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Chapter 207: Almost Washed for Nothing

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At the thought of this, Shi Xuexin felt that she had to give up on some unimportant matters and focus her attention on Chu Jias tuition.

Initially, she had helped Chu Jia only to gain more favor from the Chu family, but now, she felt like she was on steroids.

It was as if as long as Chu Jia beat Shi Jin, it would be equivalent to her beating Shi Jin.


Shi Jin stayed in the hospital for a few nights.

One day, after she had finished visiting Li Juekai, Gu Qingqing sent her out.

Just as she was about to continue resting next door, Gu Qingqing asked her, “Have you not been home for a few nights”

Shi Jin suddenly remembered that she had indeed not been back for a few days.

She was so worried about her fathers injury that she had neglected Fu Xiuyuan.

Gu Qingqing couldnt help but laugh when she saw her innocent and cute expression.

“I was too muddle-headed and didnt take this into consideration.

It was only when your big brother reminded me that I remembered.

You and Fu Xiuyuan are already married, after all.

It wont look good if you dont go back every day.

You should go back early tonight.”

Seeing her mom blinking as she spoke, Shi Jin felt a little embarrassed.

What was her mother hinting at

God knew that she had only slept with Fu Xiuyuan on the day of her rebirth.

At other times, they had treated each other with respect.

It was not what her mother imagined.

However, it wasnt appropriate for Shi Jin to say this to her mother.

What was going on Besides, why hadnt Big Brother told her this himself

Shi Jin realized that there was still some estrangement between her and her elder brother.

Hence, he would think for himself, but he would not talk to her.

Seeing that Shi Jin was frowning and thinking, Gu Qingqing thought that she was still worried about Li Juekai, so she said, “Your big brother said that your fathers injury is fine.

He just needs to rest well.”

By the time Shi Jin walked out of the hospital, the sky was already filled with stars.

It was rare to see such a starry sky in the capital.

She looked up and recalled Fu Xiuyuan.

He had always had poor health and problems sleeping, but he inhaled the essence of the yao orchid she had given him every day.

His sleep problems should have improved a lot, right

Even if she did not go back, the situation should not be much different.

After Shi Jin called for a taxi, she was about to get into the car when her gaze was attracted by a familiar car in a corner not far away.

The taxi driver urged, “Miss, you cant stop here.

Hurry up.”

“Sorry, Im not leaving.” Shi Jin closed the car door and ran off.

After grumbling a little, the taxi driver stepped on the accelerator and left.

Shi Jin ran towards the familiar car.

The closer she got, the more certain she was that it was Fu Xiuyuans.

And it was the one he always used.

Why was he here To visit her father

When she got closer, she realized that there was a faint light on in the car.

The familiar figure of the man entered her sight through the car window.

Fu Xiuyuan was in the car.

He was looking down at some documents.

Shi Jin knocked on the car window.

It rolled down slowly.

When Fu Xiuyuan saw her, he was stunned.

He hadnt expected her to knock on his car window.

“Honey What are you doing here”

Fu Xiuyuan was calm as usual as he opened the car door for Shi Jin.

“Im doing something.”

“Are you done When are you going back Can I get a ride”

“You want to go home” Fu Xiuyuans eyes flashed with excitement.


Fathers health is better now.

I dont have to stay anymore.”

“Im done.

We can go back now.”

With a call from Fu Xiuyuan, the chauffeur who was waiting nearby came back.

When the driver heard him say that he was going home, he was obviously stunned.

Then he saw Shi Jin, who was sitting beside Fu Xiuyuan.

A look of understanding appeared on his face and he immediately began driving.

Shi Jin felt that they were acting weird.

She couldnt tell why, but everyone seemed to have something on their mind.

Moreover, there was a darkness under Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

How long had it been since he had slept well Was the essential oil for sleep she had made ineffective

When they reached home, Shi Jin took the opportunity to shower.

She turned on the tap and called Song Fan.

“I dont dare to speak.” Song Fans voice was trembling with fear.

“I told you to say it, so just say it.

Are you just afraid of Fu Xiuyuan I promise he wont touch you.”

Only then did Song Fan dare to open his mouth.

“Master Fu has been staying near the hospital recently.

He usually deals with work.

If hes tired, he takes a nap in the car for a while.

I cant persuade him out of it.

Its been a few days and I cant take it anymore.

Itd be so easy for Master Fu to give me a break.

Could it be that he is still there with you”

“Its been a few days and youre only telling me now” Shi Jin instantly understood that even though Fu Xiuyuan said it was nothing when she wasnt around, he couldnt sleep alone.

Perhaps it was because he was used to it, or perhaps he was still worried about Shi Jins whereabouts, but no matter what, he could not bear to ruin his relationship with his family.

He just waited silently to one side.

It was no wonder there were so many dark shadows on his face.

He would rather take a nap in the car near Shi Jin than sleep in a bed alone.

How many nights like that had Fu Xiuyuan endured

Song Fan mumbled, “Arent I forbidden from talking about it”

Shi Jin put away her phone and took a shower before walking out of the room.

Fu Xiuyuan was sitting on the couch looking at the stock market on the computer screen with red and green lines criss crossing over it.

He was probably checking the overseas stock markets.

Shi Jin walked over in her bathrobe and leaned over to look at him.

Fu Xiuyuans eyes went unexpectedly red as he said composedly, “Are you done In that case, I will take a shower.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Go ahead.

I will wait for you.”

Since she had just taken a shower, there was a faint sweet scent coming from her and it was luring him towards her.

He had to force himself to get up and leave.

After he entered the bathroom, he inhaled deeply and turned on the cold water.

Shi Jin checked her social media as she lay in bed and waited for him.

A famous skincare line owned by the Sheng family called Grace had officially announced online that Wen Yongwei and Shi Jin were going to appear in their latest advertisements.

It was a prize for the top two contestants.

Only the top two contestants were worthy of being brand ambassadors for one of the Sheng familys products.

After Fu Xiuyuan returned, Shi Jin naturally made room for him and moved up.

The spot after he got onto the bed was right where she had already warmed the blanket.

It was warm, crisp, and carried her fragrance.

Fu Xiuyuan had just taken a cold shower and his back was straight.

His heart had been touched and his breathing became heavier.

He felt like the cold shower earlier had been for nothing.

In the beginning, she had been too flustered..

However, their brief moment of passion had made Fu Xiuyuan unable to stop himself.

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