to his suggestion.

However, when Shen Shuangnan heard about this, he said meaningfully, “I hope Kang Cheng wont regret it when the time comes.”

The people below did not dare to guess what he meant.

Would Kang Cheng regret it Why

Before Friday, the two advertisements got edited.

The Shen Corporation did not favor one over the other.

Instead, they placed their endorsements in the same position.

All sorts of data was sent directly to Kang Cheng and Yao Jiahong.

Kang Cheng was a little unhappy.

Logically speaking, as a female artiste of the Shen Corporation, Wen Yongwei should have received more data than her competitors.

He didnt know what was wrong with the higher-ups.

They actually spoke of fairness and justice at this time and gave Shi Jin the same treatment.

However, it was fortunate that Wen Yongwei was better than Shi Jin in every aspect.

Even if she received the same treatment, Kang Cheng believed that Wen Yongwei would earn a different result.

Friday soon arrived.

According to the agreement, the advertisements for the two of them went online separately.

The advertisement links were also opened separately.

Whether it was fans or customers, they could purchase through the corresponding links.

In order to motivate the fans, the brand had also set a rule.

If the sales of the set in each link reached 10,000 sets, it could unlock the encouraging words of the artist.

If it reached 20,000 sets, it would unlock a video of them singing.

If it reached 30,000 sets, it would unlock a video of them dancing.

If they could get to a hundred thousand sets, not only would they be able to unlock all the above, they would also be able to get an autograph and exclusive posters of the artists.

If it reached 200,000 sets, there would be an exclusive surprise.

As for the exclusive surprise

Kang Cheng, Wen Yongwei, Yao Jiahong, and Shi Jin… none of them knew.

Why didnt they know

This was because Grace, a subsidiary of the Shen Group, was already considered a mid-tier brand.

One set cost at least four digits, and the sales volume had to reach 20,000 sets.

In fact, the sales figures were already up to 30 million.

What would it mean to have 100,000 online sales It would be over 300 million in sales!

Such sales seemed to be very common in some streamers live-streaming rooms, but it was a normal sales volume of various items.

Some would buy, some wouldnt.

As for Grace, it was just a single skincare product.

How could they sell so much in such a short time Therefore, the brand had never thought that they would be able to achieve that figure.

The exclusive surprise had not appeared before everyones eyes yet.

“Well sell first and then well talk about it,” they thought.

After the link was released, there was no need to consider the fans.

If they wanted to buy something, they would definitely click through their idols link.

However, it was different for the passersby.

The customer base for people like Grace was women interested in skincare products.

The quality of the advertisements, the concepts of the skincare products, and the effects of them were the keys to attracting voluntary buyers.

Among the two idols, Wen Yongwei was undoubtedly beautiful and generous.

Her dance was exquisite and gave off a sense of elegance.

Even dressed as a poor girl, she looked beautiful and exquisite.

Shi Jins advertisement was more niche and outstanding.

She looked like an impoverished woman at first, and her dancing posture was a little crude, but it contained an extremely powerful vitality.

The moment she broke out of her impoverished identity and transformed into a princess, the impact of her transformation was also very strong because of her extremely crude makeup before.

Her already beautiful face rushed onto the camera, as if her true beauty was about to be revealed.

The advertisement read, “Grace, I want you to be my princess.”

Comparing the two, Shi Jins advertisement was more impactful and fitting.

Those who had seen the two advertisements had a good impression of each of them.

Admittedly, the spending power of the fanbase was huge.

It could support many small celebrities advertising and delivery capabilities.

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